Okay, here is an author note about my current situation and my writing career. Well… let's just say I'm in a twisted transition right now.

If this Author note came in a story, that means this story is discontinued for good.

I'm in a point of my life where writing solo and freetime is more or less hard right now(graduating college, entering work force) and inspiration for things is tough. The things I was inspired in the past has lost its shine or has made me rage. SAO is getting a bit close in that regard but still has a better concept and girls. Plus Alicization and SAO 2's second half was/is promising.

Fairy Tail? As bad as the star wars prequels and predictable as fuck. I'm more or less done witht the series and only take satisfaction if someone else writes it well or I RP ing it for the lewds.

So yeah, consider my FT/OP pieces decommissioned. I, however, am leaving them up for adoption. If anyone wants to adopt them and then write and expand on them, I would be happy to be creative consultant and beta. Same with Words Without a Voice as well. TTGL and the Evangelion movies had lost its luster on me. FUCK 3.33. But yeah, I am still leaving this up for adoption as well. Same with my Shiki works too. Sooooo everything but Climb Every Mountain is not for sale as no one else likes SAO(to some degree) and Summer Wars(so niche). So yeah, get in contact with me if you want to tackle any of these works yourself. I would be be happy to serve as Beta and Creative Consultant. Just PM me and get in contact with me about it

I also have been busy with other stuff. Mainly co-writing which I have loved doing. In fact, I have done two co-writing projects. One with the esteemed LD 1449 in Outcry, a crossover between Dark Souls and Worm, and Kill, Save, Liberate, a crossover between One Piece and Akame Ga Kill with FernandelDeLaFrance. I am more or less going to be working on this story on and off and then do major work on co-writing. Seriously, read Outcry here on or on Spacebattles or Sufficient Velocity. It's awesome. And read Fernandel and LD's stories!