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Some of the boys on the ground groaned in pain. The leader was on one knee, using one of his hands for additional support. He coughed up a bit a blood then wiped it away with his other hand. He looked around to see his crew sprawled about the alley. Some were knocked out entirely, while others were barely conscious.

He and his guys only meant to find a girl and have fun. They saw one and recognized her from their school. They decided she would be their target. However, while they tried to sweet talk her, she simply looked down on them. When they couldn't take it, they tried a more aggressive approach. That proved, however, to be a very, very bad idea.

The leader looked up at the gang of six that had completely messed them up. Turned out, the girl they hit on was part of the most feared groups of the school. No wonder they had seen her before.

He looked around. He saw a switchblade, picked it up, and aimed at the back of one of them. He threw it, knowing they had let their guard down. That wasn't the case. Their leader turned around and caught the blade between his first two fingers. He smirked at the beaten leader's attempt.

The defeated leader began to shake in fear. "W-What the fuck are you guys?" he stammered.

"Surely you've heard of us. Aren't you a gang leader yourself?" an odd girl with large round glasses and some weird cat cosplay asked, honestly curious.

"Probably not, considering he was planning on messing with me," the girl that the defeated gang hit on said.

"But just because they don't recognize who's in the group doesn't mean they haven't at least heard of us," the cat girl replied.

The leader chuckled. "He didn't ask who we are, Shader. He asked what."

"Oh!" Shader exclaimed. "Well that one's easy! We're-"

"Sinners," the leader interrupted. "You and your boys should be careful of who they come into contact with next time. We wouldn't want to add incidents to our list."

"Let's go, Aion," a guy with long hair said to his leader. "Before they find us here and make us explain."

The leader turned around and led his group out of the alley. The defeated leader, still shaken, let himself fall to the ground, and lost consciousness.


Rosette rubbed sleep out of her eyes. She looked over at her clock, seeing that it was only 6 o'clock. She lay back down in her bed, closed her eyes and tried to go back to sleep. After a few minutes, she determined the attempt wasn't worth trying. She got out of her bed and went to take a shower. After she finished, she went into the kitchen looking for some food.

She raided the refrigerator looking for milk to use in her cereal, but only found milk that had expired over a week before. How long was I really gone for this to happen? Rosette wondered to herself. After throwing away the curdled milk, she went through the cupboards looking for some pop tarts. Again, she found nothing. She then looked in the bread box, hoping to at least find bread for toast. Sadly, the bread was molding in its bag in the box.

Frustrated and defeated by the empty kitchen, Rosette hesitantly grabbed some plain oatmeal. "I don't know how Dad can eat this stuff, but I'm hungry," she said to herself. She opened the microwave, too impatient to boil the water first instead. Upon opening the microwave, however, she spotted a large stack of pancakes. There was a note on top of them. Rosette took the note. It read, "Sorry I wasn't here to welcome you back, but this should suffice until I can tonight."

"Is he going to be home tonight?" Rosette said smiling. She looked at the stack of seven pancakes and teared up out of happiness. "Dad, you sure know how to please your daughter. You knew she would be absolutely sick of hospital food and made her one of the best homemade things," Rosette said, sniffing. Setting aside the note, she grabbed the plate of pancakes and put the bowl of uncooked oatmeal in its place. She closed the microwave's door, sat down at the dinner table, poured probably a cup of maple syrup on the pancakes, and savored every bite she took.


After the best breakfast she had had in over a week, Rosette prepared herself for school. She slipped into her preppy uniform, and looked at herself in the mirror while she did her hair. I swear, I'll never get used to this uniform, she mentally sighed. She grabbed her backpack, headed out of her room, grabbed her keys, and locked the door as she went out.

Since it was only 7 o'clock, Rosette was able to take her time walking to school, which was a first in the whole school year. She went to the bus stop and took out her bus pass. Remembering that a new month had started and that she needed to get a new pass, Rosette cursed under her breath. She shuffled through her backpack's pockets, looking for change. After collecting every cent she could find, she began counting. Only ten cents short, Rosette went through her backpack again. In her rushed looking, Rosette accidentally dropped her change. Cursing, Rosette picked up the little cents. Suddenly, Rosette saw a girl helping her pick up the change. When it was all picked up, the other girl handed her the change.

Rosette immediately recognized the girl as Mary Magdalene, the richest and most popular girl in school. "Uh, thanks?" Rosette responded, flabbergasted.

"No problem," Mary smiled. "You're Rosette, right?"

Rosette was shocked. "Y-yeah. Do you know me?"

Mary giggled. "Of course, we have the same History class."

Rosette was even more shocked. "We do?"

"Yes. But you probably didn't notice since I'm often not at school. That, and I sit in the back of the classroom."

"O-oh. Sorry 'bout that, then…" Rosette looked away, embarrassed.

"Oh no! Don't be sorry, I don't blame you," Mary smiled again.

"Still…." Rosette looked back at Mary. "You ride the bus? I would think that you get to ride like… a limo to school or something."

Mary blushed. "O-oh, well, I've never ridden on the bus before, and I thought I'd try it. Is that weird?"

Rosette quickly shook her head. "No. It's just… unexpected?"

An awkward silence fell between the girls. Mary was looking at the ground, still blushing slightly. Rosette fiddled with her change until she remembered why she dropped it in the first place.

"Shoot, I'm still missing ten cents!" Rosette said to herself while rummaging through her backpack.

Mary, overhearing this, felt around her skirt pocket until she felt a cold coin. She pulled it out, checked to see if it was a dime, and tapped Rosette's shoulder. When Rosette looked up at her, she held out the dime on an open palm. "Um, here you go," Mary said.

Rosette looked at the dime in Mary's palm. "Oh! Uh, thanks," Rosette said. She took the dime and counted her change again. She now had enough for the bus.

Said bus turned a corner and began to stop to let them on. The few people at the bus stop got into a quick line and prepared their payments. They quickly boarded and paid, and it soon became Mary's turn. Mary, new to the experience, clumsily and slowly inserted her money into the coin feeder. Rosette, standing behind Mary, could feel the impatient glares behind them. Mary finally finished and took a seat near the front. Rosette inserted her change much faster than Mary had, not wanting to be the new target of the glares. She took a seat near the back, took out the iPod she had received for her birthday a few months earlier and listened to her music while the bus drove to the school.

When the stop in front of the school was approaching, Rosette put away her iPod. She gave the signal for the bus to stop, since most of the other students usually waited to the last minute to do it. When the bus stopped, students got off the bus's back door. As Rosette was about to get off, she saw that Mary was still sitting in her seat. Rosette hesitantly, yet quickly, approached Mary.

"Uh, Mary? This is our stop," Rosette told the girl.

"Oh, it is?" Mary looked surprised. She quickly stood up and got off the bus with Rosette. They walked into the school together as another awkward silence befell them.

"So" – Rosette was the first to break the silence – "What did you think of your first bus ride?" Rosette asked.

"It was certainly nerve-racking," Mary sighed. "I'm not sure I could describe it any other way. I felt incredibly self-conscious putting the coins in, too."

"It's always like that at first," Rosette reassured her. "When I first used the bus, I basically acted the same as you. Only, I missed my stop and was stuck riding in circles forever." Rosette chuckled at the memory.

"That's right! Thank you for telling me that we had arrived." Mary slightly bowed, which threw Rosette off.

"H-huh?" N-Nah, it's Jake." Jake? "I would've felt bad afterwards if I had left you there," Rosette said while scratching her cheek.

"Still, thank you." Mary bowed again. She suddenly noticed the movements she had been making at a confused Rosette. "Oh! Sorry. Before the school year began, I was living in Japan for a while. It seems that I haven't shaken some of those habits completely yet."

"Wow, Japan?" Rosette said, amazed.

Mary smiled. "Yes. My father had business there and asked me to accompany him. It's such a beautiful place. Very modern, too."

Mary and Rosette continued to walk and talk until they entered the school.


Rosette set down her backpack on the desk, eagerly waiting to give her back a break. Last class Rosette. Just one more class to go, she thought to herself. She heard a squeal from behind and was tackled from behind almost one second later. "Ow! There goes my back again!" Rosette yelled while prying her friend off her back.

"Rosette!" the blond friend squealed. "You're back!"

"Yes, Mary. My back," Rosette told her friend while rubbing her lower back.

"Oh Rosette you oldie," the girl laughed.

"We didn't see you at lunch," a redhead said from behind Mary.

"Sorry Anna, I had to stay after class and get some extra assignments. I nearly missed lunch myself," Rosette replied.

"It's great to see you back, though," a brunette said, smiling.

"Great to be back!" – Rosette smiled – "is what I would say if I didn't have to come back to all of this." Rosette motioned to her backpack.

"So, Rosette. Rumor has it that you walked to school with her highness," the energetic blond girl cooed.

"Huh? You mean Mary Magdalene?" Rosette said. "Yeah. We chatted a bit, no big deal."

"'No big deal'? Dude, you talked to Mary Magdalene," Anna said. "That's like…"

"The princess and the pauper status," the brunette girl finished.

"No Claire! It's more like, The Princess and the Bimbo!" Mary chirped.

"Who's the bimbo?" Rosette growled.

"Certainly not Mary," the girl replied.

As Rosette held Mary in a chokehold, the bell commencing the start of class rung. Everyone scurried to their seats as quickly as they could, wanting to avoid the wrath that would ensue otherwise. As a second bell rung, a stern looking woman entered the classroom. She walked over to the front desk at the left of the board and took a seat. She took out a binder and began taking roll. Everyone replied immediately as their names were called.

"Christopher," the woman called.

"Here!" Rosette answered. Her voice cracked.

"Ah, Rosette. It's good to see you're back. I hope you are in much better condition now," the woman smiled.

Rosette gulped. "Y-yes, Ms. Kate. I'm glad to be back."

"Good." Ms. Kate continued smiling. After finishing roll call, Ms. Kate put her hands together. "All right everyone, clear your desks! Today is the day of our test on the 1920's. No groaning, you all knew this day would come. Now hurry," she announced.

Rosette's jaw dropped. Just perfect. One failed test throws my delicate C out the window, Rosette thought. Oh god, please save me!

As Ms. Kate approached Rosette with the tests in hand, she said, "Rosette, as you were not here, you are not required to take the test." She continued to walk and hand out tests.

Rosette was both shocked and euphoric. She put her hands together and raised them to the sky. Praised be the lord! She thought happily. She ignored her friends' giggles. Mary was also told that she was excused from the test.

"Alright, begin!" Ms. Kate called from the back of the room. Just as Rosette finished holding back tears of happiness, Ms. Kate came up beside her and whispered, "However, you must see me after class for an alternative assignment." Rosette's heart dropped below her stomach. Muffled laughs were heard. "Quiet girls!" Ms. Kate hushed.


A devastated Rosette waited in front of Ms. Kate's desk. She was numb to the pain in her back from the make-up assignments. She couldn't even greet Mary, who was seemingly amused by Rosette's state. Ms. Kate entered the classroom, walked over to her desk and sat down. She put her elbows on her desk and put linked hands under her chin.

"You girls have missed a lot in the week you were gone," Ms. Kate began. "I should just give you girls a lot of make-up work to catch you up…" – Rosette made an even more devastated face that made Mary giggle – "but I won't. Instead, you girls will write a 10,000 word book report on a very well known book. It only covers part of what we learned, but it should give you a pretty good idea of what. We'll take care of the details later." Ms. Kate reached into a desk drawer and pulled out two large books.

"I don't recall Harry Potter taking place in the 1920's," Rosette said in regard to the size of the books. Mary giggled at Rosette's remark.

"No, miss Christopher. This book is called Time is Precious and written by Marie Hendric," Ms. Kate explained.

"Well that's a cheesy book title," Rosette said while reaching out for one of the books Ms. Kate had taken out. Mary giggled again and did the same as Rosette.

"Hendric claimed to have written it as an autobiography," Ms. Kate ignored Rosette's comment, "but it is officially listed as a fantasy adventure novel. Once you begin reading it, you will understand why that is its official genre. The report will be on whatever tickles your fancy about this book. A character, the plot, anything. It cannot, however, be something vague like 'everyone's character development'. It must be specific. I am willing to answer any question you two may have about the book, but I cannot guarantee I'll be able to answer. You girls have two weeks to write the report. That is all, you are dismissed."

Mary and Rosette looked at each other, dumbfounded. "Um, Ms. Kate?" Mary called Ms. Kate's attention. "Why a book report? It seems… very unlike you to let us off this easy. I mean, it doesn't seem like something you would do."

Ms. Kate looked at Mary. "I wanted to try something new. You two are my guinea pigs."

The girls were even more dumbfounded. "So, why is it the book well known?" Rosette asked.

Ms. Kate removed her glasses. "Although it was announced as an autobiography, the public viewed its contents as ridiculous. However, even after harsh criticism, the author insisted it to be true. You girls may choose to believe it or not. Now, I would appreciate it if you two were on your way, as I still have work to do."

Ms. Kate nearly pushed the girls out of the classroom.


"It's really unlike that devil woman to let us off easy like this," Rosette told Mary. "Not that I'm complaining, really."

Mary sighed. "I was actually looking forward to the pile of work."

Rosette stopped in her tracks. "You what?"

Mary laughed. "I wanted to experience the rumored 'Devil Woman's curse' at least once."

Rosette shook her head. "Are you crazy?" she asked Mary.

Mary laughed again. "Maybe? I just want to be able to sympathize with other students. You know, most teachers go easy on me since my Father's rich, but not Ms. Kate. She treats everyone equally, including me."

Rosette blinked. "I guess you have a point. She doesn't play favorites like other teachers I know…" She crossed her arms. "But I still think she's a devil woman," Rosette huffed. Mary simply giggled. "Oh yeah, sorry about the rumor going around about us being buddies," she said to Mary. "I'm sure they'll stop eventually."

"Oh no! It's perfectly fine." Mary smiled. "You're a very interesting person, Rosette. I don't mind being acquaintances with you."

"Oh, really? O-okay." Rosette smiled at the pretty girl.

They conversed while walking and then parted ways. During the rest of their conversation, Rosette could only hear her friend's voice saying "The Princess and the Bimbo" in her mind.

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