Title: Breadstix and Meatballs – (1/1)
Author: giraffedinosaur
Pairing: Brittany/Santana
Summary: Brittany writes Santana a letter after the events of "Duets"
Rating: T (because of a reference or two that isn't appropriate for children but most likely would only spark the child asking "what does that mean")
Warnings: Spoilers for "Duets" Do not read if you don't want to be spoiled.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. All rights for the characters and the world go to their owners (like Ryan Murphy and FOX). I, in no way, believe – or would lead others to believe – that I own Glee. I am merely a fan of the television show, and I cannot seem to contain myself. This is for personal enjoyment and the enjoyment of those curious enough to click on it.
Author's Note: Written about twenty minutes after the episode. I could not stop thinking about Brittany and what she could say to Santana to try and win her best friend back so she doesn't have to walk down the halls alone. Please review!

Dear Santana,

I spent the night at Breadstix yesterday. Artie won't talk to me because I did what you did to Finn, only nothing good happened. He seemed really happy after it, but now he won't talk to me so I'm guessing it has nothing to do with like me wanting a burger and almost burning down the kitchen after. He had to get the fire extinguisher which was pretty hard since I kind of forgot to put him back in the chair...

But yesterday, I pushed the meatball across the spaghetti and I realized that I didn't want Artie to be the one nibbling on it to German music. I wanted you to eat my meatball. Or to at least laugh at me because I had sauce all over my nose and I looked like Rudolph and nobody cared and nobody took a picture for Facebook. It would've been my profile picture. Then I could change mine like how you changed yours so I wasn't in it. It hurts to see you and Mercedes every time I go on your wall. So, I want us to be your default because I'm okay if you're a lizard, just be my lizard. I promise to feed you this time. Feed you whatever you want. Maybe even PB&Js. My last lizard loved those.

Love, Brittany.

P.S. I almost laughed writing BJs because I thought about why exactly Puck's in jail. It shouldn't be funny, but it totally is.
P.P.S. I miss you, so come back. Please?

End Author's Note: Review. Should Santana write back? Should Brittany write more letters to Santana? Would you like to read some past letters? Let me know.