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Chapter 8

Dean watched as Sam hand shifted on the bed and then his head moved weakly. "Come on Sammy, come back to me." He murmured, reaching out to run his fingers through Sam's hair. He smiled as Sam's eyes began to flutter and then they slowly opened and Dean leant closer so he'd be the first thing Sam saw. Sam blinked dazedly at him. "Hey, how do you feel?"

"Dean?" Sam whispered in confusion and Dean gently lifted Sam into a sitting position. He cradled Sam close, relieved Sam was awake and talking and Sam curled into him. His skin was as cold as Dean's now and Dean missed the warmth but at least he wouldn't make Sam cold anymore. Sam just cuddled close, his head felt fuzzy and he was cold, so cold. Dean kissed the top of his head and held him close, gently rubbing his naked back. A soft noise of confusion and distress came from Sam and it tore at Dean's heart to hear it.

"Shh Sammy, it's okay. I've got you." He murmured in his ear, rocking him gently and one of Sam's hands moved to clutch at him. Dean just kept up the comforting words and touches, he'd never done anything like this before so he hadn't been sure what to expect when Sam woke up.

"Dean? What….I feel weird, cold." Sam finally said and Dean was relieved to hear an actual sentence from him.

Dean gently stroked Sam's hair, feeling Sam relax slowly. "It's okay Sammy, just relax. You're okay, you're back."

Sam blinked groggily. Back? What had happened? Sam pressed closer to Dean for comfort as he struggled to remember. Dean….there was something….a way to keep him from dying…Dean kissing him. Sam licked his lips and then looked up at Dean. "Did….did it work?"

"Yeah, it worked." Dean grinned and helped Sam sit up fully. Sam looked down at himself curiously, noting the paleness to his skin. Dean held his hand and Sam looked up at him.

"You don't feel cold to me anymore." Sam told him before shivering. "But I'm cold Dean." Dean hugged him, pulling a blanket around them even though he knew it wouldn't do much. Dean kissed him gently and Sam kissed him back.

"I'm sorry Sam, it's a side effect."

"What….what happened? Did I…."

Dean nodded. "You died but you're okay now."

Sam frowned and then moved a hand to his own chest. "Dean!"

"It's okay Sam, I know." Dean pulled Sam back into his arms. "It's okay."

"I…my heart…I'm not."

"I'm sorry Sam, so sorry."

"Dean…what am I?" He asked nervously.

Dean smiled gently, stroking his face. He stared into familiar hazel eyes, seeing that they were now the same as his own while retaining their hazel colouring and thankfully no black or yellow from Sam's mixed blood. Sam leant into his hand, eyes falling shut at the tender touch. "You're Sammy. Nothing will ever change that." Dean whispered and Sam opened his eyes to look at him. Dean pulled Sam up and over to a mirror, letting Sam get a good look at himself. Other than being paler and cold, his heart no longer beating, the only physical change was his eyes, pupil-less hazel, just like Dean's green eyes. "We have eternity now." Dean murmured and Sam nodded, still staring at their reflections. "I uh, I'm not actually sure, all I know was this was the only way to save you." Dean admitted and Sam nodded.

"So learn as we go huh?"

"Yep, pretty standard for us. You feeling okay?"

"Head's clearer, still cold." Sam rubbed at his arms.

Dean wrapped himself around Sam. "I know, you get used to it eventually. Sort of. Why do you think I was very happy to touch all the time? Was sharing your warmth." He admitted and Sam smiled at that. Meantime Dean looked over Sam's body happily, he'd been a little busy before after all with making sure everything would work out and Sam wouldn't die permanently.

Sam noticed and would have blushed if his heart was still beating. "Dean!"

"What?" He asked innocently and Sam shook his head. Sam took a deep breath and then pulled Dean even closer before kissing him. Dean grinned and kissed him back.

"Love you." Sam whispered almost shyly and Dean smiled, reaching out to brush Sam's hair back away from his face. Sam licked his lips and took a deep breath. "Dean I want…..I don't really remember what we were doing before. Can we?" Sam stammered nervously and Dean nodded, gently tugging Sam back towards the bed.

"Whatever you want Sammy." Dean promised, he'd figured Sam wouldn't remember much of what happened before he died. Dean lay down and pulled Sam with him, gently stroking his side and he felt Sam relax. At least this time they could take their time and have fun.

Bobby looked up, relaxing as he saw his boys appear but then he blinked and looked more closely at Sam. "Do I want to know what you two did?"

"Probably not." Dean grinned and Sam ducked his head, Bobby waited for his cheeks to colour but they stayed pale.

"Sam? You okay son?" Bobby asked and Sam nodded, looking at him.

"Yeah Bobby, I'm fine." Sam smiled at him and then sat next to the heater. Bobby frowned and walked over to him, grabbing his arm before swearing and letting him go.

"So you nearly gave me frostbite because you're fine?" Bobby moved his hands closer to the heater and Sam winced, huddling in on himself a bit. Dean put a hand on his shoulder and kissed the top of his head. Sam looked up at Dean, not sure what to say to Bobby.

"Sam is fine Bobby; he won't be dying any time soon now. Well, ever actually." Dean assured him and Bobby looked at Sam, taking in his changed eyes and pale skin, he looked more like his brother than ever.


"Yeah Bobby, we have eternity together now." Dean swore to him and Bobby grinned. He was happy for them, he knew the thought of Sam dying, especially so soon, had been tearing Dean apart. But now his boys would be together forever. He was happy, he'd been worried about what would happen to Dean without them but now they would only be losing him one day.