FULL SUMMARY::: Isaella Whitlock is the daughter of the famous Major Jasper Whitlock, the youngest Major in the Civil war. After Jasper joined the army Bella was raised by her Nana while her father was away. that was until shes turned at 17 by her now 'cousin' Angela. Reunited in forks 148 yrs later when Bella an Angie deiced to try settling down for a bit . As Bella and Jasper try to make up for the years they spent apart, a bond begins growing with all of her new family members...and some old ones! How close will her and her rough and gentle Tennessee man get?

Dazzle: IM BACK! *cue evil laugh*

Bella: Bout time! I been bouncing around in your head long enough...

Dazzle: its dark and scary in there huh? *grin widly*

Bella: You have NO idea! *Shudders*

Jasper: hey baby girl! Dazzle... why is my girl shuddering?

Dazzle: umm... I OWN NOTHING BUT WHAT THE PLOT BUNNIES GIVE ME! SM OWNS ALL...BYE! *runs out the door before Bella tells Jasper*

Jasper:...enjoy the story?



If I Die Young

Lord make me a rainbow, I'll shine down on my mother
She'll know I'm safe with you when she stands under my colors, oh and
Life ain't always what you think it ought to be, no
Ain't even gray, but she buries her baby

The sharp knife of a short life, well
I've had just enough time

If I die young bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song

Part I- JPOV 1862-

"Daddy don leave! Please! I'lls be good I swears!" my four year old daughter Isabella pleaded as she clung to my leg. Isabella Marie Whitlock is the light of my life and I wouldn't give her up for the world, but I joined the Army when I was 18 and this is one of the few times I was able to come home.

I married Lettie Sanchez against the town wishes and to Momma's delight when I was 16. She up and six months to the day after Isabella was born and never looked back and to be honest I was grateful. She never loved me like she made me believe, she just wanted the bragging rights over taming the "Wild Whitlock". Compared to my reserved brother, Peter, I was one wild child and we were both the pride and joy of our parents.i been in a year now and got six months left before my terms up and I can opt out and come home for good.

Leaving my baby girl is the hardest part about this but in the two years I have been in I am the youngest Major, and they think I'm 22 now. My brother surprised us all by following in my footsteps a year ago and joined the war too.

"I'll be home soon Honey Comb." I told my girl as I lifter her up and crushed her to me before passing her off to Momma. Since Daddy passed she is the one raising my girl on her own, and I couldn't be more grateful. i handed her my pocket watch as I had taken to doing when I left. "Keep this safe for me and I'll always be with you baby girl."

"You come back Safe ya hear, Or I'll whup ya like a rented mule mys self when I catch up!" Momma threatened with a serious look in her eyes. 100 screaming Yankees I can deal with no problem, but pissin' off Momma scares the hell outta me!

"Yes ma'am" I said kissing her cheek before I mounted up on my horse Missy. "Saddle up!"

" Alright Major, orders are to Charleston." my captain told me as we trotted up the hill that looked down on the last bit of our little town outside San Antonio. I took a moment to look back as was greeted by the sight of my baby girl in Momma's arms as they both stood on the porch waving us off.

On to Charleston I guess I thought as we headed off...

Part II- BPOV 1875 (13 years later)-

"Nana I'm home!" I called out as I walked through the door with a string of trout over my shoulder. Today's my 17th birthday and I couldn't be more excited! My Nana lost both my daddy and my Uncle Peter in the War of Northern Aggression and its been me and her ever since. She taught me everything I know; how to sew and cook as well as fish and hunt and ride. I am proud to say I am one well rounded filly thanks to her. Nana's always said I was my fathers daughter and she couldn't be more proud of me. She loves to joke that I have horns holding up my halo with all the trouble I get into and out of.

"Nana?" I called back realizing she hadn't answered me with the usual Where ya been Honey Comb? I walked into the kitchen thinking she might be there like she normally was this time of afternoon. I set my fish on the table when I saw she wasn't anywhere in there, Maybe she's napping I thought as I pulled out my daddy's pocket. It was half past noon and she wasn't up yet? I had had my daddy's watch since the day he left home the final time and he told me to keep it safe. When he went missing they brought us all of his things, including Missy who was currently munching the grass in the front pasture.

Cautiously I waled into the sitting room and couldn't bite back the scream I let out. My Nana laying on the floor in a pool of blood as a man was crouched over her torn open throat lappin' up the blood like a cat does cream. As soon as the sound left my mouth the man, no creature's, head snapped up and locked eyes with mine. They were the brightest shade of crimson I have ever seen and never seen in someones eyes. In a instant he lunged for me, thankfully my Papa taught Nana to defend herself be fore he passed and she taught me too.

I quickly stepped aside, but I wasn't fast enough and he brought us both down with him on top. I didn't think as I brought a knee up into his family jewels and shoved him off as he roared in pain. I didn't waste time as I quickly jumped to my feet and sprinted to the door, whistling for Missy who was there before I fished the high pitched sound. I launched my self off the porch and into the saddle as I heard the thing bust through the front door. I kicked her into gear and we tried to race off, not making it more than twenty feet when it collided with Missy's flank and brought us all down again. I hope Missy got away as I suddenly found myself fully pinned under the thing. I knew I was as good as dead and closed my eyes in preparation to meet my maker.

See you soon Daddy was my last thought as I felt teeth sink into my neck...

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