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Here is my attempt.


New Fish

Chapter 1: Restart

It was a normal, clear summer day with a slight cool breeze that swooped around a small town in Japan. As usual, students were lined up outside their respective schools waiting patiently for the gates to creak open and the first day of school to start. The girls, as per usual, were gossiping over what hot hook ups happened during the holidays and the boys, as per usual, were ranting effortlessly about the newest sports hero. Just a normal standard first day at school.

To everyone else that is.

To Kana, this day marked her first day at a new school called Seishun Gakuen. And hopefully, she will not be committing complete and utter social suicide at THIS school.

x-x-x-x-x -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

The night before


To le die-areeeee

Hi. I never thought that I would EVER start writing my inner most thoughts and desires into a book nor be greeting said book as if it were not an inanimate object but an actual human being. But there's a first for everything I suppose. And if dear mummikins thinks that me talking to a book will ever turn me into a normal teenaged girl, then whatever. As long as she never reads this. As long as NO ONE ever reads this. Yes you. I'm talking to you. Piss off. NOW. Or you'll quickly find just how painful a rusty screwdriver, a lemon, a Bunsen burner, marshmallows and YOUR BALLS can be. No, the marshmallows are not for you. They're for me to eat while kicking back and watching you suffer. GOT IT?

Okay. Now that I've gotten rid of any unwanted readers, lets continue, monsieur diary.

My name is Kana. Yes, I have a full name. No, you do not want to know it. I'll be unveiling the horror of my full name when the time comes. No, its not a swear word and no, its not a body part. Ew.


I am 17, about to start 2nd year high school at Seishun Gakuen. I guess you would probably want to know what I look like. Actually, if you were nosing through my diary there's a high chance that you would know me. But I suppose I'll be nice and let you know what I think of myself. I mean, you're about to be brutally murdered soon for reading this anyway. Just to remind you.

I'm about 170cm and I'd say an average weight. Not really skinny but not exactly fat either. As a standard asian I have straight black hai... actually you know what? Screw this. I'm going to bed.

Nightynight loserrrrrrr

Mwah mwah and all that.


First Period


And there she sat. New, nervous, friendless and slightly uncomfortable in the hard wooden chair. Her left elbow supporting her weight on the school desk, her hand cupping her chin as she gazed at the teacher who was unsuccessfully trying to teach a lesson to the otherwise impervious class. Some glanced in her direction, wondering whether to greet the new girl who had introduced herself only as "Kana. I like marshmallows and I don't like maths" but were soon distracted by a loud mouthed boy with purple eyes who was trying to finish his breakfast during class.

She sighed and turned her head slightly towards to window to her left, her brown eyes zooming in on a figure that was smoothly walking through the school gates. Judging by the lack of skirt, she decided that the mystery person was a boy. Her eyes wrinkled as she squinted for a better look. He was pale and slender, almost feminine, with a light brown mop of straight hair and eyes that were permanently closed in a calm smile. Not bad looking overall, she thought. But her analysis of the unknown boy was cut when the bell rang for the end of period. Yawning, she stretched her arms and let out a small groan as her muscles cleared out any kinks.

"Yo! You must be the new chick. The 'I like marshmallows' girl. Good taste. Yama was it?" The unknown voice laughed before going on, "The names Momoshiro but you can call me Momo-chan."

Her head turned to find the purple eyed breakfast eater from before whose face was mere inches from her own. Surprised, she let out a squeak before throwing her body in the opposite direction, resulting in a painful bruise on her left hip and ego. He barked out another laugh before helping her up.

"Ah there's no need to worry miss Yama. I've got you. You excited to be in this school?"

Slightly intimidated by his in-your-face personality, Kana managed to stutter a reply.

"Um. Yes.. Ah..Actually, my name is-"

"Oi! Momoshiro! Stop hitting on the new girl and come here!" Her reply was overshadowed by a yell from another boy, this one with a slightly scary face.

"Arai, stop scaring her! And I'm not hitting on her..." He turned towards her, "Actually, do you want me to?"

She felt her hands reach up to cover her red face before whispering a light "Whaa-t?"

"Just kidding with ya! You gotta be more open, Yama." He nudged her before strolling towards the door, "I'll see you later. Don't be late to your next class"

He disappeared with a wave and left a red faced Kana sitting on her desk. Alone.

God, she thought, way to screw up your first possible friendship at this school.

She silently cursed herself while shaking her hands towards the sky.


So much for plan become-cool-and-popular-at-new-school.


The rest of her day kinda just sped along, without any further incidents. Surprisingly, the Momo-guy hung around her and introduced to her a lot of people. Unfortunately, everyone thought her name was "Yama". But that was okay. And by the end of the day she'd managed to win some people over with her hilarious wit and increadible beauty. Kidding. She still made friends though. Which was pretty cool.

A small smile graced her lips as she finished tying her shoes, stood up and strode purposefully out her front door.


That Night


Dear mah diaryyyy

Yeah. Get ready world. A new fish is in town and she's gonna rock. Your. WORLD!

Wow. I'm so gay.

I still cannot believe I yelled that from the outside of my house. And I actually posed after I said... I mean... freaking YELLED it.

Am I mentally retarded? Yes. Of course. Eff em el peoples.

I think it would have been fine if I hadn't yelled it for the world to hear. Or if it wasn't peak hour, when EVERYONE was around. Or if it wasn't in front of my house so everyone knew where I LIVED. Or if my devastatingly hot next door neighbour that I've yet to meet didn't hear me.



To be continued... (maybe)


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