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New Fish

Chapter 6: If at first you don't succeed, eat as many marshmallows as you can until you die from its sweetness

Deeeeeeaaarrr diaary.

I don't know if you've ever been in shock before.

Well, considering you're just a little book of paper, I suppose you wouldn't know.

I'll tell you what happens.

You freeze.

And you can't think.

And all that can come out of your mouth is
"Abeufemur weclasiecen?"

Then you walk really really fast to your house.

All I can think now is:


Yes. I probably can. And probably will, the way I'm going.



That girl who might as well just shoot herself now.



She loved cereal. She really did.

That subtle crunch of the flakes when it's been soaked juuusssstt right.

It was heavenly.

And she was always so into eating this lovely breakfast that she forgot all her troubles.

Which is why she usually ended up running out the front door of her house, screaming that she was late and cussing loudly about cereal, much to everyone else's confusion.

So today, Kana's mother Kasumi was shocked to walk down the stairs at 6am to find her daughter, out of bed, ready to go to school…

And eating toast.

Well, she was actually shoving it in there.

"Dear, could you please eat that in a more ladylike manner perhaps? You'll choke."

Surprised, Kana looked up blearily, face scrunching up as she tried to swallow the massive chunk of toast in her mouth.


She choked. Spluttering, she reached for the glass of orange juice that was standing near her right hand.

"See? I warned you dear."

Kana just rolled her eyes in response.

"Now." Kasumi plonked herself on to a chair, "Why in god's name are you out of bed at a quarter to seven? "

"… Wait… It's already 6:45?"

She nodded.


Quickly gulping down the rest of her orange juice Kana grabbed an extra piece of toast before looking frantically for her bag.

"Don't swear dear."

"…take mushroom! I love shitake mushroom!" was heard as she ran out the door.

Kasumi sighed.

At least she wasn't shouting obscurities about the perfection of cereal this time.


She was late.



Kana sighed loudly as she rounded the corner, moving briskly in a strange half run half walk. It was a cold morning, but she wasn't really sure if it was normal or not. It wasn't as if she was ever really conscious in the mornings.

Fierce wind whipped her hair back as she strode determinedly towards the school gates. A pout and frown was visible on her red face as she tried to move as fast as her exhausted body would allow. My god was she unfit.

It was exactly 7:11am when she stumbled onto the courts gasping out strangled breaths, moaning incoherently about toast and "stupid direction man".

"Glad you finally turned up."

She slightly adjusted her sprawled position on the floor of the court to glance wearily at the boy next to her… What was his name again?

He looked down at the notebook and timer clutched in his hands, adjusting the thick glasses perched on his nose.

"You're late by exactly 11 minutes 24 seconds and 45 milliseconds. Please explain."

He stared imploringly down at her.


He smiled, holding out a cup.

"I thought so."

Twitching, she reached for the cup.

"Thanks. Um…"

The sun shone from behind his head creating a heavenly halo. You can trust angels right?



Kana choked and gasped and wheezed but nothing could stop the burning in her mouth. She gagged, she shrieked, she tried hitting her head on the ground. She struggled up and sprinted to the water fountains as the culprit laughed manically in the background.

… She wasn't seen for the rest of the day.

The next day…

"I'M HERE I'M HERE I'M HERE DON'T KILL MEEEEE!" Screamed Kana as she ran into the courts.

Aoi turned to look at her. And laughed.

"I'm liking your shirt today, Kana. I'm also liking the red bra..."

Momo popped out from behind her.

"Woah. Kana has boobs? You're a chick?"

Kana blinked.

"Wait what?"

She looked down. And promptly ran to the bathrooms, their maniacal laughing echoing around her.

She wasn't seen for the rest of the day.

That afternoon…

She sat dejectedly on a park bench. The sun was setting, creating a lovely glow. She wasn't, however, paying attention to the scene. She sighed before running her fingers through her hair.

"Hey Kana."

She blearily looked up.

"…Hey Yuuta…"

He then noticed her smudged mascara, red nose and watery eyes.

"Oh. Is, um, something the matter?" He said awkwardly.

She shrugged.

"Not really."

"Ohhhhkay. So I heard you're the new manager of Seigaku's tennis team."

She slouched down further.

"Oh god. Sorry. Wrong thing to say." He spluttered.

She let out a small giggle and smiled at him.

"Don't sweat it, chief. It's just a series of unfortunate events." She sighed and the smile fell off her face." Well, I'd like to think so… but.. I don't think I can do it."

"Kana. Really? You're like the queen of managerliness. If that was even a word, you'd be the definition in the dictionary."

She looked up pathetically at him.

"You know what happened last time."

"That's the past. This is now. And I know that you're perfectly capable of this."

"Yeah but-"

"Also, you were the best manager that the soccer team has ever had. Even to this day."

"Aw shucks. But, seriously-"

"Also, I totally shouldn't be talking to you cause you're the enemy and all that but we were- we are-friends. We should see each other more."

He stared at her waiting for an answer, cheeks red.

"Wow… that was all really out of character…"

He pouted. She laughed.

"Now that is really out of character too. But I understand. Who wouldn't want to spend every millisecond of their day bathing in my awesome presence? Who am I to stop you? So, of course, monsieur! I will of course le say le oui!"

He rolled his eyes in response.

"Okay. Well, it's getting dark. Let's go home."

"Yeah... Wow. Totally didn't notice. Your red cheeks are kinda lighting everything up."

"… Shutup."

"Naw cuuuute. They just got brighter!"

"Yeah shutup."

"Yuuta the red cheeked tennis freak. Had a very shiny cheeeek!"

With a growl he pounced on her, grabbing her head into a head lock.

"Take that back! You know I hate that song!"

"Nevaaaahhh! No - wait- don't give me noogies! Aargh! I surrender! I SURRENDER!"

That night…

So, Monsieur Diary, we meet again.

I was thinking that this whole manager thing was a big mistake. A huge one. Like, bigger than Momo's head big.

Like, that stupid spikey haired calculator freak poisoned me. Poisoned me. Who even does that? And then Momo had the balls to laugh at my misfortune. That bastard. Why are we even friends? Argh I just want to rip his head off!

Shit… wow. Sorry monsieur diary. Just needed to vent. Heh heh. Forgive and forget right?

Anyways, I was a bit down in the dumps. You know, getting mah emo on on a park bench, when Yuuta came a-dropping in. I'd forgotten how funny that kid was. We were actually pretty close when I went to St Rudolphs. It's been such a long time.

So like I said, I was being a downer when he popped by (the whole manager thing sucks). And we talked and he cheered me up. It was like magic- we walked home together and I've never laughed so hard in my life. And you know what? I can do this. This stupid manager thing. I just need to get a little more confident and boss around those little tennis freaks like a boss. YEAH. MOTIVATION.

Anyways, he walked me to my door, we hugged, the usual shtuff. And then something weird happened. He stops and looks at me with a really serious face and says:

"Watch out for my brother. He can be very… manipulative…"

And I'm like:


So he rolls his eyes at me like I'm the stupidest thing in the entire world and mutters:

"I know you like him. Everyone does. But… just… be careful okay?"

And I just didn't know what to say to that. So I just smiled, ruffled his hair and said good night.

Um, what the hell did he mean? Beware of Fuji Syuusuke? LOL as if. He's so pretty and nice and perfect and wonderful and perfect and godlike and gentlemanly and perfect and….

Yeah. Shut up Kana.

Nightynight loserrr


To be continued...

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