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Two years had passed and while some things had remained stationary, a few has changed. One of them, or actually two, is the two visitors who arrived on Kuraigana Island without any invitation.

For a few months on the quiet island were hectic. The swordsman and the ghost princess were restless, trying to find something to do. There were times when the duo would wander off outside of the castle and into the dense forests but that excitement only lasted a week. The swordsman sometimes went off on his own to defeat at least five to ten of the crazy apes in a day but when the supply ran out, that activity was scratched off as well.

They also tried engaging in a conversation but that ended quite quickly when Perona, the ghost princess, realized Zoro wasn't much of a talker in the first place.

These dull, uneventful days had dissipated when Zoro started his real training with Mihawk. It was like a spice to the gray mornings, afternoons, and sometimes evenings when the master swordsman felt like it. Perona was actually enjoying watching the sparing, closing her eyes and listened to the ear splitting sounds of metal against metal. Every day there was something different and Perona kind of liked tending the wounds on each of the swordsman, although she spent the most time around Zoro since he had the most cuts and bruises.

Days went to months, and finally a year passed by. The castle had gotten not louder, but much quieter. There were days when the swordsmen and the princess indulged themselves in books. A few months ago, Zoro read books aloud because the ghost princess was lazy to read them. Recently, the ghost princess found her favorite genres and began reading without the swordsman's help.

Perona began losing her harsh vocabulary and spoke in quieter but still high pitch squeaks. Zoro started talking through his mind more than his mouth. When he raised an eye, both Mihawk and Perona understood what he was asking for. Sometimes, the three would engage in a silent eye contact conversation that lasted a half an hour. It was a funny, but eerily silent. When Zoro did speak, it were riddles, poetic enigma instead of forthright answers.

Zoro and Perona's outfits had a few makeovers too. Mihawk was getting used to the company and began buying gifts for them. The master swordsman handed a long dark coat he had in his closet for Zoro. The young swordsman criticized the jacket but since then he wore it like a new shirt (since he didn't have one). Perona was a different story. Since she was the first female to live in the castle the only clothes she had were the ones she wore with her. She strongly refused to wear any men's items so Mihawk had to buy some new clothes for her specifically.

Unfortunately for the ghost princess, her clothes were bought from his money-which actually was the Marine's tax-so all of the tastes were from the master swordsman. She didn't mind, however, since his taste matched hers-in one criterion. He bought her long satin black dresses with lace over her chest and some on the edges. Mihawk also gave her some headbands and ribbons (all black) to adorn her hair. Depending on the day, she would wear her hair down or in a complex bun to match the accessories. Even though the master swordsman bought her a new umbrella she always kept the bright pink and black one just like Zoro and his swords.

Exclusive marine soldiers who visited the castle from time to time saw the sudden change in the two. They already knew why the ghost princess and the swordsman changing yet the master swordsman remained.

Mihawk's aura was contagious.

The End