Thank you

"Hello," a sleepy voice answers the phone late this particular September night, "Jackson Gibbs speaking."

"Dad," a low voice answers, "Were you asleep?"

"Yeh son, it's past midnight here." Jackson answers sitting on the side of his bed, "What's wrong son?"

"Uhm, nothing's wrong Dad," Jethro says with another hitch in his voice, "In fact there is a lot right in the world right now."

"Leroy, I can hear it in your voice. What's up?" Jackson is already grabbing his glasses and robe to prepare to act if an emergency has happened to his son.

"I just needed to call and tell you," Gibbs voice brakes into a soft sob.

"Please son, tell me what has happened."

"I am watching the miners being pulled out from 2300 feet under the ground where they have been trapped since August and I just had to call and say,,," louder sobs are heard by Jackson Gibbs.

"Yes son,"

"I love you Dad. Thank you for everything you did for me growing up. Thank you for so so much that I never appreciated. I love you Dad." Jethro says to his father finally after all the years.

"I love you too son and I did it all because I loved you so much."


"Yeh Leroy,"

"I think I am going to come up this weekend."

"You do that Leroy. You do that." Jackson says sitting in front of his television set, "We need to go fishing again."

"I will Dad," Jethro says softly, "I love you."

"I love you too son, good night."

"Night Dad."

Jethro and Jackson Gibbs settle in front of their television sets and both wiped silent tears as the third miner is brought up from the depths of the Earth.


On a personal note I am sitting here on September 14, 2010 at 12:20 AM CST watching this miracle unfold before me on different television stations. I have to give credit for Night Line for carrying the coverage while the other local channels showed comedians telling bad jokes and Hollywood gossip. I want to say my thank you to God for the 3 men rescued so far and for all of the people who have poured their lives into saving those men that have been trapped in that horrible would be grave. I pray that the other 30 miners are safely rescued also.

In case you were wondering about the connection with NCIS and this tremendous event. Jackson Gibbs worked the mines in Stillwater, Pennsylvania when Jethro was growing up.