Arms of Angels Chapter 2

Jethro sighed heavily as his phone rang for the second time. His team had been promised the long weekend off and he had made sure they would be covered. None of them had really had time to recover from the trip to Africa and the surprise recovery of Ziva. As the phone started ringing for the third time Gibbs decided that the rule "if it is important they will call back" finally applied.

"Yeh Gibbs," he answered gruffly. His irritation grew when no one answered and the line went dead quickly. He put the phone down none to gently and turned to pick up the new package of sandpaper. When his phone started ringing he thought about not answering at all but something in his gut told him to answer, and to hunt down the salesperson if that was who was bothering him.

"Gibbs!" he yelled into the phone this time.

"Boss," a very soft voice says after a pause.

"Who is this?" Gibbs asks in a more reserved tone after not recognizing the voice.

"Boss I think I,,, Boss," the voice says very slurred and softly.

"McGee," Gibbs asked setting down the sandpaper and after not getting a response, "Tim what is it?"

"I think I need help Boss, I think I messed up."

"What do you mean Tim?"

"I need you to come down here Boss, I… I"

Gibbs holds the phone away from his ear as he hears retching from his young agent. When the sound stops he talked softly, "Tim, tell me what is happening. Where are you?"

"I'm too dizzy. I just came down to try and write and now all I feel is so sick."

"Tim how much did you drink," Gibbs starts to worry because he knows that the younger agent never really drinks that much, "McGee, answer me now! How much have you had to drink?"

"I can see five empty bottles of that beer Tony likes and oh hold on," Gibbs pulls the phone away from his ear as Tim begins to throw up again, "Boss, I don't feel too good."

"Where are you Tim?" Gibbs asks already heading up the basement steps and turning off the lights.

"I'm in the bathroom of the hotel Boss. I don't think I can move to the bed even."

Trying not to let his frustration come across the telephone line Gibbs asks his now very screwed up agent where he was. When all that Gibbs gets is a reply of throwing up again he tells Tim to stay where he is and he will come get him, somehow.

"Abby speaking, who's this?"

"Abs its Gibbs, "he answers while backing his car out of the driveway, "I need your help tracking a cell phone."

"But Boss I'm about to leave to go to the last playoff game with the Nuns!" Abby whines loudly, "Can't you get Tim to do it?"

"No, I can't." but before Gibbs can say anything else Abby interrupts him.

"But you promised I could do this Gibbs! You Promised! Timmy doesn't have anything planned for this weekend that he said and I—"

"Abby I need to Find Tim's phone." The words from Gibbs shut her up quickly.

"Is Tim in trouble Gibbs?" asked a very small voice now.

"Yeh Abs, I think he might have just gotten himself in trouble this time."

Gibbs shuts his phone as he pushes his yellow charger faster into the night on the way to Abby's apartment.