Note- This takes place after the season three episode called True Night. Online you can search for the things mentioned in this story if you want to see what they look like: the train car they ride in, the hotel suite they stay in, the shopping area that is mentioned, etc.

Home for The Holidays

Morgan and Garcia

Chapter One

December 2007

She still couldn't believe that she had agreed to go to Chicago with him to celebrate his mother's birthday and then Christmas. But considering the way that he had looked when he asked her- his heart in his eyes and so much worry about leaving her there in Virginia without him- it would have been cruel to turn him down.

So here she was now: walking slightly ahead of him in a crowded train station about to embark on a nearly eighteen hour journey to his hometown. Because she had surgery a month earlier Derek had insisted that they not fly to Chicago. Though he was no doctor all it took was one question to Reid about it and after a spiel explaining the possibility of blood clots Derek had his mind made up. No need to ask the real doctors for a medical opinion- they were not flying, case closed.

Penelope didn't mind so much that they were taking the train. It was an overnight trip and they had a sleeping car. She'd fall asleep somewhere in Pennsylvania and wake up in Illinois. Each train route had its own name. Some of them were: California Zephyr, Lake Shore Limited, City of New Orleans, Heartland Flyer, and they were on the Capitol Limited. She found that sort of romantic.

But the moment they got into the sleeping car that idea was thrown out the window. Penelope was first through the door, Derek behind her lugging the bags, and she let out a whoop of laughter at the accommodations.

"What's so funny, baby girl?"

She moved aside and let him squeeze in the tight quarters before saying "I was gonna ravish you but I don't know where I'd find the room."

Derek looked at their sleep quarters. "There must be some mistake. I booked the biggest room they had. This is supposed to sleep a family of four."

All they saw was a couch. After setting down the luggage Derek got a steward who showed them how the couch converted to a bed and another two bunks folded down from the wall. There was a ladder that came with it to climb up to those beds.

The steward picked up a brochure and handed it to Derek. "Its all explained here, sir."


"Enjoy your trip." The steward left.

Derek and Penelope looked at each other. She said "Cozy."

He gave her grin. "JJ has booked us into smaller rooms than this during our cases."

Penelope laughed. "Well this works just fine for me. Your chocolate God body will always be within arm's reach. Couldn't have worked out better if I had planned it myself."

"Hush, woman," he said, but gave her a very tender look.

Derek went about putting back up the bunks, to give them more room, and making the lower bed back into a couch, then stored their luggage. There were two picture windows in their room. They settled onto the couch, his arm around her shoulders and waited for the trip to start.

Derek lazily played with her hair. He let out a long breath, rolling his head on his shoulders.

She asked "Eager to get home?"

"It will be good to see my family, sure."

"Are you absolutely positive that they are cool with me tagging along? Because if they aren't then I could find something to do to occupy myself while you visit with them. I've heard the shopping on the Magnificent Mile is out of this world. Just thinking of the shoes I could buy-"

"Shhh," he placed a finger against her lips and gave her a stern look. "You are very welcome at my Mom's place but, as far as sneaking off for shopping, don't count on that. I'm warning you right now that we'll be lucky to get two minutes alone together during the day. My Ma and sisters always have a packed schedule for me when I come home." His finger moved away from her lip.

She gave him a flirty grin. "Well, lucky for me, I have you all night long every night in our hotel suite. You just may be too exhausted to keep your family's busy schedule after I get done with you, Mr. Scrumptious."

Derek waggled his eyebrows at her. "You better stop teasing me, woman."

"Or what?"

Taking her dare he lightly tickled her side and she squirmed and laughed. An announcement that they were leaving the station interrupted their fun. Derek moved back from Penelope. Now her cheeks were flushed pink and her breathing was quickened. Her eyes danced with amusement and happiness.

He swallowed hard over the lump in his throat. Damn, she was beautiful. And he was one grateful man that she was his beautiful best friend...his baby girl.

The train whistle blew and they started off towards Chicago.


He took the top bunk and she took the couch, which converted to a full sized bed. He wore jogging pants and a sweat shirt. She had on pajama pants and an oversized t-shirt she had snagged from Derek when he was staying with her after she got out of the hospital. She loved that shirt and he loved seeing her in it.

It was a baseball jersey that said his name on the back, from when he played in an adult league with other agents. He hadn't made it to most of the games, due to his work schedule, but when he was there he played hard and reveled in getting the chance to be competitive again.

Wearing the jersey reminded him of the good times that he had with his friends that summer.

But now that jersey had way different connotations attached to it. Its softness laying against Penelope's skin. Something of his on her. He found that sexy as hell. She could have whatever clothes of his that she wanted any damn time she wanted just as long as he got to see her in whatever she stole.

Glancing down at her in her bed, since his was perpendicular to hers, he watched her snuggled up on her side. "Comfy, baby?" he asked her.

"I would be comfier if you came a little closer."

"You'd pop a stitch for sure that way," he teased her.

"That's where you are oh so wrong, my gorgeous tempting chocolate candy bar. I am all healed and the doctors said I'm cleared for action again. This tech kitten is good to go for all the amorous sexy, sweaty romps I can manage, time and family schedules permitting, of course."

Derek chuckled. "Garcia, go to sleep and when you dream about Derek Morgan...don't sell me short, sweetheart."

"Oh, I never would," she purred.

Her sexy words caused him to heat up as he lay back, arms crossed behind his head, and tried to relax enough to fall asleep. But sleep wasn't coming. They spent hours talking quietly, flirting, discussing their childhoods and how they had spent Christmases in the past.

Derek realized, a little more each day, how much he still had to learn about Penelope. He thanked God she was still here so he had this chance. Because this was something he would not want to miss for all the world.