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Angel Grove High School

Ms. Appleby's History Class

Angel Grove, CA

Tuesday, 11:19 AM

Tommy Oliver sat in the back of Ms. Appleby's history class, slouched low in his seat in the far left corner. His notebook was open but not a single word was written on the lined paper. His dark denim jeans hung low on his hips, green sweatshirt on, hood covering his face. He was staring blankly at the clock at the front of the room, willing it to move forward.


He blinked slowly, eyes moving to Ms. Appleby's troubled face.

"Yes, Ms. Appleby?" he asked in what he hoped was a nice voice.

"Are you focused?"

He lifted his pencil in the air, plastering a large smile on his face. "Always."

She smiled in his direction, going back to her lesson on the Louisiana Purchase.

Tommy's smile fell quickly, and he dropped the pencil onto his desk, resuming his staring contest with the clock. He could feel someone looking at him from his right, and he didn't have to turn to know who it was.


Tommy turned to meet her questioning gaze, grinning widely with a salacious glint in his eyes. He leaned over, arm resting on top of her notebook as his lips hovered near her cheek. He could hear the slight gasp she let out at their proximity.

"See something you like, pink ranger?" he asked huskily.

She coughed suddenly, turning her eyes back to where Ms. Appleby was writing on the board. He chuckled lowly, curling a long finger around a loose strand of her hair.

"Stop it," she whispered, brushing his hand away.

He grasped her wrist, rubbing his thumb along the skin. "We both know you don't want me to," he said softly.

Kim's face scrunched up in anger, but when her eyes connected with his, he could see the fight leave her.

The intense way he was staring at her seemingly left her speechless.

Tommy caught sight of Trini on the other side of the room behind Kimberly. The yellow ranger was watching the pair with a disapproving frown. Kim followed his gaze, pulling her wrist from him quickly when she saw Trini looking in their direction. Tommy scowled, moving so that he was out of her personal space. He sat back in his chair, yanking his hood lower over his head. Things were just about to get interesting with the little pink ranger; naturally, one of her teammates had to ruin his fun.

He refocused on Ms. Appleby at the front of the class, her words sounding garbled to his ears. He hated how Rita insisted he attend school to "blend in." He wasn't particularly fond of school prior to being her green ranger; he didn't know why she thought he would be okay with going to school now.

The bell rang, signaling the end of class, and Tommy gathered his books, slipping them into his backpack before walking out of class. He opened his locker, switching out his history book for his large chemistry book and lab notebook.

He felt someone bump into him from behind and stiffened, turning to look at the person responsible for hitting him. He smirked when he saw it was Skull, Bulk standing only a few feet behind the lanky boy.

"Watch where you're going," said Tommy gruffly to the skinny teen.

"Or what?" asked Bulk.

Skull nodded. "Yeah…or what?"

Tommy slammed his locker closed, nearly tearing it off the hinges, eyes flashing green as he looked at them.

"I can assure you, you don't want to find out," he hissed.

The two boys stared in shock at the green ranger. Tommy quickly turned, heading down the hall to Mr. Raiford's class, a smirk playing on his lips.

He knew he was supposed to keep a low profile regarding his secret identity, but he couldn't help it. The urge to scare the shit out of Bulk and Skull was too much to resist.

He made his way to his lab bench, sliding on the stool next to Billy. The two decided to be lab partners back at the end of their junior year for chemistry in the fall, before Rita got a hold of Tommy.

"Can I infer from your pleased demeanor that you have done something of questionable nature that amuses you?" asked Billy, goggles already covering his eyes.

Tommy glanced at the blue ranger. "Something like that."

"Of course," Billy shook his head. "We cannot begin the experiment until you get your protective eyewear." He tapped his goggles.

Tommy reached for his at the head of their table, freezing suddenly as his eyes glazed over and filled with a green mist. After a few seconds, the mist disappeared and he blinked rapidly.

"I have to go," he said, grabbing his backpack off the floor.

Billy nodded. "I suppose I will see you this afternoon?"

Tommy said nothing, aware of what Billy was implying.

He walked away from the blue ranger, telling Mr. Raiford he needed to see the school nurse. Tommy stepped out into the hallway, checking for anyone nearby before he teleported out of AGHS.

Tommy rematerialized in the throne room of the Lunar Palace, confused when he saw no one there. He walked around, looking for any sign of Rita.

"It's about time you showed up," growled a low voice.

Tommy turned, amused eyes connecting with Goldar's incensed red ones in the dark room.

"Hi, Goldie," said Tommy cheekily.

The warrior snarled, stepping out of the shadows as he walked up to the green ranger. "What have I told you about calling me that ridiculous name?" he hissed.

The green ranger laughed. "Aww, poor Goldie, did I make you mad?"

He patted Goldar's cheek, and the creature jerked away, hand gripping the handle of his sword. Tommy tensed, itching for a fight with the ugly creature.

"Ahhh, there you are! Come here, my green ranger," said a scratchy, high-pitched voice.

They both turned to look at their empress, Rita Repulsa.

Tommy turned back to Goldar, eyes flashing green. "I guess this will have to wait," he said sadly, winking at Goldar before turning to Rita.

The sorceress stood at her balcony, looking through her telescope. Tommy stood silently behind her, waiting for her to start talking.

"Tommy!" she screeched. He winced slightly at the tone.

'There really is no need to yell. I'm right beside you,' he thought to himself.

"Yes, my empress?" he asked aloud.

She turned to him with a scowl, staff in hand. "Those pathetic power rangers of Zordon have stopped me for the last time."

'I doubt that.'

"Finster is making me a new monster, and I want you to take some putties down there and help out." She was circling him, black nails running across his torso. He forced his body to remain still, the urge to shudder nearly overpowering.

Tommy nodded. "Yes, my empress. And what is it that this new monster of Finster's can do?"

She cackled. "Oh, he's got something wonderful in store. I need you to weaken the rangers while he prepares it for me." She rubbed her hands in glee.

Tommy forced himself not to roll his eyes. 'You would think she'd learn by now not to trust anything Finster says or does.'

"As you wish. I will prepare for battle."

He bowed to her before heading to his quarters, throwing his backpack on the ground once he was inside his room. The small chamber was dimly lit, a tiny bed in the far corner and a plain dresser next to it. The lone window in the room was high up on the wall, bars covering it.

His room was a prison.

Tommy took off his sweatshirt, tossing it onto his bed. He didn't want to have it on under the spandex suit; the discomfort would be unbearable. He walked over to the small mirror hanging over the dresser, looking at himself in the dim light.

He could still see the faint scars on his arms from when Rita captured him the first time. Tommy ran his finger along the thin white scar along his shoulder blade, watching as it disappeared beneath his white wifebeater to continue down to his navel. Lifting the thin t-shirt up, he touched the thicker scars along his narrow hips. Tommy looked in the mirror, growing angry at the healing marks across his body. A shaky hand rose to his face, fingers gently trailing from his hairline over his right eye down to the middle of his cheek. The scar was faint now, though the memory of how he received it wasn't.

Tommy sat huddled in the corner of his small cell, body shivering from the cold. He had been stripped of his clothes, sitting in nothing but his black boxers in the dank, musty cell. His stomach contracted violently as hunger pains hit him strongly.

His body was black and blue all over, evidence of the multiple beatings he received since his arrival. He wasn't sure how many days he spent in his prison; time had begun to blur together for him. Each day, they would bring him a gold coin, asking him to join forces with Rita Repulsa. Tommy had only been in Angel Grove for a little more than a year, but he knew enough to know that Rita Repulsa was bad news. Every day, he refused the offer, usually with a sarcastic retort. The result was usually a fist slammed into his handsome face, then his arms, his chest, his legs…

Tommy shuddered when he faintly saw the bright light appear in the doorway of his cell through eyes nearly swollen shut. Before, he would always try to run to it and find a way out, but his body was so sore from the abuse, he could barely keep his head up. He could hear the heavy footsteps and clinking of metal on metal, followed by heavy breathing.


The creature made his way to the beaten teen, crouching low so that he was eye-level. Tommy barely made out the gold coin in his hand.

"Take it," growled Goldar.

Tommy forced himself to sit upright, slightly winded from the effort. He cleared his throat.

"No," he said, voice raspy from the lack of water. He spit in Goldar's face, chuckling to himself when he saw the beast grow angry.

Goldar pulled a small dagger from a sheath in his boots, placing the tip at Tommy's throat. The teen stopped laughing immediately.

"Not so funny now, is it?" asked Goldar, trailing the dagger from Tommy's neck to his right cheek. Tommy could feel the tip piercing his skin.

"Take it." His unspoken threat rested heavily between them.

Tommy swallowed thickly, heart beating rapidly against his chest. "Fuck you."

Outside of the prison cell, a loud cry of pain was heard down the corridor. Goldar walked out of Tommy's cell seconds later, dagger in hand as he headed back to Rita.

Inside, Tommy lay on the ground huddled over in a ball, hands covering the right side of his face as he moaned in pain, blood on his shaking fingers…

A knock on the door startled the green ranger from his reverie. He turned, catching Goldar's irritated glance.

"Rita wants you down there now."

Tommy nodded, watching as the warrior left. He reached into his pocket, caressing the small coin that rested there.

'Showtime.' He morphed into his green ranger suit before teleporting out of the small chamber.

Tommy landed in Angel Grove Park, putties moving about him sporadically. About twenty feet away stood the power rangers, unmorphed. He glared behind his visor when he saw Jason order them to morph.

Tommy rolled his eyes as they went through their usual morphing sequence. 'Is all that bravado necessary?'

"Attack," he commanded the putties. The clay creatures ran towards the teens, engaging them in battle.

Tommy charged at Jason, flipping in the air to slam his feet into the red ranger's chest. Jason stumbled back, raising his arms in a defensive stance.

"I don't want to fight you, Tommy," he insisted.

Tommy snarled, slamming his fist into Jason's face. "That's funny… because I've been dying to fight you."

Tommy slammed his fist into Jason's stomach, causing the red ranger to bend over in pain. He then slammed his elbow into Jason's back, and the teen fell to his knees. Tommy smashed his knee into the face of Jason's helmet.

Tommy was tackled from behind, sending him straight to the ground. He rolled over, seeing the black ranger on top of him. He kicked Zack off, kipping up to his feet.

"You can't handle me, black ranger," he taunted.

Zack's fists clenched. "Someone has to since Jason won't."

They ran at each other, Tommy quickly gaining the upper hand as they fought.

"Zack!" Tommy heard in the distance. The other rangers were coming over to aid their friend, running at full speed.

Tommy laughed, shoving Zack directly into Billy's path for a painful collision, sending the two boys down. He dodged Trini's power daggers, grabbing her arm before flipping her onto her back, his fist connecting painfully into her sternum.

A kick to his back alerted him to Kimberly's presence, and he whirled around, grabbing her fist before the punch she sent his way could connect. He yanked her towards him, twirling her around so that her back pressed to his front, her own arm locked around her throat.

"And you say you don't want me?" he teased, slightly out of breath. She squirmed against him, stilling when his hand touched her hip.

"I like it when you play rough," he whispered in her ear.

She slammed her elbow into his chest, and he grunted from pain. Spinning, she kicked at him, surprised when he caught her foot. He punched her in the thigh before kicking the other leg out from under her, sending her to the ground. Tommy lay over her, and he could make out her brown eyes through her visor.

He reached for her face before he heard a loud screech, turning to see a large frog-like creature headed in their direction.

'What the fuck?' he thought to himself.

The strange creature made its way over to them, wobbling unsteadily.

"Green ranger!" it yelled. "This is my battle now. Rita wants you back on the moon."

Tommy's jaw clenched, and he slowly moved off of the pink ranger. He surveyed the rangers around him, either laying on the ground or starting to get to their feet.

'I could finish them now,' he thought to himself angrily.

He took another look at the monster, shaking his head. 'This battle will be over soon. This creature can barely walk straight, much less fight.'

Tommy closed his eyes, teleporting away from Angel Grove and back to the Lunar Palace. When he landed in the throne room, he ripped off his helmet, heading in Rita's direction. Goldar watched Tommy from a few feet away.

"Why didn't you let me finish the rangers, empress?" asked Tommy, helmet clutched in his arms. "I had the perfect opportunity to finish them, and you pulled me out of the fight."

Rita watched him with a smile. "I wanted to see what my new monster could do."

Tommy growled, chucking his helmet to the ground in anger.

He was growing frustrated with Rita. He had been her green ranger for a few months, and every time he went to battle, she would call him back just as he was about to destroy the rangers. He could've gotten rid of them long ago.

'She can't be this stupid,' he thought to himself.

"Do you doubt me, empress?" he asked suddenly.

She shot him a curious glance. "Not at all, green ranger. I know you are capable of great destruction."

He walked so that he stood in front of her. "Then why do you persist in taking me out of the fight? I am more than capable of getting rid of the rangers on my own. Isn't that what you want?"

"Yes, Rita, isn't that what you want?"

Tommy's face scrunched in confusion at the unfamiliar voice that entered the conversation. He could see Rita's face quickly lose its color, and he turned, wondering who could garner such a reaction from the witch.

Tommy found himself looking at a man who looked like his skin had been ripped from his body. He was well-built, body encased in what appeared to be a silver exoskeleton. His mouth was covered by a metallic grille, and his eyes were behind a large visor that glowed red. In his hand was a silver staff with a 'Z' at the end. Behind the man was an Asian woman wearing gold armor. Her eyes were black, and her stance hinted at the power she held.

"Master," said Goldar in the closest to a happy tone that Tommy had ever heard from the beast. Goldar bowed before walking over to the newcomer, and the two clasped forearms in a warrior greeting.

"It is good to see you," said the man, his voice somewhat raspy.

Tommy watched in curiosity as the man approached Rita, who flinched when he neared her.

"Rita," he hissed, anger dripping from his words as he marched over to her. "You have failed me for the last time. Scorpina and I are here to take over."

Rita's eyes looked panicked. "Lord Zedd, you must understand – "

He scoffed, body glowing red as he grew angrier. "No, you must understand. I did your father a favor by taking you into my empire. You have yet to destroy Zordon of Eltar, embarrassing not only yourself but me and the entire Dark Empire as well with your incompetence."

The teen watched on in fascination as Rita cowered in fear. He was glad that Rita was being called out on her stupidity. The woman was a wonderful sorceress, but she had to be one of the stupidest people Tommy had ever met. He was sure without Goldar - who he begrudgingly had to admit was quite brilliant - at her side Rita wouldn't be able to do anything.

But this new guy… he radiated an intelligence that instilled both fear and respect in Tommy. He spoke and carried himself with such sureness that it made Tommy feel intimidated. This new guy didn't have to screech or scream in order to be menacing. There was something chilling about the way his voice stayed calm, an unidentifiable accent peeking through every now and then.

Tommy found him both terrifying and intriguing.

The man turned to look at Tommy, who was sure until now that this Lord Zedd person wasn't aware of his presence.

"And why is there a power ranger in the Lunar Palace?" he asked nastily, pointing at Tommy.

The teen felt his heart race.

Rita smiled. "He's my ranger."

Zedd cocked to his side. "You have a power ranger on our side? How did you manage that?"

The sorceress grinned. "I found the sixth power coin."

Tommy stood still as Lord Zedd approached him, walking around him slowly in a circle. "Continue."

Tommy felt like he was on display, and he subconsciously straightened his posture.

"I used one of my spells to power the coin, and after searching, I found a suitable green ranger."

Zedd stopped so that he was looking into Tommy's eyes. "I see Goldar got to you."

Tommy went rigid, knowing Zedd was referring to the scar across his right eye.

Zedd glanced in Rita's direction. "Why this one?"

"He is the only one who can defeat the red ranger that Zordon selected. On skill alone, they are equally matched," supplied Goldar.

"And," said Rita excitedly, running over to stand next to Lord Zedd and Tommy, "he was once a friend of theirs, very close."

Zedd turned to look at her. "They have emotional attachments to him?"

She nodded. "Yes. It has worked in our favor in battle. The red ranger does not wish to hurt him, so they hold back."

Zedd nodded. "This is good - surprisingly good - coming from you, Rita. And yet I'm not surprised at your inability to seize such a wondrous opportunity."

He stared at Tommy as he commanded the others. "Leave us."

Rita opened her mouth to protest, and Zedd turned to her with a menacing glare.


She shut her mouth, leaving the room quickly with Goldar and Scorpina following.

"Scorpina," called Zedd.

Tommy watched the female warrior walk back towards them. "Master?" Her voice was both soft and strong to his ears, a seemingly fitting combination for the silent woman.

"Dispose of her. Immediately."

The green ranger's eyes widened. 'Dispose? Oh, God…'

Scorpina nodded as she gripped the hilt of her sword, walking out of the room in the direction Rita went.

'He's going to get rid of her just like that? No warning or anything?' the teen thought uneasily. 'Who the hell is this guy?'

He watched Lord Zedd sit at Rita's throne lazily, staff in hand. Tommy could feel the sweat gathering on his palms as Zedd simply stared at him.

"Come here, green ranger."

Tommy hesitated before walking towards the man, standing a few feet away.

"What is your name?"asked Zedd.

"Thomas James Oliver, but I am referred to as Tommy."

Zedd nodded. "What is your relationship with the power rangers, Tommy?"

"They are my enemy," he said automatically.

Zedd laughed, shaking his head. "That isn't what I meant."

Tommy sighed. "Before my empress found me, I was a… friend of the rangers. I was best friend to their red ranger, Jason Scott."

"Is that why he isn't dead?"

Tommy stayed quiet for some time, and he felt his heart jump to his throat. "I do not understand your question."

"Yes, you do. Do not insult my intelligence." Zedd stood, looking down into Tommy's face. "I can see it in your eyes, green ranger. Rita's spell has worn off… or at least weakened."

Tommy felt himself panic and tried not to show it. When Jason and the others destroyed the Sword of Darkness, the spell had lost most of its effect, but he was the only one that should have known that.

'He's bluffing.'

"I believe you are mistaken. I serve only my empress."

Zedd shook his head. "I did not say you do not serve Rita or our mission, only that the spell has weakened." He stood close to Tommy. "You can feel…can't you?"

Tommy said nothing.

Zedd sat back down. "Normally, this would be the part where I would have you disposed of, but this works to my advantage." He laughed, and Tommy nearly collapsed from the intense wave of relief that hit him.

"I'm curious…even though you can think for yourself, you have remained with Rita. Why is that?"

Tommy's jaw clenched. "I despise the power rangers."

Zedd leaned forward. "They were once your friends, and your initial behavior could be excused by the spell, but you stay of your own free will. What did they do to you, green ranger?"

"I was betrayed," was his only response.

"Ah," said Zedd. "Betrayal is a strong motivator. And you fight against them to get revenge?"

"Something like that."

Zedd nodded, getting up and heading to the balcony. Tommy followed behind when Zedd inclined his head, and the two stood on the balcony looking over the Earth. The older man's calm demeanor was making the teen nervous.

"I am taking control of the Lunar Palace," said Zedd after a long silence. "The incompetence here must come to an end. Rita will no longer be your empress; I will be your new master."

The teen nodded, recognizing that he really didn't have a choice in the matter. A part of him was slightly scared of what it would mean to work for Zedd, but a larger part of him was excited at the prospect of working for someone as powerful as the man beside him.

He turned to look at Tommy. "You have already admitted you have no loyalty to Rita, only to your cause. Luckily, we have the same cause – destroying the power rangers, whatever the reason."

Zedd gripped the balcony rail with his hands. "I need something from you, Tommy."

"I'm listening," said Tommy.

"I will not ask for your loyalty, because you will not give it. But I do have a proposition for you."

Tommy nodded. "What is this proposition?"

Zedd turned fully to look at the teen. "My power far exceeds Rita's. She is a powerful sorceress, but the spells she knows are limited in their effectiveness, as you can tell. The full powers behind the sixth power coin have not been unlocked because she can't do it."

Tommy raised an eyebrow. "What don't I know about?"

"The Dragonzord, for starters." Zedd laughed when Tommy's eyes widened. "I can provide you with more power, more strength than you could possibly imagine, Tommy."

"And what would I have to give in return?" asked Tommy.

"You must serve me; regardless, you will be exacting revenge on the rangers, but you will be fighting in the name of the Dark Empire."

Tommy considered this. He wasn't power hungry enough to care who he was fighting for, just as long as he was able to do the fighting.

"I can handle that," he said after some thinking. "How would you make me stronger?"

"Give me your power coin," said Zedd. Tommy pulled the gold coin out of his pocket, placing it in Zedd's outstretched hand.

Grabbing his staff, Lord Zedd uttered words in a language Tommy could not understand, and white energy shot out of the staff into the coin. Tommy watched the coin glow red from the intense heat before it began emitting a soft green glow.

Tommy reached for the coin, only for Zedd to pull it away before he could touch it.

'Should've known there was a catch,' he thought wryly.

"There is one more condition, green ranger."

Tommy's eyes were fixed on the coin. "Name it."

"If you are to serve me as my green ranger, I will need you to destroy the rangers. Unlike Rita, I follow through with my threats. You were never faced with the chance to really go after the rangers because she would pull you out of the fight early, like today. I won't do that. I expect you to finish the job."

He played with the small coin. "Your unfortunate ability to think for yourself may become a nuisance, and you may find the need to… protect your former friends."

Tommy scowled. "It will not be an issue. I want them gone."

"Then why are they still alive? You said it yourself, you had the opportunity to destroy them, and yet you use Rita as an excuse for why you haven't. If you truly wanted them gone, they would be," said Lord Zedd coldly.

Tommy had no response. Although it was true that Rita constantly pulled him out of battle, she never put him in a position to actually go through with killing the rangers. Tommy knew there was a difference between killing and wanting to kill; so far, he had only experienced the latter. He knew Zedd was right on some level, but he wasn't about to admit that to him.

"I will not tolerate such behavior if you are to serve me," hissed Lord Zedd.

"Then what do you propose?" Tommy asked.

"To be my green ranger, you must have no reservations. No inhibitions about killing… former friends or otherwise." Zedd held up the coin. "In exchange for me giving you this coin, you must give up the very thing that makes you human. If you take this coin, that part of yourself will be ripped away."

"And if I choose not to accept?" he asked, not liking the sound of the agreement anymore.

"The green ranger will meet an untimely demise."

'Shit. Kinda walked right into that one, didn't you, Oliver?'

"Don't think about what you would be losing, Tommy, but instead what you would gain. Think of what you would be able to accomplish if you freed yourself. You would be unstoppable as the green ranger. You would be able to get everything you want, Tommy. Think about it."

Tommy stared hard at the coin. He was angry for what the rangers did, for what Jason did, but to give up his morality… that was a different thing altogether. Tommy never considered himself that nice of a person to begin with, but was getting even actually worth his soul?

"Your decision, Tommy. Serve me and get back at Zordon's power rangers for what they did to you… for their betrayal… or die."

'Well, when you put it like that…' Tommy thought sarcastically.

He knew there was no way Zedd would keep him around if he didn't accept the coin – Tommy posed a threat, and though he only just met Lord Zedd, he could tell the man didn't like being challenged.

"Would I still be in control of myself?" asked the teen softly.

Tommy hated not being in control; he needed to be in control.

Zedd nodded. "Your thoughts will be your own, and you will be aware of certain feelings and memories. But you will not be able to feel remorse."

Tommy stared at the small gold coin for a long time before grabbing it hesitantly, and he could feel the energy surge through him. His body suddenly doubled over in pain, and Tommy grabbed the sides of his head as it felt like something was crawling beneath his skull, scraping harshly across his brain. Green energy engulfed his body, and he began to sweat profusely.

His shuddering stopped after a few seconds, and Tommy rose to his feet slowly, straightening his body to stand upright. He felt stronger and more alert, and he clenched his fists in anticipation, green energy swirling around his white gloves.

"Hello, my green ranger," said Lord Zedd darkly.

Tommy grinned, eyes flashing green. "I am ready, master."