Much has been said about the Legends of the Sands of Time. Many are the stories told about them and the mythological creatures linked to this weird source of power. However, no ones are feared like specifically two of them. One of them is the Empress of Time. At a glance, the Empress doesn't look like much more than a simple and harmless, beautiful woman. But the truth is quite different. When time started and the Timeline was born, a spirit of huge power was created that, among other things, could control time itself, manipulating it at its will. That spirit consisted of the Sands of Time, from where it got those skills. Every 100 years, the Gods met to see how things were going in the world of mortals. The Spirit of the Sands of Time was accepted in the Gods Family as the Goddess of Time. Centuries passed and the World of Mortals progressed. However, one day, the Goddess of Time, tired of seeing that the other Gods could use their powers while she couldn't, decided to pull some strings in the Timeline, altering some events, destroying past. Preventing the Gods to find it out, she transformed herself into a very beautiful young woman and travelled down to the World of Mortals, seducing different monarchs to provoke then a war between their kingdoms and watch how they destroyed themselves. But the other Gods discovered her and stripped her of her charge of Goddess, and as punishment, the forced her to live among humans in that human being she used so many times to cause evil. Her powers got reduced and she was relegated from her position of Goddess until her life on earth was over. But it wasn't so simple. If she wanted to retake her place, she would have to do something for those humans she caused so much damage before her death. So, she would get her place again. However, her pride was superior to her, and she continued creating chaos in the World of Mortals, killing them. She gained a reputation as a vile and ruthless killer, and she proclaimed herself the Empress of Time. The Gods, seeing that their plan wasn't working, decided to apply a more severe punishment, sending the now Empress of Time to a lost island. The Goddess of Time was confined there inside the Empress of Time. Years passed and she created her own army of Sand Creatures. Some humans who knew of that Island went there to get the Empress's head, but thanks to her power to see into the Timeline, which remained in her, she could anticipate to her enemies and kill them all.

The other creature is the Dahaka, the Guardian of the Timeline, a grotesque, dark being whose stomach sprout huge tentacles that drag his prey to a darkness cloud around him to make it disappear. This creature has no other target than ensure the safety of the Timeline, where the events passed and the events to take place are written. But this hasnĀ“t been always this way. Long time ago, this creature terrified towns from different kingdoms, bloodthirsty. With a tens head dragon look, this creature had no foe. He destroyed everything in his path, going to a place from another hidden under the sea, swimming where he enjoyed the most, until the day when he found the ship where a powerful woman travelled. The Dahaka tried to destroy it and those who travelled in it, but that woman was too strong. As a punishment for his insolence, after beating him, the woman sentenced the Dahaka, transforming it into the monster the murals and writings of temples show, proclaiming him the Guardian of the Timeline, and so, depriving him of his freedom. But that wasn't enough. She used her powers to transform the thing the Dahaka loved the most in a weapon against him: water. If he touched water, a horrible pain would run through his body. That woman, as you might think, was the Empress of Time, when she was free. Imprisoned, the Dahaka waited for the call of the Timeline to awake him, accumulating all his hate. With time, the Dahaka started to get impatient, because no one woke him up from his dream state and his rage grew more and more.