Seigi No Mikata

Okamoto Riku/Nakata Youko

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Okamoto Riku. Now that is a name that I haven't heard my classmates speak of for a very long time. Chika-Chan was angry at me for letting him leave just to go to Osaka the last time though we were still on speaking terms; I could feel that she was more or less hostile to me.

"Listen. I didn't give Riku up to you so that he will leave. I gave him up to you because I wanted him to stay. Since you didn't get him to stay, then there is no meaning in me giving Riku up for you in the first place! " She was really angry at me, I know.

That was when my phone rang. There was only one person who always called the phone immediately after school and that will be my sister. That demonic sister of mine always made me run errands for her and does at least one evil deed every day, but every single evil she does, it always brings other people happiness in the meanwhile.

"Kumako!" said the number on the other end. It wasn't my sister. If it was, it would have shown up on my Caller Identification. Instead, it showed another area code which I did not know. Who else would call me Kumako other than Onee-san and….Riku?

"Eh…Riku…Why did you call me." Okamoto Riku, the person who left Tokyo for Osaka in that year my sister was three months pregnant. He didn't tell me, but Chika-Chan did. Moriyama Chika is Riku's childhood friend. Due to some mistake, she thought that I was going to steal Riku away from here in the first place.

Also because of him, Onee-san practically gave me torture the days after that. Just so I can see him once more, I totally misread Onee-san's intentions and thought that she was actually being nice to me for once in my life. Who knew that instead of talking about me and Riku's problem, Who she was actually thinking of that bento?

But that torture was harsh even though I heard the words I have never heard of in my life and is practically immune to Onee-san's demonic acts. Though if I remembered clearly, Riku had actually come into contact with Onee-san first handedly, I just hope that she didn't say anything that damages me for life.

I wished I heard whatever he said that day as the train door closed in between us. Somehow I knew that it went along the lines of "I love you too Kumako" or something similar to it. Of course naturally, my sister does everything to make sure that I get abandoned by any possible aspects.

"Wait. Don't call me Kumako! That is my one of my sister's overly bad jokes. More importantly, what reason did you call me for?"

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