"I am coming back tomorrow on the two-thirty train in the afternoon. Don't tell Chika that I am back, let it be a surprize to her. The thing is... I want to see you again." My heart skipped a beat and was glad that he wasn't here to see it happen.
"Alright, I will try to meet you tomorrow." I said hoping that I could make it in time.
The moment he put down the phone, I had an incoming call and I picked it up.
"Why did you take so long to answer the phone Kumako," my sister said in an annoyed tone that told me she wasn't exactly pleased with me. I whacked myself on the forehead and made a face as I heard my sister go on and on.
"Go get the Spark Sakura Bento limited to the first Thirty people for me right this moment. It is at the old departmental store off the corner of my office," she ordered. When she put down the phone, I groaned and someone called my name.
"Do you want to go to the movies?" I wanted to go...but knowing that I will pay dearly if I didn't get Onee-chan's bento so I had to reject her offer.
"That sounds really nice, but I am busy today so I can't go, ask me next time. I have to go" I called desperately as I ran out of the class hoping that I made it in time to get her the bento. I queued up for the bento and as I went closer to the store, I realised there were exactly 7 bento sets left. But due to the twist of fate, the lady in front of me bought the last two and I was left with none. I looked at the stall in dismal and spotted a female figure standing off to the right and the face had fixed itself in anger.
"You didn't get what?" She said sweetly which made me more scared than she saying it normally.

"The lady in front of me bought the last two boxes and the person didn't have anymore. I am so sorry, I am so sorry Onee-chan!" I said as Onee-chan stated on at me.

"Maki-chan! Look what I got!"

"Yoshikawa-san, konichiwa" I said murrmuring as I greeted himas he saved my life.

"Oh, how are you Kumako?" I kept quiet as he used my sister's pet phase on me. And here I though he was harmless, but honestly which normal person could keep Onee-chan in rein with exception of the people like my parents and my friends who think she is practically a goddess...

"I am fine... I am going home to do my homework" I said as I inched away from my sister before she could call me back.

"I will see you the day after tomorrow!" I called as I ran away.

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