Chapter 1: He Returns…

He laughed at his escape, relishing what he planned to do the one who trapped him. He stared at his pensive, watching her.

?: *evil chuckle* Soon you shall fall.


Keira's seal glowed a bright red and she knew what it meant.

Keira: Erison…

She ran downstairs, well more like jogged, for she was 6 weeks pregnant. She reached the others and they looked worried.

Adem: Take it easy! You can't go that fast for a while.

Keira: *panting* Err… Erison is back!

Jim: What?

Jr.: No way!

Keira: The seal glowed red.

Terran: I thought he was binded to his cell for all eternity!

Keira: Apparently not good enough. We know he will bring his full might back on me, since I trapped him.

Jim: We can do it again, can't we?

Keira: Not that easy, he will probably expect it. We need to kill him.

Jr.: How? He's still the God of Chaos!

Keira: No matter, he HAS to die.

Terran: She's right. How is the question…

Keira: I have a plan… well to make sure I keep the baby safe till he or she is born. How is Kikita's training?

Terran: She and Jake are training well, and might I suggest us taking over the Coronation Wedding?

Keira: *sigh* …Fine. We better think of a defensive plan.

?: Not on my watch.

Matthew had entered the room.

Keira: Why not Matthew?

Matthew: We need an OFFENSIVE.

Keira: Well we need a defensive because of this *points at belly*

Matthew: True…

Terran: Let's stick with defensive.

Matthew: Alright.

They built their plan, and Terran and Sarah planned Kikita's wedding. Keira went to the Eternal Garden to visit her mother, Kikita, of whom she named her

child after.

Keira: Hi mom… uh… I know you know what's happening and all… and uh… I only wish you could tell me why… *sigh*

She went back inside, and the rose that lay on the grave sparkled a little.