Summary: Quincy gets to Paige again. Many times. Fluff, one-shot!

Attack of the Greens

Paige Fox stood in front of the full length mirror in her room, combing through her fringe, making sure that every strand of hair was untangled and fell over her face in that right way. Not too straight, not too messy….

There! Perfect! Now those hunky boys in the football team will be fighting for me instead of their ball… and I'll be the envy of every girl in town…

As she stood there pruning herself in front of the mirror, she noticed a bright green object streak across the room.

"JASOOOOOOON!" She screamed. However, it didn't seem quite right. Quincy couldn't be that small, and he wasn't one for running across the room. He would rather choose to run at her, something didn't seem quite right…

As she turned around to face the mirror again, she saw yet another green object streak past, in the same direction as the first. "That's weird," she thought. How could Quincy have gotten out of the room without her noticing and run back in again?

She turned back to face the mirror, pushing the thought out of her mind. However, it refused to leave as she felt something slimy crawl up her back, followed by another…

She screamed for half a minute after turning around to find two miniature versions of Quincy stuck on the back of her tank top.

When she had stopped, she could hear her mother downstairs shouting for Jason to stop annoying her.

As Jason stepped into Paige's room, his response was something that Paige had expected, and dreaded.

"Oh, so that's where Rincy and Sincy went to. Hey Paige! Did you know that Quincy now has two mates to play with! How d'you like that!"