Two months later...

Tim woke up feeling nervous about the day ahead. He'd been through hell and back the past couple of months and finally, he was at a place where the tremors had lessened and the periodic seizures were totally under control by medication. The doctors had told him that it was rare for the seizures to continue, but given time, they would hopefully stop along with the tremors...of course, Tim knew that there was a strong chance of them being with him for the rest of his life.

It didn't matter though, because he was taking the first step by going into work and had thankfully taken his doctor 's advice and used up the sick leave prescribed to the day. He sat up and looked down to see his right hand twitching slightly and frowned. Not today! Not when he's...ah, there you go he though when it calmed down and stopped. He yawned loudly and jumped when his cell phone rang on the nightstand.

"He...hello?" Another yawn engulfed him making the other person chuckle warmly on the other end.

"Timothy McGee, please tell me you got some rest last night."

"Hey Mom. I slept but I've just woken up and this is me pre-caffeine."

"Oh dear. My baby without his coffee. Whatever will we do?. Tell you what, how about you open your door and I'll make you some while you get ready for work." Tim frowned as the words sunk in.

"Huh? You're..." He was cut off by someone knocking gently on his door and shook his head with disbelief. "Mom you didn't have to come all this way. Hang on." He hung up the phone and looked around the room for a tea shirt he could throw on. The problem was, he'd worked hard to lose the baby fat that he'd always had and had finally gotten down to his ideal weight; that was until he got sick. Now he couldn't stand to look in the mirror because of the excess weight he had lost and even though it was back on the rise, he still felt too thin. He found his new MIT t-shirt that Sarah had bought him for when he was discharged out of the hospital and threw it on before plodding to the door.

With a sigh, he opened it and held out his arms to give Angela a big hug.

"Would I really miss my baby's first day at work?" She said happily and pushed Tim back so she could look him over. "Still too thin, Timothy. You've put some weight on, and that's good, but I miss the..."

"Mom, I was fat. I'm not going back to that! Ducky and Brad said I'm at the lower end of the healthy limits so don't worry. That and the team have been coming over every night with dinner since you and Dad went home."

Angela nodded and kissed him on the cheek. "I know. I spoke to Jethro a few times over the past couple of months and after that initial warning then..."

Tim frowned. "Warming...Jethro? Woah! You warned Gibbs? Mom! You call him Jethro?" Angela couldn't help but laugh loudly at the shock in her son's voice.

"Yes on all accounts. He's been keeping me updated on how you've been. It's helped especially seeing as my own son skirts the issues at hand. Why didn't you tell me about the lingering seizures?" She chastised.

"I've had three since leaving hospital and they haven't been that bad. Haven't had one in a week!" Tim defended.

"I know. But you can't drive. Correct?" Tim winced and couldn't help but scowl.

"Yeah but at least I only have to be without seizures for six months. Epilepsy is a year!"

Angela grinned at Tim. "You always have a way of finding that silver lining, Tim." When Tim smiled back, she patted his cheek and made her way into the kitchen. "Okay. Let's see what we have for breakfast and then I'm your chauffer for the day which means I get the Porsche...oh yeah!"

Tim's eyes widened and he couldn't help but laugh loudly at the excitement in Angela's voice. "You want my car? All day? Mom..."

"You can't drive it yet. Come on. Can you imagine what it's going to be like driving to the mall in that?"

"Um...yeah. It's my car. I don't have to imagine." He cocked his head and looked his Mom straight in the eye. "Okay. She's yours for the day, but be careful and you have to pick me up from work."

"Deal!" Angela grinned and ushered Tim off to get showered and dressed while she got breakfast ready. Tim did as he was told and found himself grinning as he showered.

Maybe today wouldn't be as bad as he thought after all.


Tony leaned back in his chair and threw a ball of paper at Ziva across the office. Today was the day! And he was starting to get fidgety as the excitement of having his Probie back in the office threatened to spill over.

"Tony! Stop it or I swear I will stuff these balls of paper so far..."

"You two got nothing to do?" Gibbs asked as he walked in and paused to glare at his agents. "DiNozzo, you go through that file yet?"

"No but Gibbs..." Tony stood up to try and defend his actions but was met by a swift headslap. "Yow! Sorry, Boss. On it, Boss."

"Ziva?" Gibbs moved to his desk and made to sit down. "Report."

"On your desk and I am currently working on the cold case file that you gave me yesterday." Gibbs nodded his approval and gave a sly grin as he booted up his machine. They'd all been grounded as punishment and currently had a permanent write up in their files because of what happened. Today was the first day that they'd be allowed back in the field; Tim included.

"Is McGoo on desk duty?" Tony called across to Gibbs.


"Is he alright to be in the field. I mean, Boss, what if he has a seizure?"

Gibbs sat back in his chair and glared at his senior agent. "Then we deal with it. Doc said its okay. That's good enough for me. Again, DiNozzo. You got nothing to do?"

"I've, Boss. Getting back to work now Boss." Gibbs nodded his approval and watched as Tony started going through the file. With a self satisfied grin, he went back to his own report before hearing the elevator ping loudly, when he looked up, he couldn't help but grin at the expectant faces of his two agents.

"Aww man!" Tony groaned when Abby stepped out with Ducky and Jimmy. "I thought you were Probie."

"Sorry to disappoint, Anthony." Ducky chuckled warmly knowing exactly how Tony felt. "I take it by that greeting he isn't here as yet."

"Nope." Gibbs replied again. "What are you all doing up here. Nothing to do in Autopsy and the lab?"

"Gibbs! How can you say that? You know I'm always busy but I'm missing my team. Balboa doesn't bring me cafpows and give me hugs and my babies are playing up because their favourite team isn't bothering with them anymore..."

"Abbs breathe." Tim had managed to walk in undetected as everyone gaped at their loveable Goth . He grinned broadly when she turned around and threw her arms round his neck in a bone crushing hug.

"Timmy! We've missed you. Well, I know we've seen you every day but we've missed you here."

"Abby!" Gibbs growled and moved to peel her off of his agent. "McGee. It's good to finally have you back. How're you doing?"

"I'm good. A bit shaky this morning but it only lasted for a minute or so. No seizures for over a week either so it's looking up." He struggled to keep the shock out of his face when the Boss reached over and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Any problems or you feel sick, you let me know right away, McGee. I know the last few times you've felt 'em coming on and we can't help if you keep it to yourself."

"Thanks, Boss." Tim smiled at Gibbs warmly; the relief palpable in the clear green eyes. "I appreciate that...oh! Mom said she's gonna ring you later. Should I be worried?"

Tony and Ziva snorted before laughing loudly because every time Angela McGee had rung, Gibbs had acted...nervously polite for want of a better word, on the phone. It was the first time they had ever seen it and knew that given the circumstances, it was possibly going to be the last. "Nope. Just keeping her up to date. She wanted to know how you're first day was going and said quote 'Tim will not tell me the truth'."

Tim blushed furiously and stood there wide eyed. "I tell her the truth! I just...skimp on it a little bit. She doesn't need to worry."

"Skimp? McGee, she didn't know about the seizures till I told her." Gibbs gruffed and glanced down at the double layer of drinks that Tim was carrying. It was the first time he'd seen them. "You got coffee?"

"Yeah. I figured I'd left you in the lurch for two months so I'd stop off. Abbs..." Tim handed her a cafpow and smiled when she kissed him on the cheek. He handed Gibbs one tray and told the boss who they were for. "And these are for you two. Duck, Earl Grey. Jimmy I couldn't remember what you had so I got you a Latte."

"Perfect." Jimmy took the coffee. "Thanks Tim."

"Yes, thank you Timothy. I will say this is another nice surprise today." Ducky took his tea and mirrored Gibbs' action of resting his hand on Tim's shoulder. "You have been missed. my dear boy. Please don't think you haven't."

"I know, Ducky. How've they all been with the punishment detail?" Tim knew that they'd been grounded and stuck on desk duty for the full two months that he'd been on sick."

"They've been more productive with cold cases than they have ever been." Vance walked down the stairs and held out his hand. "Agent McGee it's good to see you back. I believe you have something for me?"

Tim handed Jimmy the tray with the two left over drinks on and pulled his bag off his shoulder. After rummaging for a few seconds, he pulled out the letter and handed it over. "There you go. I am officially back in the game." Tim's grin was infectious and lit up the squad room.

"Yes you are. You know what Brad said?"

"Yes Sir. Gibbs is on the case with my mother as well." Tim leaned in to whisper at the Director. "Seriously Sir, should I be worried?"

"No son. You shouldn't." Vance replied with a twinkle in his eye and a wink. He looked momentarily stunned when Tim handed him a coffee and shook his head. "Thoughtful as ever Agent McGee. Thank you."

"It should be me thanking you. I know it wasn't easy with my parents being the way they were, but thank you for listening to me."

"Tim. You came to the office after escaping the hospital during a heavy storm that made travelling pretty much impossible. To top it off, you were in the throes of a heavy fever and seized. You didn't leave me much choice but to listen to you."

The blush that rose before, reappeared and Tim had the good grace to look slightly ashamed of what he did. "Sorry sir."

"Don't be sorry. You saved my MRCT team. They have been disciplined though so they didn't get away scott free. Now..." Vance looked around the room. "How about we get some work done here, people. Gibbs, you and your team are officially off desk duty." With that, he walked back up the stairs.

Ducky shook his head and sighed. "Ah well. Timothy, I am afraid Mr. Palmer and I will have to love you and leave you. We have an unfortunate young man down in autopsy that won't wait. Thank you for the tea, dear boy."

"You're welcome." Tim said and started making his way over to his desk. He raised his eyebrows at the sight of Abby sitting there among numerous 'welcome home' banners. "Aw man. I should have known you'd all do something like this."

"Not all...Abby. Our Princess of the Night got creative when she came in." Tony frowned. "Can't believe I didn't think of it first."

"You didn't. Gear up we've got a dead marine in Virginia." Everyone jumped into action and followed Gibbs to the elevator. Tim paused briefly and turned to a forlorn looking Abby.

"Thanks Abbs." He threw her a wink and filed into the carriage knowing that he was just where he supposed to be...home.


"Red tag? Aww come on! You've gotta be kidding me!" Tony dropped his bag and lifted the tag up to read.

"Boss, we need to call in..." Tim started by stopped at the boss' glare. His heart dropped at what was going to happen knowing that potentially, he was going to be sent in.

"DiNozzo. Quite wining and call bio-hazard. Get them here on the double!" Tony gaped whilst Tim and Ziva started at the boss in shock. Did Gibbs really just order them to wait?

With a smile and a nod, Gibbs walked back towards his car leaving the team with no doubt, that nothing like what happened to Tim, would ever happen again.