I was running. I don't know for how long but I was running. With the wind in my hair and the grass beneath my feet, I was running. The trees were a bright viridian and the sky grey and bleak. I could hear the sounds of the birds from miles away as they chirped to their neighbours and I could also hear the faint scuttle of a mouse across the woodland floor.

While I was running.

I side-stepped a large rock and jumped over small stream. The fish could be seen darting around each other clearly and grin crept unto my face. This was what I lived for.

Yet I was running.

Screams of birds tore through the forest and I turned my head back just to catch a glimpse of about four or five trees collapsing on top of each other. The grin quickly slipped of my face and my braid of long dark hair whipped my face as I turned to look where I was going. I was scared. They were getting closer. There was only one way to escape


I don't know how I got myself into this. I had always been the shy calm girl. The one who hated violence and anger. I always shied away from loud noises. I guess I was brought up that way. To run away from those who were bigger than you. To run away from problems. To run away from danger.

And here I was.


From danger.

From problems.

From my past.

Thinking of my past always brought pain. Pain I did not like. It was a foreign feeling that I did noy compute with. We did not blend.

That's why I was running.

Hysterical laughter tore through my throat as I remembered. Remembered the pain and loss. Remembered the past and remembered the abandonment. There was one way to forget.

And that was to run.

Later on I may look back at my life and think of how weak and stupid I was. But now it's the only way forward and will be for a long time.


This is my life. To forget, avoid and be free.

Through running.

My name is Isabella Marie Swan and there is only one thing I can do.