Disclaimer: I don't own the fever series. (If I did we'd have some answers by now )

I shouldn't think it

I don't think it


In the confines of the padlocked box

Shoved into a corner of my mind

But by no means gathering dust

Within I am free to wander and wonder

About secrets and spats

About glares and glances

About taciturn talks and timing

About the sensed She who I'll never measure up to

About pink birthday cakes…

And breakfast that means I'm sorry

And curfew comments that mean don't go

And incentives that mean I'm hopeful

And reminders that mean I can't forget

And lessons that mean I think the world of you

The meaning of it all woven into just three words…


I wont, I refuse, I defy anyone and anything that would

Force me to think it

There is no place I am secure enough within myself

To consider

The possibility

*What do you think? I know it's far from epic, but it was definitely fun to work on while waiting for the last book in the series (3 months 6 days). Please review.