I shouldn't think it

I don't think it


When that woman from the very depths of hell

Makes me

Often. More often than I will ever admit

My control ripped away, I'm forced to think

About nay saying, and nail polish

About rivals and the right thing

About dangerous dares and dances

About the Him I've not thought I could be

About rainbows where there shouldn't be any…

And clothes that mean I'm little

And clothes that mean I'm tough

And interests that mean there's more to me

And denials that mean you're hurting me

And questions that mean I don't trust you

The meaning of it all is woven into never will…

Those three words


I wont, I rebuff, I reject,

That I feel something that will go forever unrequited

There is no place far enough to be free of my past

To hide it from her, and her from it