Mission 1: Don't Go Insane

Dante ran through the castle looking around and then a Phantom appeared before him!


"Hey big daddy you came to play again?" Dante asked as he pulled the sword out of its sheath on his back. The Phantom growled as it threw shots of lava out at Dante. Dante rolled to his left dodging the attacks and then fired his shotgun into the spiders' mouth. It screeched then summoned fire that shot up into the air that had almost hit the ceiling. Dante did flips into the air dodging all of the Phantom's attacks.

"Y'know…You're a handful on the fireworks here big daddy…" Dante said with his smirk as he jumped off the walls of the roman pillars. He bounced back and forth on the pillars on both sides until a fireball hit the nick of his red coat and whizzed pass him into the towers causing Dante to fall back onto the ground.

"Damn!" He cursed as he ran around until he ran behind one of the pillars and used it to block a shot that came towards him but hit the pillar, exploding on the other side.


"Whew…that was so close…" Dante said as he ran to the other side of the towers shooting his shotgun, jumping into the air shooting several times at the Phantom.

BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG! The Devil shrieked as it began to spew lava from its mouth. "RAAAAAHHHHHHH!" It roared then it charged at Dante. Dante did a back flip and the Phantom rammed into the wall making the wall crumble a bit. Dante exhaled slowly as the Phantom turned it's glare onto Dante, whom fired his shotgun at its mouth. The Phantom quickly spun and charged at Dante fast as Dante quickly rolled to his right.

"Damn it all Dante quit freezing up like that!"

"Another close call…tsk." Dante then threw his sword as it quickly spun around and coming back to its master. "Got to hurry and kill this thing…" He threw the sword at the Devil and it spun fast shredding off at least three-fourths of the Devil's legs off. The Devil made a high pitched scream as it landed on its side bleeding lava. Where its legs used to be were just pools of lava there. Dante then grabbed his sword back swung his sword and the remaining Phantom roared in pain as Dante swung his sword against it. Then he brought out his shotgun and shot it in the head. BANG!

"Rest in peace Diablo." Dante said as he swung his sword back into the sheath on his back. He then ran for the exit as the purple seal was fading from the door. He then opened the door and he smirked looking back. "That was fun." Dante chuckled. Then everything went black.

"That was fun…" I sighed in exhaustion. I flexed my fingers and smiled as my fingers popped. The screen then asked if I wanted to save the game and I clicked on "SAVE".

Do you want to overwrite this saved data? YES/NO

"Yes…yes." I clicked on "YES" again as I then picked up my Japanese soda slurping up the orange liquid. I "tsk"-ed as I saw my grade on the mission. It said "D". I rolled my eyes and stuck out my tongue at the screen.

"Give me a break…what kind of game grades you on what you do? That's fucked up!" I cursed. "Damn, but this game is awesome!" I debated with myself. Then looking at the clock I noticed how late it was…12:16am. "Fuck is it THAT time already? But I barely started on this game!" I pouted. I then took the cap from my head and tossed it at the alarm clock. "I'm staying up. You can go to hell." I said as I pushed "START" on the next mission.

"Babe, we are entering a dangerous territory…you better heal me…" Dante whispered as he looked up at a Devil that looked like a Griffin as he continued to use his Devil Power while shooting Ebony and Ivory's super bullets at the incoming Griffin that was trying to attack him. Dante then jumped back away from the beak that was trying to slash him.

I gulped as I saw his health points and the Devil Power was running down. "You better not die on me…" I whispered. I prayed he wouldn't die on me or even get hit by that attack. I then started to push tons of buttons and knew my hands started to cramp.

He dodged the next attack and he shot the Griffin in the head and it shrieked as Dante returned to normal. Then he got hit by an electric wave as his feet landed on the floor.

"ARGH!" He then collapsed and landed on his knees. He then fell forward and the screen went black.

"Damn…" I cursed.

Try Again

I 'tsk'ed and then just when I was about to shut the PS2 down I saw the screen began to change.

"Why…why…why did you leave me hanging kid? You could've helped me finish this mission…why did you quit on me…? Why kiddo why…?" Dante's voice asked in a hurt way.

My eyes widen as Dante's image appeared on the screen and he looked like a ghost. Holy shit now I'm tripping out… I thought as I saw Dante standing there staring at me."Dante…" I barely managed to squeak out. "I…I'm sorry…I have to go…" I whispered.

"Kid…don't leave me…please…kid…" He pleaded. Then his ghost placed both of his hands on the screen looking right at me and he looked so sad… "Kid…kid…"

That did it. For sure I knew I was seeing things and I was tripping…BIG time. I hurried and pushed the power button OFF and then unplugged the system ignoring his pleas and then turned the TV off. I exhaled in relief and for sure I knew something was wrong… Probably worse on those people who smoke those reefers and do heroin…what the hell did I take? Did I accidently inhale some fumes at school without knowing it? No…I don't do that shit…fuck…I'm losing it…I'm on something and I don't even know it! I thought to myself. "Maybe it's about time I went to bed…" As soon as I said that I ran around in a rush getting ready for bed. Tossing on a baggy shirt with "AC/DC" on it and a pair of trunks for my night wear and not bothering to brush my teeth I just jumped on my bunk and pulled the blanket over my head. I was never more freaked out in my life and scared to the point where I thought I was going to die from fright…

I grumbled as my mom and little sis were talking about a trip and that they were going to be gone all day and spend the night at a relatives'. They told me that I was going to be alone and boy…am I going to be bored or what?

"Honey…could you please not move when I'm fixing your hair?" Lena said as she started to fix Angela's hair into a braid. "Sawry mum!" She giggled. I picked at the runny eggs and groaned.

"You feel okay honey?" Lena asked concerned with the exhausted look on my face.

"No…I couldn't really sleep…I think I'm going crazy…" I answered.

"Oh please honey I'm sure I'll understand what you're about to say. I went through the same phases as a teenager." She said in a very mother-like tone. She then smiled sweetly as she finished Angela's braid and she went outside skipping happily to the car.

"No really mom…you'll probably say that I'm on drugs or something…" I said as I looked up at her as she just laughed.

"Honey, you're just being a gag! Just tell me. It's not like I will send you to a mental home!" She said as she walked over to me and sat next to me at the table.

"Well…" I started to say. "You remember that new video game we got at Game Stop…?" I asked. She nodded in her response. "I…I think it's possessed…I died in the game and that character came up in the main screen and he actually pleaded me not to go or shut the system down…He actually looked at me…He was talking like a real person mom." I said. She looked at me and then looked astonished.

"Am…am I losing it?" I asked. She shook her head and then picked my hand up looking serious with a grim face. "Honey…I'm going to get you some help…Tomorrow we are seeing a psychiatrist…" She said.

"Mom… I thought…" My eyes then began to water and I knew I was going to be sent away. She then smiled. "That was just priceless…"

"Mom! That wasn't funny! You really had me going there!" I shouted.

She giggled. "I know." Then she hugged me and kissed my cheek.

"I don't know what it is…maybe you dreamt it or you were just seeing things…but if that certain character is talking to you maybe it's a sign of stress…it was just something that cannot be explained…" She said.

"Yeah…" I whispered. "I'll miss you mom." I hugged back.

"Just don't stay up too late." She said as she released me and I watched her go to the door and she turned towards me.

"Just don't play the game for a while and let's see what will happen." She said. "I'll call you and don't burn down the house while we are gone!" Then she blew a kiss going out the door. It closed behind her. I smiled. I always wondered why she was such an understanding mom and so cool. Maybe because I was just lucky that way. I then ate and threw my plate in the trash and went into my room.

I was walking down the hallway and started to open up my room when I saw the TV was on.

"What…" I saw the light luminating from the living room and saw that the door was slightly open. I slowly walked towards it and saw that the PS2 system was still hooked up to it…

"Hey…" Did I accidently leave it on last night…?

I then saw that the screen was black and I shrugged ready to unplug it again. I then unplugged the power cord and the TV made a high pitched sound that drilled into my skull like those annoying fire alarms at school! I hurried and plugged back in the power cord and heard the Devil May Cry opening play as I groaned.

"Devil May Cry." A lady's voice said.

Then a gunshot was made and then the main screen came up.

I scoffed. "I'm not playing with you for a while…" I said as I turned the game system off. Then I heard the opening play again.

I groaned. I must've accidently pressed the button twice. I then made absolutely sure that I pushed the button once and the screen went black. I then saw that the opening was still going and the main menu came on…by itself.

Play from last saving point? YES/NO


What the hell…? I thought.

Then the screen faded in and I saw Dante standing there with a smile.

"Kid…you came back." He said.

He didn't look like a ghost and he wasn't sad…what…?

"Okay…for sure I'm obviously fucked up on something…" I muttered.

"You okay kid…?" He asked looking concerned.


The Dante then frowned. Then he smirked. "Make me."

I stomped over to the TV and then I was about to unplug the PS2 and TV at the same time when I heard Dante's voice.

"Kid…don't do it…" He said. "Do you want me to die again? I just wanted to say sorry…"

"Shuddup! Great! Now I'm talking someone who doesn't even exist and I'm going insane!" I yelled.

"…Kid…let me out…" The voice sounded distorted.

"Never!" I laughed then unplugged it. I smiled pleased. I wouldn't have to worry about going crazy now! Boy…was I wrong…

The TV then turned back on and then had static imaging all over it then a hole appeared from the screen as if it were Star Gate or something! The room then flashed in white and then the portal thing then pushed out something at me and I fell down not realizing that I hit the ground I coughed and the portal thing then spun into itself and vanished.

"…." I felt something very heavy on top of me and I saw everything in the room was unaffected. That was good. "Ow…." I then felt pain and shock all over my body because I couldn't move. The TV didn't have static anymore but off and I started to feel the tears pouring out of my eyes as I finally felt tons of pain in my side and my chest felt like there was someone sitting on it…

I cried and barely making things out from my tear I saw white…just white. I saw the white in front of my face. I felt something poking at my forehead and sharp objects in my sides, chest and…a very privvy area….yeah…what…what's on me?

I finally started to adjust to the pain and saw that there was white hair…wait…WHITE HAIR?

"Hey…" I then rolled onto my side as the big object fell on the other side. That was bad idea because the big thing just smothered me more. "Nghhh!" I moved my head up so I could breathe and my head just hit something and I know when I hit another person's head it makes this hallow sound…THUNK!

"OW!" I cried out and saw the room was dark. Then I could feel something heaving against my chest…like…this thing was breathing…BREATHING. I then saw who it was…it was Dante…the fictional anime video game character…and he was…a few millimeters away from my face…Oh my effin' gawd...you got to be kidding me!

"Fuck fuck fuck! FRICKIN' WAKE UP!" I squirmed around under him. "Damn it! WAKE URMMM…" I felt him shift and still snore softly. His shoulder covered my mouth and then I got an idea! I smirked and bit into his shoulder.

"ARGAAHH!" I heard him exclaim and then he pushed me away and then immediately stood up and pointed one of his guns at my face.

"What…what the…" He heaved out breaths.

"'Hi' to you too you bastard." I grumbled.

"Hey…you're just a kid!" He said realizing it and putting away Ivory. "What…where am I…?" He asked. He then looked around and he saw me there with a baggy shirt and shorts on looking pretty pissed.

"What punk you gonna take a chunk outta me again huh?" Dante asked irritated

"Bleh. Don't flatter yourself…how the hell did you get out of the game?" I asked.

"Game?" He asked confused.

"Whatever. I'm probably hallucinating again…" I said getting up and walking to the door and then as soon as I did that I heard Dante shuffle right behind me.

"Wait kid where the hell do you think you're going?" Dante asked as he put his hand onto my shoulder and making me face him.

"Uh…to my room where I can go smoke some reefers and get a high. Duh." I said sarcastically.

"…Can ya tell me where I'm at kid?" Dante asked.

"Arizona." I said straight forward not bothering to meet his gaze.

"Air-a-what…?" He asked.

"ARIZONA. You know…in America dig?" I asked.

"Great…..." He was confused. Duh Sherlock he won't know these places…

"Never mind…" I shrugged him off and went into my room and went up my bunk and tossed myself on it. Dante then walked in and looked around.

"Ya live here kid?" He asked.

"Yep." I answered. "I now pronounce you my Imaginary friend…" I muttered.

Dante chuckled as he strode in and sat on my rolling chair. "You remind me of this one other punk I know…" He said as he put his feet onto my desk.

"Uh-huh…don't care. I haven't got that far on the game yet." I said as I laid on my side looking at my best friend's drawings.

"…You're a strange punk…who the hell has such girlie perfumes and handwriting?" Dante asked.

I blushed realizing he was looking through my stuff and I leaped off my bunk and landed on Dante.

"You bastard!" I blushed yanking my stuff from his hands.

"…Whoa…" He said as my chest brushed against his and he smirked at this.

"You're quite a little weird punk…you like jumping guys this way? Sorry I don't go that way…" Dante teased. I blushed when he said this. "I'M NOT GAY!" I yelled and threw my stuff onto my bunk.

"Sure thing kid…" Dante said putting on a grin.

"Why can't you go?" I asked.

"Cuz…I don't know where I am and obviously you have information that I don't have and…is that pizza?" He asked as he pointed at a box that had a pizza image on it.

"Yeah…" I said looking at it. I got off him and scratched my head as he walked over and opened the box and took a slice and started to eat it.

I watched him chew it and I was annoyed.

"This is one crazy hallucination…" I admitted.

"Excuse me?" Dante asked in a mouthful of pizza.

"You're eating and I'm talking to you…and I didn't go through you when I jumped you." I said trying to explain.

"And your point is….?" He asked.

"This means I'm not crazy…you're real now." I said. "You…you are a real person…For sure my buds are gonna flip! Damn! When they come over and see you man they're…..oh shit…you're real….YOU'RE REAL!" I panicked.

"Real as you see this stud." He cracked a smile.

"I know! But! My mom and my sis are only going to be gone for a day and here you are! Where am I gonna hide you?" I panicked. "They're gonna kill me!" I shouted yanking my shoulder length hair. "DAMN DAMN DAMN!" I paced around.

"Kid calm down alright? You're getting annoying…" Dante said grumbling through the pizza he was eating.

"Oh shit! I'm fucked!" I nearly cried ignoring Dante's words. Then I saw my closet that has a secret attic thing built into it and I smirked.

"Hey! I know where to hide you!" I said happily.

"Kid…you're seriously scaring me…" Dante admitted eating a pepperoni.

"Kid…you are one crazy punk…you actually want me to stay up here in your closet?" Dante asked as they sat in the mini attic and he sat my sleeping bag.

I nodded.

"Tch…so then…kid…what's yer name?" He asked.

"….." I went silent.

"Kid…I asked a question." Dante said. He then laid on my sleeping bag and he stared at me.

"It's not important." I said. Then I got up and started down the ladder.

"Don't come down or look! I'm gonna change!" I yelled.

"Kid you are not even worth looking at." Dante joked. "Besides that you're a guy and I don't swing that way."

"I heard that!" I yelled back and then pulled out a white shirt with a blue dragon on it and a pair of my favorite jeans that had these faded yellow lines on it. I pushed back in my drawer and I started to get undressed as I heard a creak behind me and saw Dante.

I blushed. "YOU PERVERT! HAVE YOU NO DECENCY?" I shouted.

"I just wanted to say thanks…and…wow kid…Nice view." He chuckled staring at my half-naked body. He was also munching on some more pizza.

"GET OUT!" I yelled.

"I see that you are wearing boxers….but what is up with that curve in your body there?" He pointed at my side.

I threw my shoe at him and he easily dodged it. He chuckled.

"You fag! You're checking me out! I knew you were into guys!" I yelled as he merely shrugged it off and came closer.

Dante laughed as he then leaned against the wall as I hurried to get my shirt on and shorts.

"Whatever womanizer…" I scoffed then got up and then crawled onto my bunk and flopped down.

"I'm sorry if I did hit your little buttons okay kid?" Dante's voice said out from under the bunk.

"Uh-huh…" I said not really caring. "When I go to sleep all of this will be gone and you will be back in the game…" I murmured as I hugged my pillow and I closed my eyes.

"What are you mumbling to yourself about up there?" Dante asked from below with interest. I swear I could picture his stupid smirk. I then grabbed my pillow and chucked it at him and he caught it still smiling like the pervvy bastard he was and he stood tossing it back at me.

"YOU PEDOPHILE!" I yelled blushing. Then I turned on my other side to try and sleep. I could feel him staring at my back then I tossed the blanket over myself and I heard him chuckle saying,

"Good night kid…see ya tomorrow!" Dante said as he chuckled.

"You won't be here tomorrow…" I whispered to myself smirking evilly.

You will be gone…and things can go back to the way it was…

AN: 12/6/10

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