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Unknown Brothers: Prologue
Ideas and story line by Sathreal and Flyer-2100

Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter are owned by Hiromu Arakawa and J.K. Rowling
Chapter Written by Flyer-2100
Two young boys, about 7 or 8, were running full of glee. In there hands were papers, from their schools, tests really. There were smiles on their faces as they yelled in delight. One tripped. He was holding his knee in pain, and as he pulled his hands away from the wound to show the other boy what it looked; you could see the bight scarlet of young blood on his fingertips. It wasn't bleeding much but you could see the pain in the smaller boy's eyes. The seemingly older of the two crouched by his companion, examining the wound.
"Alphonse come on, lean on me." The one who spoke helped Alphonse up to his feet. He carried the others weight effortlessly as Alphonse limped his way up the small set of stirs to the orphanages nurse. After Alphonse's companion had knocked lightly, there was shuffling that could be heard in the room beyond the door. A young woman with black-brown hair opened the door and looked down, "Oh, it's you two. What have you gotten yourselves into now?" She examined the look on Alphonse's face and then his companions. "Oh Edward, you should look more concerned for your brother. Honestly," she looked at the two once more. "Come on! Ed, help Al onto the table so I can patch that up." She instructed the two boys.
Ed helped Alphonse onto the small table used for her patients, mainly the two brothers in front of her, and Ed sat over in the small chair in the corner looking down. The woman came back with a pad and a bit of gauze and tape. She quickly wrapped Alphonse's leg and lifted him back onto the ground.
"Thank you Ms. Rebecca." Al said gratefully. Edward got up from his seat and walked back over to Al. He nodded his head in gratitude to Ms. Rebecca, grabbed Al's hand and headed toward the door.
"You two, be more careful, you hear me?" She spoke loud enough to be heard but not to hear the response. She chuckled lightly to herself, "Those two Elrics, they're going to get themselves into a mess of trouble when they get out of here." It was true. There would be more trouble to come for the Elric brothers. More than anyone could imagine.
"Brother, why don't you talk to anyone?" Alphonse asked his brother when they entered the sleeping area. Edward looked to his brother with his pure golden eyes and sighed.
"I don't know; I can't really understand it. I guess something just comes over me and I won't talk." Ed seemed distant as he looked into his brother's eyes. Sharp honey yellow met soft slate gray in a silent understanding.
The boys woke to the small pitter patter of rain on the roof of the somewhat large building. Edward and Alphonse quietly got out of their beds and got dressed. Each taking precaution, they tip toed their way down the stair case and out the main door without a noise
The rain proceeded to soak the boys through and through, but this didn't stop their mission. The place looming in front of them was run down and decrepit. Though once an elegant and fine town house, it seemed to give off a distinct, but waning, evil aura. The boys crept silently inside the seedy looking ruin of the house they once called home.
The two boys found their destination in a large bedroom that housed a queen and a king mattress in intricately woven metal splits.
"Brother, do you remember where it is?" Alphonse asked the other blonde. The older of the two nodded and began to rummage through a drawer of the old abandoned dresser.
"Got it!" Ed said brightly. In his hand, the Elder Elric held a small, preserved bouquet full of amaranth blossoms and yellowed, leathery, white roses. It was bound with a small bit of red leather; elegant, yet somber. "Okay Al, we've got Mom's flowers, so let's get going." Alphonse nodded at his older brother and the two brothers rushed out of the room and down the staircase. Outside, the rain had not let up, and sounds of the downpour drown most of any other sound that the two boys might make. Keeping in the dark so as not to be seen, Edward and Alphonse hurriedly made their way to Central cemetery where, as they have done many times, they intend to spend the night.
As they reached the field full of white marble, slate and gray headstones the rain started to let up considerably. The boys no longer had to squint their eyes against the rain to see in front of them and they began to hurry along the rows towards a very familiar grave.
"C'mon Al! We're almost there!" Ed yelled to his younger brother. They ran quick for young boys, but fatigue caught them and they collapsed by the one grave they were looking for.
"Hey Mom…we really...missed you." Al murmured between his labored breaths.
"Yeah, and we kept our promise…we came back to visit, just like we did last time." Edward replied softly. Tonight, even if it was a storming disaster, was the third anniversary of Trisha Elrics, Edward and Alphonse's mother, death. They've come here several times looking for solace and comfort from their mothers headstone; every time keeping a silent vigil on the headstone until the wee hours of the night.
Edward set the bouquet on the white marble inscribed with their mothers name and bowed slightly, like they used to do to their friend, Winry, when she made them play war.
"Don't worry Mom; we'll be here all night, together." Alphonse whispered to the white marble before him.

Trisha Elric

Loving mother, Wife, and Daughter

Rest in peace

As the regal looking Central clock tower chimed midnight Ed's head snapped up like a whip. The wind howled to life and blew debris from the streets up into the cemetery. The brothers stood up.
"Alphonse!" Ed yelled to his brother over the howling wind. "Come on we need to go back!" After some time the rain had finally stopped, though not for long. It was now pouring buckets and the boys once again had to squint their eyes against the harsh rain that whipped at their faces. As Edward tried to grab the bouquet at his feet, it was immediately pushed away and thrown into the wind current. "No! We can't lose Mom's bouquet!" Ed wailed with hurt in his eyes.
"Brother! You can't go after it! You'll get caught in the current!" Alphonse was trying desperately to hold onto his brother, who was trying just as desperately to run after the fleeing image of the small and withered bouquet.
"Dammit!" Then elder Elric yelled above the raging storm. The two brothers reluctantly began to make their way back to the orphanage as the rain and wind kept throwing themselves at the young boys.
Running through the streets of Central city was dangerous as it was, but at night and two boys no older than 9? Now that was just plain stupid.
"Alphonse! C'mon, we've gotta hurry! This storm is getting worse!" Edward yelled to his brother as they raced through the deserted streets of Central City. Alphonse scurried behind his brother in a hurried and fatigued fashion.
"Right...behind you...Brother!" Alphonse grunted between his once again labored breaths. The two Elrics ran as fast as they could to get out of the torenting rain and under some kind of shelter. As the two Ran desperately down an alley towards stacked and empty boxes, a shadow loomed in front of them and they heard a scathing and sardonic voice sharp as needles.
"Well, now; if it isn't Centrals famous prodigies. You know, you shouldn't be out this late. You could get hurt, or even worse killed." Ed pushed Alphonse behind his back as he turned towards the strangers scathing voice. He was met with a sadistic smirk and deep purple eyes that held malice and the gaze of a murderer. Edwards flitting eyes and hard breathing were the only sign of life from the elder Elric; his eyes and body were locked in place by the sight before him.
The stranger was obviously male by his outward appearance. He had broad shoulders and a hard but feminine jaw line. His vivid emerald hair fell in sharp tendrils across his back and was held up ay a headband with a red triangle on it. He was also wearing a black-purpulish sleeveless turtleneck crop top and the same colored skort. What caught his gaze the most was the tattoo right below the hem of the man's skort on his right thigh. An image of the oroborous in bright scarlet: the serpent consuming its own tail.
The green haired man smiled sadistically and lunged at the elder Elric. Ed braced himself but was not ready for the massive force that was behind his attackers hand as it crushed his neck. The older man had Ed pinned against the stone wall of the alleyway and Ed could hardly hear his little brothers' pleas to let his sibling go. Ed gasped and wheezed and clawed at his attackers hands, fruitfully drawing blood from the multiple scratches now adorning the still smiling mans hands which, unnoticed by Ed, closed as fast as they opened. The green haired man growled in annoyance at the boy's persistence and punched hi straight in the gut, fruitfully cracking at least two ribs. The older blond encountered a massive coughing fit and started hacking up blood on his assailant's hands.
Ed's connection to the waking world was fading fast as he heard luscious and fake sweet voice from behind in front of him say, "Now, now Envy. We can't kill the boy. Father still needs him." He heard his assailant make an annoyed sound that was supposed to be talking, but he couldn't make any of the words out. The clicking of heels against cobblestone and the faint yelling of his younger brother drifted away from him as he landed with a resounding smack on the alleyway ground covered in mud and rain. The small sounds of bare feet smacking against the wet cobblestone were the only things he heard before the elder Elric slipped into an unconscious state of mind…
"Brother!" Alphonse cried out to the motionless body before him. Edwards breathing was shallow but there, and he had a pained look on his face. That blow to the gut did nothing for his asthma.
Alphonse looked up at the sound of heels clicking against the wet cobblestone to see a woman with long wavy jet black hair and vicious sardonic purple eyes. She wore a form fitting black-purpilish dress that cut off at mid breast and mid ankle. Just like her companion, she had the bright scarlet oroborous right at the tip of the middle of her large breasts. Alphonse stared at the woman and Envy in terror as the both came closer.
"Hn, what should we do with him now Lust?" Envy asked his newly named companion. She looked to the Green haired man then down at the quivering dark blonde. She smiled.
"Knock him out. But don't be too rough on the boy. Like I said, Father needs them both and if you kill him, it'll be your head." With that Lust started to walk away until she heard a yell from the still conscious Elric.
"Wait! What do you mean 'Father needs us'? Who's this 'Father'? Answer me!" Alphonse was frantic as he was looking from Envy to Lust and then to his brother. These people were talking about someone needing them, but for what?
Lust glared at the boy in annoyance. People just couldn't prioritize their problems sometimes. "All in due time, boy." Her voice sounded like honey but it was laced with malice and venom. Alphonse was about to yell at her again when he felt a sharp pain in his stomach and he went flying into the boxes at the end of the alley. His back made a sickening clap against the wall and he slid down unconscious.
"Hn, your runt of a brother put up a better fight than you." Envy scoffed and turned toward the still form of the elder Elric. Picking him up bay his stomach he lightly held the small frame under his arm like a book as he made his way out onto the abandon Central streets. Envy looked from one direction to the other and he quickly transformed into a tall man with dirty blonde hair and wearing a military uniform.
With Edward still clutched under his arm he made his way down another abandon alley and took a sharp turn down the connecting street.
"Wormtail! Where are you?" Lust growled in annoyance. A small, bedraggled and portly looking man came out from the shadows only to be met with a piercing glare from the Amethyst eyed woman. He squeaked and bowed his head in fear.
"I-I'm s-so-sorry, M-milady; I s-sh-should n-not h-have b-been so l-late in meeting you here." Wormtail stuttered out. His thinning blonde hair seemed like it would fall out the minute he made a wrong move.
"Your lucky Envy hasn't come yet or else you'd be a dead ma-" She was cut off by the sound of approaching footsteps. Turning the corner was a Military officer with dirty blonde hair holding a small wheezing golden blonde boy.
"I've got him Lust, now let's go already." The military officer's voice grew higher and rougher as he Envy morphed back into his usual appearance. Lust nodded and looked to Wormtail. The portly man seemed frightened as he tentatively asked Envy and Lust to hold onto his robes. Turning sharply on their heels, the three disappeared with a loud crack that resonated through the empty streets of Central.


A crack resonated through the low ceilinged room as three figures appeared by the large double doors. Lust turned to the shaking wizard that stood next to her, holding a look of disgust on her face. "Go back to your master Wormtail, we can handle it from here." She glared at the portly man who, in turn, turned tail and ran down the corridor to his Master.

Envy looked to his Raven haired companion with a playful smirk. "Aww c'mon! we could've had some more fun scarin' him shitless!" The green haired man chuckled slightly at Lust's sour expression.

"You just like to play with your food. I just don't like that little rat." Lust spat. The venom in her eyes alone could bore holes through your skin. Her purple eyes still shone with fire as the double doors opened to a large cavernous room.
"I trust you completed your mission?" A deep voice came from the center of the room. There were dozens of large pipe like cords leading from places within the darkness to a large stone chair situate in the middle of the room where the voice had come from. The chair was facing away from the entrance, assuring no one who came into the room could see the speakers face.

Envy and Lust both kneeled. "Yes Father. We have retrieved the older Elric brother and left the younger in Central as you instructed." Lust Answered, her Raven head bowed in respect to Father.

"Good," the deep voice said again. "Go put him in a holding cell."

"Right." Envy replied. He got to his feet and turned on his heel, heading out the big double doors. With Edward still under his arm, Envy headed down the opposite corridor that wormtail had gone.


Ed awoke to his body being raked by a bout of lung piercing coughing. He tried to cover his mouth with his right hand but stopped when he realized that he was lifting both hands involuntarily. He looked at his small wrists to see that they were both tightly bound by a dirty set of ropes, his feet too. His mind slowly acknowledging his situation, Ed looked around him in a slight panic. 'Where am I? Why am I here?' The blonde thought. He tried to yell out but it was muffled by a tight cloth around his mouth. Blinking his golden eyes rapidly, he tried to stop the tears of frustration that began to pour out of eyes.

Edward erupted into another bout of coughing as he fell to the ground from his upright position. He felt a warm liquid come up from his throat and coat the cloth around his mouth. His mouth now tasted like iron and smelled sickly cold. He panicked.

He yelled and yelled till his throat hurt and he had had several more coughing fits. By now the cloth around his mouth was soaked in the metallic tasting liquid and his throat was raw. For what seemed like hours he lay there, just staring at the stone wall of his captive room.


There was a sound of a heavy door opening and light flooded the dark room where Edward still lay in a helpless heap. Envy walked in and set the tray he was carrying down on the floor next to the blonde. Kneeling, the green haired man wordlessly untied the small blonde's wrists and feet to make sure he could get to the food the man had set down. Getting back up, with ropes in hand, Envy turned toward the heavy door that was held open by a small chunk of rotting wood when he heard a clap from behind him.

He swiveled on his heel only to be met with a stone hand coming towards him. It stopped centimeters from his nose and he looked at the small blonde on the floor to see what had happened. The young boy was trembling so hard it was a wonder he wasn't completely racking his body against a vibrating chair. The blonde's eyes were wide and pupiless and he wore no emotion except for that of his hands griping furiously onto his arms. The small blonde had also taken off the cloth that had covered his mouth to breath easier.. Envy's eye twitched as he walked over to the boy on the floor.

He grabbed the blondes chin and forced Ed to look at him. "And just what do you aim to do by creating that stupid thing, huh?" Ed's eyes widened and the pupils came back as realization donned on the innocent boy. He roughly tried to push Envy away but, to the blonde's dismay, the green haired man just grabbed the boy's right arm and covered the blonde's mouth with his partly gloved hand.

There was a slight click and Envy retracted his hand, now fuming with annoyance, and cradled it against his chest. "I swear, brat, if I didn't have orders not to I would kill you right now." Envy picked the young blonde up by his still incarcerated right arm and threw him to the other wall. There was a crack as flesh met stone and Ed slid down the wall in another bout of coughing. The warm metallic liquid now spattered the lit stone floor and Ed could see clearly that it was red and thick looking. Envy growled in annoyance at the boy. "Great now you're coughing up blood." Envy growled as he made his way to take the blonde back to Father, but, just as quick as he had made the fist of stone, Ed was streaking across the room, completely out of Envy's reach.

"Dammit." The green haired man cursed as he started after the small blonde.


Ed's breathing was labored as he followed the lit pathways through twists and turns. His chest heaved up and down with effort, his legs pumped furiously, fighting to keep going incase that green haired man caught up with him.

Ed's blonde bangs swung back and forth in front of his burning golden irises as he ran down yet another corridor, this one leading him to a door. It was a dead end and Ed had no choice, he pushed open the door as fast as he could and came face to face with roaring winds and stinging rains. He didn't know where he was, and he didn't care one bit. 'As long as it was away from this place', he thought as he continued to run.

His aimless running continued to take him down unfamiliar streets and several dark alleyways until, once more he came face to face with a brick wall. He could here no footsteps behind him as he tried to ease his erratic heartbeat and shallow breaths. Dropping to his knees, the boy flopped to his side in the freezing cold rain. It soothed his aching muscles and tired, bare, feet as he just lay there, focused on breathing and nothing else.


He heard a mewling sound.

Something high pitched and scared, just like he was. The blonde on the ground moved to see the source of the sound. It came from a box that was covered in an old tarp to keep it from getting soaked in the rain. Ed started too crawl slightly, his muscles allowing nothing more. He kept at this until he was finally able to lift one arm and flip the box over onto his head; inside the box was a sight to behold.

There were several multicolored blankets piled on top of on another, but one stood out the most, the one that was moving ever so slightly. Ed moved his remaining hand in the box to take the small blanket off of whatever was trying to shake the somehow offending object off only to reveal a black ball of fur. Its head poked out from under another blanket and it looked to Ed with bright scarlet eyes. Both ears were pricked and the soft fur and blackest had kept the box semi warm. The jet black cat walked up to Ed's face and licked it, when he got no response besides a slight twitch from the blonds eyes, the red eyed animal started to rub it's fur up against Ed's filthy golden locks.

It purred in contentment as it had finally found a human who wasn't afraid of it. The cat curled up beside Ed's head and started to drift off to sleep when Ed finally regained his senses.

He moved to get up, now that his muscles would allow him, and picked up the now mewling animal. He covered it with the shirt he had on and started walking to where he could see some kind of light. Felling somewhat safer than when he had in the stone maze with the green haired man, Ed made his way through the deserted streets of what now, on closer inspection, looked to be a village. He kept walking and walking, and when he fell to his knees and his body was racked with another bout of lung piercing coughs, he kept his body bent over the small cat in order to protect the animal as best he could from the harsh elements of nature.


Molly Weasley was patient when she wanted to be, and right now her patience was very thin. Her husband, Arthur, and her middle son, Percy, were both supposed to be back from the Ministry of Magic ages ago. Just because Percy wanted a tour didn't mean they could stay out into the wee hours of the morning.

She heard the door to the Burrow click open and she got up immediately. She waited by the kitchen doorway for the two Weasley men to make their way there on the way upstairs.

Arthur, who was soaked to the bone from the downpour outside, walked carefully into the small kitchen and came nose to nose with his wife, her face a slight shade of scarlet but a deep crimson.

"Where have you been Arthur?" Molly whispered furiously. "I've been here waiting since seven O'clock, when you said you'd be home, just so I could tell your ear off!" The red headed woman took into account her husbands soaking clothes but left that for another day.

"Dad," Both Eldest Weasleys turned to see Percy walking through the door and shutting it softly behind him. "Are we safe? Mum didn't notice did sh-" Percy looked from one parent to another and seemed to think like a smart man and bolted for his room. Molly made no move to catch her middle son as all her attention was focused on her husband again.

Molly made to open her mouth to speak when the two suddenly heard a thump at their door then mewling noises and scratching. Arthur put his arm up in front of her and started towards the door. The mewling grew frantic and the scratching more insistent as the seconds ticked by.

Closing his hand around the brass knob, Arthur grips it tight with his wand held at the ready and wrenched the door open, only to have a small blonde boy, soaked to the bone, shivering and hyperventilating, and a cat black as coal flop halfway into the Burrows front door. Molly gasped and hurried over to the boy. She cradled his head in her lap for a moment before she hefted him up in her arms along with the cat on his stomach. "Arthur!" She whispered heatedly. "Don't just stand there! Contact St. Mungos right away! This boy needs medical help now!"


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