A/N-This story that I'm writing is based of 'The Monster of Lake Kezia'. It's basically the same story but I'm adding a character for a birthday present and putting my own Sand ~N~ Sable spin on this!

Happy, happy birthday to Chris!

Laura, Albert, Andy and Chris were laying on the ground with their stomachs stuffed from the fish they had just all caught. Chris was looking up at the sky thinking of her grand time since she came to Walnut Grove. She was Andy's cousin, her parents had sent her down here from International Falls for the summer, they went on a 'business vacation' but Chris knew better. The fights have come with regularity like the sun coming up and this trip was to try and keep the family together.

She came down scared but Andy, her favorite cousin had welcomed her with open arms and had introduced her to two great friends! Laura and Albert Ingalls. Albert was 12 and planning to be a doctor! Laura was older and going to be a teacher.

They were at the home of a great friend, Miss Kezia. Albert had just asked Kezia to tell them a story and she was telling them about the Loch Ness Monster! That catches Chris's attention and she hears Laura say,

"It's true, I heard about it in school"

Albert and Andy say something and Chris says,

"Shhh! I want to hear!"

Kezia tells them all about the monster then a man comes up in a buggy. Kezia does not look happy.

The kids stay back as the words is being spoken. Chris hears the words 'property tax' and she's not sure of what it is but her heart drops. Kezia will have to leave and Albert asks who would kick a old lady out? Who?