' Lilian'

Lily looked up from her book into the stern face above it.

'Meghan-an' she said, raising her eyebrows in an admonishing manner and then looking back to her book.

She wasn't quite sure where 'The Moonchildren- tracking the werewolf' had come from but finding it on her bed when she returned from dinner, she had decided to read it; after all, if there was one thing Lily Evans could do, it was read. She had a sneaking suspicion that the book may have come from a particular slytherin whom she had sworn to hate for all eternity though. Snape always had been strangely obsessed with werewolves, especially where Remus Lupin was concerned…

She shook her head as Meghan collapsed dramatically on her bed, with the sigh of someone who recently found out that a close relative had died. Lily rolled her eyes and folded the page over, placing the book carefully on her bedside table before looking back at Meghan who now had her arm flung across her face.

'What?' she said wearily. Meghan grinned and sat up, facing Lily.

'Okay, the Marauders…'

'NO!' Lily jumped off the bed as if she'd been burned and started rummaging through her school bag looking for she-did-not-know-what.

'You didn't even let me finish!' Meghan said, throwing her arms up in exasperation.

'I don't need to!' answered Lily rummaging still more vigorously through her schoolbag, 'whatever it is, if the Marauders are involved then its bad news,'

'You can't just assume that! It's just an innocent little game of spin the bottle!'

Lily turned with an incredulous look on her face.

'ARE YOU SERIOUS? YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!' she shrieked, her hands now scrabbling frantically through rolls of parchment.

'Calm down Lily! It's not a big deal! You need to lighten up a bit!' said Meghan holding her hands up in surrender.

'What are you even doing anyway?' Meghan continued, peering over the side of the bed to where Lily was still burrowing into the recesses of her bag, 'What are you looking for?'

Lily froze, her hands mid-scrabble, desperately trying to come up with an answer that wouldn't make her look like a crazy person.

'My… calculator!' she finally cried, immediately realising she'd made a mistake.

Meghan looked sceptical: 'you're… what? What in Merlin's name is a calculator?'

Lily panicked. Meghan had been raised by wizards and had therefore never heard of a calculator. 'Just some arithmancy thing' Meghan pulled a face.

'So are we going down or what?' she said eagerly.

'I said no!'

'You owe me!'

'For what?'

'I… checked your charms homework last week!'

Lily's face turned stony. 'You copied my charms homework last week.'

'And then gave you feedback! Come on Lily! I'll do your herbology for a month!'

Lily considered. She hated herbology. She hated getting dirty and the odd amount of violent plants they had to deal with and the essays they had to write about their pointless qualities. Most of all, she hated that even Peter Pettigrew got a higher mark in it than she did. She was not used to coming bottom. Was it worth it?

'Fine.' She said grudgingly to which Meghan squealed 'But!' she added quickly, 'Only if Rory McLaggen's not going. He keeps cornering me in the classrooms to ask me to Hogsmeade; I'm running out of excuses!'

'He's got detention!' said Meghan gleefully, 'apparently he got caught with raw bubotuber pus by Filch! Merlin knows what he was up to!'

Lily groaned, changing out of her tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt into skinny jeans and a pretty white-knit jumper. She put on mascara and some big white socks and turned to Meghan who was absent-mindedly curling her golden hair around her wand.

Meghan was very pretty, to the point where Lily was almost embarrassed to be seen with her. She had long golden hair; freckly, tan skin and big, grey (almost silver) eyes that sparkled when she laughed. Bitch.

Lily giggled and Meghan's smile brightened. 'That's the spirit! It'll be fun!' Lily's smile dropped. 'Besides, James'll be there!'

Lily's face immediately turned to one of dismay, but her protests were drowned as Meghan covered her mouth and steered her out of the dorm, laughing merrily.