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Oh and one last thing, when the words are bold and in the lines they are in the confession box.

"Alright then" spoke a green floating pokemon. His blue eyes staring diectly into the camera "Okay, I think it's on."

"Did you check the light!" yelled a far-away voice.

"Um... I can't tell from this end. Mew, did you buy crappy cameras?" yells back Celebi.

"Oh my god! Are you stupid? Wait a minute, I'll be there in a second."

The sound of light footsteps comes closer to the camera and a pink cat-like pokemon apears. "See that flashing light he said.

Celebi quietly said "Yes..."

"That means it's recording..." Mew's eyes slowly opened "We're live."

"What?" questioned Celebi.

"We're live!" retorted Mew, his voice more urgent.

Celebi suddenly realized what was happening "Oh god," he looked at the camera "Cut."

Mew smacked him across the face "You can't cut live TV!"

The grass pokemon clutched his face "Okay, jeez." He shook his head and regained composure as Mew walked off camera "Alright. Hello my lovly viewers, this is Celebi comming to ya straight from a currently undisclosed island. This is the game-show phenomenon that you've all heard about, this is the reason you lug your lazy butt out of bed and turn on the TV. This is Total Drama Island: Pokemon edition."

Celebi clasped his hands together as Mew jumped on screen "That'a right, we have quite a season for you good folks. In case you've been living in a cave and don't know how the show works and for some reason have never seen it. What happens is that we take 28 contestents that have sighed contracts that say no matter what happens to you, you can't sue us. You know what that means..."

"We can do whatever we want to them. And that is awesome. These 28 contestants will be put through crazy impossible and dangerous challenges. But as they get voted off we will end up with one winner! Who will it be, well I don't know?" said Celebi with a fake TV smile on his face.

"That' right Celebi!" said Mew "However, before we can start the game we need to meet the players! So we just wait here until the players come." Mew putt a paw to his ear "What.." he said quietly "Why..." a moment of silence followed.

Celebi kept an awkward smile on his face as Mew sighed and said "Well, it looks like we have to walk to the dock to meet the contestents." He looked at someone off camera "I guess someone gave us bad information, isn't that right Ivysaur?

"I'm sorry!" yelled a far-off voice.

Celebi stepped infront of Mew "Okay, we have to take a short comercial break, but don't touch that remote. Seriously, don't. We're psychic's... we can see you."


A buff Totidile sit's at a table in a dark room and looks around. He is tied to a chair and an angry look is on his face. There is a loud slam and two pikachu's enter the room. One of them apraches the Todidile and grabs his chest and says "Tell us were the base is, or bad things are gonna happen."

The obviously steroided Todidile frowns "I'm not tellin' you anything."

The pikachu snarled and punched the water pokemon "Tell us!"

"No!" yelled the todidile as in head-butted the pikachu. It flew across the room an collided into the other one. Both of them groaned and cringed on the ground. The buff todidile snapped the rope around him and stretched.

"Who are you..." asked one pikachu, holding it's side.

The todidile grinned and yelled "I am Rambo, the todidile."

Rambo the Todidile coming to a theater near you!


"And we're back!" said Celebi a large smile on his face.

Mew eyed the camera "Sorry for the static before we came in." his head turned to someone off camera "Someone said that they would fix that. Isn't that right Ivysaur?"

"I'm sorry!" yelled the same far off voice from before.

Mew scowled "Sorry dosen't cut it sometimes Ivy!"

Celebi struggled to keep his grin as he said "Okay, I just got word that our players are ariving now. And here comes the first player now.

Comming across the ocean waters in a small speed boat. It slows down and settles at the dock. Off the boat steps an Absol

"Absol, nice to see you here." said Mew, now done with torturing Ivysaur.

Absol frowned and looked around "Well, this is better than I thought it would be. Good to be here."

"Good to know, now stand over there and wait for the others to come."

Absol nodded and walk off the dock.

Another boat comes to shore and off of it comes an Eevee. It looked around with wide eyes "Woah!"

Celebi smiled "Yeah, it's a nice island, now please stand by Absol." The camera panned over and saw Absol's eyes widen.

"Eeeee!" screamed the normal type as she took her place to Absol.

"Nice to meet you." said the dark type without enthusiasm "Now please step back."

Then the next boat came to shore. A black pokemon with glowing rings stepped off. He looked around and gave a smirk "Nice... I've been hoping for a vacation."

"Oh buddy," said Mew "This is no vacation."

Umbreon waved at the psychic as he walked past "Whatever."

A large boat pulled up to the dock and off of it stepped multiple contestants. One was a bear with twriled eyes. It walzed up to Celebi and hugged him "Hello friend."

Celebi was less than pleased by the physical touch and the Spinda was on the ground before it kne what happend "Never, ever, hug me girl."

Spinda saluted and walked over to the other players.

After the confused bear took it's place next to the others a Smeargle grasping his own tail approached Mew "This is the island I presume" said the Pokemon in a French accent.

Mew raised a brow "No, what do you think."

Smeargle didn't seem to pleased with Mew's joke and simply said " I am an artist, I will enjoy painting this island."

A Plusle walked off the boat and looked around "This place is huge, it's amazing!"

Celebi pointed to the others "That's sweet, just go over to the others."

A second large boat docked and more pokemon filled out, the first of which was a white and red pokemon with claws. He paced over to the two psychic "Mmm, good to see they got popular guys to host this, not some nobody, I inend to use this to get into acting."

Mew put a fake smile on his face "Good luck with that Zangoose, now go over there with the others."

Umbreon tapped Absol on the shoulder "A pretty weird group we have here, I think we may be the only two who aren't either insane or arrogent."

Absol shrugged "Looks like it, I look forward to competing with you."

A small puff-like pokemon trotted over to Mew "It's really nice to meet you Mew sir, I have all your cards and all your merchandise."

Celebi smirked "Oh yeah, what about me."

Jiggilypuff turned to him as she said "What about you."

"Ha." spat out Mew as the puff pokemon walked to the others, "She dosn't care about you."

"You're pink."

"You're unpopular."


A large green dinosaur creature with sharp teeth aprached Mew and Celebi. The massive pokemon towered over the puny psychic.

"You must be Tyranitor..." said Celebi in a meek voice.

The large creature grinned "Yes."

'M'kay" said Mew "Go over there please."

"Understand." spoke the Tyranitor before pounding over to the growing group.

Two grass pokemon stepped off another boat and the first came to Mew. He was completly green with a grass bulb on his back "How you doing guys."

"Great Bulbasaur, get over there." spoke Mew, now getting tired of the introductions.

The second grass type walked over to the two, the leaf on her head resting across half her face. Over her one visible eye was a shade of dark purple eyeliner. "You two cool?"

Mew and Celebi exchanged confused looks "Yeah?" they both said.

Chicorita nodded "Yeah." and walked to the rest of the players.

Two more pokemon stepped off a boat. One was brown with a small fighting outfit on and the other was a massive purple muscle pokemon only a pair of fitness underwear on.

"Hitmonchan and Machoke?" said Celebi rasing a brow.

Both of then struck poses and flexed their muscles.

"Oh" said Hitmonchan

"Yeah" finished Machoke.

Mew swollwed "Super, now get your asses over with the others.

Then one last boat came and dropped off the rest of the players. All of them were lined up on the dock and all of them eying eachother. One was a Staravia who stepped forward first "This is total drama island?"

Mew nodded "Yea'.."

A male Pideoto flew next to her "No duh idiot."

The grey bird frowned and looked up at the brown one and scowled "Shut up."

"Whatever babe, I'm just here to kick ass." said the Pideotto before flying to the others.

"Dude," said Bulbasaur to the brown bird "Nice." he high fived Pideotto and smiled "That was beautiful. Good to meet you, I'm Bulbasuar."

"Pideotto man, and likewise."

A purple ghost-type with large hands came up to the two host "What's up guys?

Celebi smiled and said in a jackass voice "Up... is a direction."

Haunter instantly frowned and floated to the now large group of Pokemon as another pokemon stepped up. She was a purple and peach feline, her smile the highlight of her face. "Hey guys."

Mew looked at the Delecatty up and down "Hey you. Go to your other players."

She sneered with her advances being rejected and trotted over to the group.

Up next came a Buizel that stood very close to both Mew and Celebi "You guys ready for show!" yelled the Buizel. Before either Mew or Celebi could answer the Buizel gave a thumbs up "Hell yeah you are." he said before sprinting, not walking to the others.

"That was weird " spoke Mew.

"Who did Mewtwo let on this show?" said Celebi.

"People that are good for ratings." said a Miltank that had seemed to apear next to Celebi. "People like me."

Mew coughed and said "Why are you good for ratings?"

He smiled and pointed at his utter "I am a male miltank."

"So what!" yelled a male voice. In seconds a Gardivoir came into view "I am a male Gardivor!"

Celebi laughed "No way, that is amazing. But, we have a show to do so just get over with the others you two."

Both the Miltank and the Gardivoir went over to the other arguing about which one was more messed up.

A Geodude, a Porgon and an Aron. The Aron looked up at the two psychics with admiration.

"Hey you guys." spoke Celebi.

"One day" said Aron " I want to be a legendary just like you."

"Kid" said Mew "It doesn't work like that." But before he could finish the small Pokemon giggled and walked over to the other. The Geodude and Porygon followed with little enthusiasm.

A yellow and white dog pokemon stepped up "Hey guys, how are you this fine day." he said looking up at the sky. He then suddenly looked at the tree line "Dude, they're trees on this island."

"Um..." spoke Mew, slightly confused "Yeah..."

"Oh no man, the trees man..." was all Jolteon said as he walked to the other.

Mew gritted his teeth and looked off camera "How many people are on this freaking show , Ivysaur you said there aren't that many people on this show!"

"I never said that!" said Ivysuar off camera.

"Shut up Ivysaur!" yelled back Mew.

When Mew looked back at shore there was a Driftloon, a Mankey, and a Nosspass.

"Oh, hi." said the pink psychic in a low voice.

Mankey and Driftloon waved while Nosspass nodded and said "I get mad sometimes too."

Celebi nodded "Great, now please get over there we just need one more before we can start the fun."

Mew looked out at the ocean and sighed "Finnaly!" he yelled. Out in the waters came a sea-dragon with a large smile on her face.

"Hi guys!"

Mew frowned "Yeah, now get in line please."

Milotic pouted and worked her way on shore and got in the back of the crowd.

Celebi sighed "Okay now that all of you have managed to get to the island Mew and I have to tell you a few things." He sighed, as if he was going to have a big speech. "Alright, welcome to Total Drama Island: Pokemon Edition. You have a big game in front of you and not all of you will last, in fact, only one of you will win. This whole island is open to you, but we do have a few rules."

At this point Mew took over "One, you cannot sleep with someone with a seporate gender, ever. We know that all of you are under 18 making it ileagal for us to let you do this. That is why we have tow cabins for two sexes. This is a TV show, so try and have fun. You will need to compete in every challege, no matter what. If you don't for some reason, well, lets just say bad things might happen."

Staraivia raised a wing "Is that a threat?" she said with a slightly bitchy voice.

Mew didn't waste words "Yes."

Staravia slowly lowered her wing " 'Kay."

Celebi and Mew lead the players into their camp, it was pretty simple with only two cabins and a fire-place in the center. All the player were just about to look around before Mew stopped them "Wait a second..." he said quickly. "I almost forgot," He pointed to a small port-o-potty.

Delecatty put a look of distain on her face "What is that?"

Celebi walked over to it and motioned to the port-o-potty "This my feline friend is a confessinal box,"

Machoke and Hitmonchan flexed their muscles "Oh yeah." said Machoke

"Confession box." finished Hitmonchan.

Celebi pursed his lips "Uh huh, you can go in here anytime you want and confess stuff, secrets, plans, and people you hate."

Staravia looked at Pigeotto

"I know it's the first day" said Staravia into the camera "But I want Pideotto gone...now"

"Okay now that that little part is over we need to anounce teams!" said Mew grabing a sheet of paper. "Now, on team one : Absol, Umbreon, Eevee, Spinda, Smeargle, Plusle, Jiggilypuff, Tyranitar, Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Hitmonchan, Zangoose, Machoke, and Hunter. You will be called The Flying Giratinas."

Smeargle pursed his lips "The Giratinas?" said the French pokemon " The big freaky dark pokemon..." he nodded "I like it."

"I'm sure you do freak" said Celebi before turning to the rest of the players "That means, in case you are stupid and didn't realise that your name wasn't called. This is team two : Staravia, Pidgeotto, Delcatty, Buizel, Miltank, Gardevoir, Geodude, Porygon, Aron, Jolteon, Driftloon, Mankey, Nosepass, and Milotic. You guys are the Deviant Dialgas."

Delcatty raised a paw " Umm, why Deviant Dialgas? Is there something wrong with us?"

Mew sighed "No, we just thought it sounded nice. It sorta rolls off the tongue ya know."

Celebi clapped to get attention "Alright campers! Your first challenge will start very soon! Do you want to know what it is?"

Both teams either shrugged or looked around to see if anyone was raising their hands.

Celebi frown "Well I telling you anyway." The green Pokemon levitated up into the air and pointed to something in the distance. All the players looked over to what he was pointing at and saw two very tall poles. "On top of the each of those poles are two 100 pound rocks."

Umbreon laughed "What do we have to do? Knock them off?"

Mew snapped and laughed " Yes and your challenge will start..." he turned to the camera "Next Time when you come back, who will won the first challenge, who will collapse from the pressure and who is going home first, find out next time on Total Drama Island : Pokemon Edition!"

And there is the first chapter I hope you got a kick out of it.