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"Well Absol, I am impressed." said Bulbasaur with a smile. It was the morning after the elimination on Spinda and the Omega alliance had sunk out to have a talk. "I did have my doubts but you knew what you were talking about."

Umbreon nodded in agreement "Yeah, how did you know people would go with voting out Spinda right after we lost the challenge because of someone else?"

Absol smirked from the praise and stated "I knew that Eevee and Plusle would vote for Spinda, they're in an alliance and wanted to protect Plusle. Also Tyranitar is close with them and would vote for Spinda. I was counting of you to get Zangoose's and Smeargle's vote and then things would fall into place with the addition of our three votes."

"But wait..." said Bulbasaur " Isn't that only 7 votes... why didn't the vote tie for Spinda and Plusle?"

Absol chuckled and responded "Because I knew that Spinda would be to oblivious to vote for Plusle, she most likey voted for some random player. She actually probably voted for Tyranitar due to the fact that he was the last safe before Plusle and Spinda." he sighed "Which now that I think about it was another reason not to keep her in the game, I can't have someone that is a random vote in the game. Later on that could have proved to be some trouble."

Wow Absol," said Umbreon " You really did think this out."

Absol gave one last smirk "So... do you think you're on the right side?"

"Damn I love this guy!" yelled Bulbasaur in the confession box "It's like he knows everything! At thhis point I can't see why we won't make it to the final three. I'm just happy he decided to bring Umbreon and I along."

Chikorita was sitting in the girls bathroom having a serious thinking session 'How in the hell did Plusle not get voted out? We had seven votes! This is bad... I don't want to keep losing potential allies.' Chikorita frowned deeply " This trend has to stop, I know Absol had something to do with this."

She gave a smile "Oh well, at least I have a rival now."

Out of nowhere Staravia walked out of one of the stall and completely surprised Chikorita. Staravia smirked and leaned against a wall "Having team issues?"

Chikorita sneered "Why would you care Staravia? You have your own problems."

The grey bird shrugged "Perhaps, but maybe we could help each-other."

Chikorita raised her head, she was interested "I'm listening."

"I say we spy on each-other's teams. I spy on Absol and his lackey's and you check up on Delcatty and Gardevoir. We tell each other what we know and perhaps we can keep ourselves in this game." Staravia smirked "So whadoya think?"

Chikorita didn't even waste a second "I think this could be very dangerous, how do I know I can trust you?"

"Well, from what I just heard you say you'll do anything to get on top of your team. I have no reason to try to sabotage you, and you have no reason to sabotage me." replied Staravia.

Chikorita raised a brow " Are you seriously that desperate to come to the enemy team for help?"

Staravia had a flash of anger, but it quickly subsided " I have my reasons."

After a moment of of thought Chikorita smiled "You have a deal, this could help me." she looked up at him " I just hope you realize that if you cross me I'll destroy you."

Staravia smirked and as she walked out said "Likewise."

Staravia gave a dark smirk "I can't believe my luck, happening on that opportunity. Hopefully Chikorita will keep up her end of the deal." she paused for a second "Good thing I decided to go then, a few minutes later and I might of missed her."

Jolteon was still in a good mood after his victory over Plusle the day before in the challenge. It was easy to tell from the way he was walking that he was still very cheery peppy. He was open to anything and ready to play the game.

And Delcatty knew. She quickly made her way to Jolteon and stopped in front of him "Hello Mr. Jolteon, nice day we're having eh?"

Jolteon gave a smile "Very!"

Delcatty gave a wicked smile "Good, why don't you come with me. Let's gave a little talk." Delcatty motioned Jolteon behind the girls cabin and he followed with enthusiastic glee. When they were both out out of sight Delcatty got to business.

"Jolteon, I have a proposition for you." said the feline.

Jolteon, still smiling asked "What?'

'I want to you to join me in an alliance." said Delcatty curtly.

Jolteon seemed to instantly snap out of his state of happyness and plunge right back into the game. He put a confused look on his face and asked "What?"

Delcatty got angry "Are you dull? I said join my alliance."

"Why should I?" demanded Jolteon with his new found back bone "What if I say no?"

Delcatty frowned, she didn't want to have to go this far but she was desperate. She was going to do something that she hadn't done in a very long time. "Please Jolteon, I'm begging you." spoke Delcatty in a pleading voice "I need to have an ally in this game." she batted her eye lashes "Please Jolteon."

Delcatty's begging made the electric Eevee's heart strings strike a cord that hadn't been played before. He melted under the pressure and said "Sure, fine." he gave a smile "Anything to keep that pretty face happy."

Delcatty smirked, she'd snagged herself a good one. "Thank you Jolteon, you won't regret it."

Delcatty gave a devilish grin "I'm so good. Now that I have myself a partner I just have to lay low and wait for the war between Staravia and Gardevoir to start. When both sides weaken each other I pounce in for the kill. Before they even know it I'll be in control of this game." The feline gave a chuckle "Staravia better watch her back, Delcatty's on the prowl."

"I'm scared Geodude..." said Gardevoir in the boy's cabin. 'I think Staravia is gaining numbers, and I fear that her strength is growing everyday..." he paused for a moment "Not to mention her every growing relationship with Pidgeotto."

Geodude pouted "Does that mean that we can't trust him anymore?"

Gerdevoir stroked his brow stressfully "I hope we still can..."

Geodude saw that this topic of conversation was only causing more and more stress, so he changed to subject. "Did you know that the Leonidas guy is still on the island."

"Why?" questioned Gardevoir.

"Apparently Mew and Celebi have a whole line-up of guest challengers for this stupid show and they all stay on the island after their challenge." replied Geodude.

"Weird, I wonder what those dimwits have planned for-"


"I guess we're about to find out." curtly said Geodude as they made their way to the dock.

"Our team is such a mess, we have two factions that just waiting for someone to throw the first punch, two girls that are just itching to cut each other's throats. And we might lose one of our best teammates to Staravia." Geodude gritted his teeth "No wonder the Giratina's won the first two challenges, but maybe we're on the verge of a comeback."

It took a few minutes, but after a while both teams had made their way to the dock. Just like before, both teams separated themselves. But unlike the last challenge there was no clear leader for the Dialgas. Gardevoir and Staravia stood in front of their team, each looking like the leader.

Mew and Celebi almost instantly noticed this and they both put smiles on their faces. Mew crossed his arms and said "Oooo, you guys having some issues? Looks like there's no clear leader of your team?"

"Why would you care?" asked Buizel "We kicked ass in the last challenge, why would we need a clear leader?"

"We care my little weasel- otter inner-tube guy... because it's our job to be jerks. People love to see you guys suffer and pay attention to all your little problems." responded Celebi.

Buizel stepped back "Did he just call me-"

"Anyway" interrupted Mew "We have a new challenge for you guys, and luckily for you we have no insane guest challenger. However we do have..." he motioned behind him to the beach " A Super Ultra Mega Water Course !"

There was a silence that followed that seemed to last for hours. After a minute or two of staying in the same position he frowned "What is wrong with you people? This thing in awesome!"

"Um... Mew, there's nothing there..." pointed out Buizel "it's just water."

Mew chuckled "Okay, there is defe- " started Mew as he turned around. He physicality sunk when he saw that there was nothing out there but water. Mew clutched his fist and loudly gritted his teeth "Yaaaaaaaaaaahhh!" exploded the pink legendary in a fury not seen in years. "Ivysaur!"

There was a low far off voice "I- I did all I coul-"

Mew pointed in the direction of the voice "Ivysaur, if you do not get that course right there within the minute I will grab your throat through your neck and make you eat it!"

Celebi was awkwardly blinking "Mew, dude calm down. This is on national TV..."

"EAT IT!" repeated Mew in an angry tone 'Yaaaaaaaaahh!"

"Okay, okay it's being lifted now." spoke Ivysaur " It should be coming up about now."

Just as Ivysaur had said that a large castle like structure jutted out of the water and floated. It was a few stories high and resembled a floating obstacle course.

"There we go!" yelled Mew, his anger subsiding "I was this close to blowing up your head."

Ivysaur blinked "Thank you?"

"Anytime..." replied Mew (as if he had done something.) "Okay, so campers!. That is a floating castle course and will be your next challenge! You will have to make your way over to that castle and make your way through the course."

Celebi smirked "But watch out, we have some booby traps set up" his smirk got wider "And they're pretty wild."

"Thing is in this challenge only four people on each team need to finish, the first team to get four team members to the finish win." added Mew "And for the team that losses, a big pot of loser and a trip to the Epic Dock of Failure."

Celebi visibly got angry "Dock of Epic Failure..."


"You said it wrong Mew..." Celebi turned to his partner "It's called The Dock of Epic Failure, not the Epic Dock of Failure. If it was a epic dock of failure then the dock itself would be epic. However, when you say dock of epic failure the failure is epic and the dock is not."

Mew blinked "You really are passionate about this dock eh?"

Celebi pouted 'I don't get nice things, so when I get something that's mine I cherish it."

"Can we get to the challenge!" shouted Hitmonchan with a muscle flex.

"We want to start now!" finished Machoke with bicep flex.

"Fine, fine... any questions- no? Good." said Celebi "Go..."

All of the campers sped towards the floating structure, all of them had strong intentions to win. Haunter, Pidgeotto, Staravia and Driftloon all lifted off the ground and flew to the castle. Being actual birds Pidgeotto and Staravia flew in front of the herd and arrived at the large castle first. With that slight lead both of them got a chance to look around. The castle itself was giganic in size with a large gapping opening. It being the only way in to the castle Pidgeotto and Staravia entered.

Seconds latter Haunter and Driftloon arrived and instantly followed the two birds. Haunter managed to edge in front of Driftloon and speed her way down the long hallway leading deep into the floating structure. She saw a large room at the end of the corridor and noticed that Staravia and Pidgeotto were standing still and looking up and around. When she caught up to them she realized just why they weren't moving.

They were in a large entry hall decorated with gold and diamonds. Pictures of Mew and Celebi with crowns and ornate cloths on were strewn over the walls and at the very end of the hall were eight crowns, four for each team.

"This seems too easy..." said Staravia with a suspicious tone. She took a step forward "Celebi and Mew said there would b-" before the bird could even finish her sentence the floor below the three Pokemon quickly rose in the air. It rose all the way up to the ceiling and opened a door on the ceiling. The rising platform then forced Pidgeotto, Staravia and Haunter into that door. When they were inside the platform quickly lowered and sat back into place just as Driftloon came into the room

"Guys?" spoke the confused ghost " Where'd you go?"

The camera panned back to Mew and Celebi who seemed to be expecting it. Mew gave a toothy grin and said "Yes...what did happen to Staravia, Pidgeotto and Haunter. Will they make it out with they're sanity?"

Celebi stepped up "Now, I know what you're thinking... what's with the twist guys? Well... we have a little surprise for the campers that you will find out-"

Mew jumped in front of his co-host and shouted "Next time on Total Drama Island : Pokemon Edition!"