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I ran through the corridors of the familiar castle towards the secret passages. The constant flashes of spells around me didn't deter me in the least as I headed towards my goal. It was the screams of people being hit by said spells that were distracting me. I ran up to everyone I could, healing what wounds I could, casting counter jinxes when I could, and comforting when I could do nothing else. But now I had to get to the passages. Kingsley had told me that Fred and George were defending them, and in need of extra help. I had lost Ron and Harry when the battle started, and I wanted to find them more than anything, but at the moment I was just glad to know where any of my friends were.

Left, I needed to turn left.

The endless corridors seemed so different than they once had. The rubble had obstructed several hallways, forcing me to change my route, I was beginning to feel disoriented and the fact scared me. I needed to stay calm above all else right now.

I ran down the hallway biting back a scream of fright as a blinding flash of green light blew past me, so close that it singed my hair. I slammed into the wall as I finally heard two familiar voices.

"Did I mention I'm resigning minister?" Percy's light voice drifted over to me from somewhere around the corner. I flipped my head back and shot a spell at the dark wizard that was pursuing me. My vanishing spell hit his mask dead on and I recognized the leering face of Dolohov. I turned the corner in a rush, catching my breath as I dodged another killing curse. Fred and Percy were in front of me, defending a pile of rubble that must have been a passage way at one time. Fred was laughing in delight at Percy's comment.

"You're joking, Perce!" He shouted. I turned away from them and started to duel Dolohov again. Grateful to have found some friends, and desperate to make sure that Dolohov didn't get any of them.

"You actually are joking, Perce… I don't think I've ever heard you joke since you were-" The air behind me exploded and both Dolohov and I were sent sprawling forward. I took a deep gasp of the now dust infused air and my heart clutched in horror as I rose.

Someone was shouting.

"Fred! No!"

Terror filled me as I realized the wall must have hit Fred. I stood on shaky feet and let my scream join the others. "Fred!" I cried, whipping my wand back in anger and pain I threw a curse at Dolohov with more rage and power than I ever had. He flew backwards at the impact, unconscious before he even hit the wall. Good thing too because I was already headed towards Fred. He was lying crumbled on the ground, rocks and rubble lying all about him. His body was broken and he was bleeding profusely from several spots and his eyes were growing cloudy. I ran quicker than I ever had before, screaming Fred's name out as I neared them. Percy was sitting beside him, desperately crying out his name as he moved rocks away from his body. I slid down next to him and grasped Fred's wrist, frantically searching for a pulse, not able to accept the idea that Fred could be dead. Ron appeared beside me grasping at Fred and crying over his brother's broken body. I gripped his wrist more tightly, praying to every deity I knew that he would be alive.

I didn't feel anything, there was no pulse beneath my fingers. Tears filled my eyes, and then, suddenly a faint pulse, and then another and another. He was alive! But just barely, and the pulse was already growing weaker.

No! I couldn't lose anyone else, not another friend. Not after all that had happened today, not after all the others I hadn't been able to help. I gripped my wand tight in my hand as I stared at Fred's still smiling face. He was family, the nearest thing to an older brother I had ever had. He and George were two of the happiest people I knew, and they had brought more smiles to this dreary world than anyone else I knew of. I would not let him die. I frantically started to cast every healing spell I knew of, but they weren't having any affect. I cast them faster and fighter, fighting to keep his fading heart beating.

From somewhere in the distance I heard a howl of misery like nothing I had ever heard before. I lifted my eyes from Fred's and saw George running towards us. His eyes were blazing and his face was contorted in so much pain that I momentarily wondered how he was able to keep moving. He was breathing so heavily that it looked as though each breath was silent sob. He was screaming for his brother as he ran towards us, his voice cutting through me like a knife, each word cutting my already breaking heart more and more.

I took a breath and managed to wrench my eyes from him and back to Fred's blue ones. His pulse was growing weaker; he wouldn't make it much longer.

Damn it! I'm the brightest witch of my age; I have to know something that can save him!

Wait… Could it work? It would be really dangerous, and may cost us both our lives… But what choice do I really have? He's already fading, and it just might work.

I gripped my wand, thankful that I had finally gotten it back from Harry as I mumbled the ancient, forbidden spell.

"Ago Redimio."

I felt a sharp pull in my chest and my vision blackened. My world spun around me and I felt myself fall forward on top of Fred. The last thing I was aware of before I lost consciousness was the decidedly stronger feel of Fred's pulse beneath my fingers.

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