I spent last night with Ginny, just like she had done for me on the night before my wedding. I missed Fred terribly, but we talked long into the night after Ginny had fallen asleep.

I woke up early, surprised to see Ginny was still fast asleep. Did all the Weasley's just like to sleep in?

I considered bouncing on her bed to wake her up but decided I really didn't want to try her patience on her wedding day. So I went to the window and pulled back the drapes, letting the bright morning sun wash the room in its pale yellow light. Ginny stirred in her bed before burying her head in her pillow. She was lying on her stomach and had her blanket wrapped around her like some sort of cocoon. I laughed at her as she stuck her head underneath her pillow and I walked up to the bed.

"Come on sleepy head, you're getting married today." She ignored me and pulled the covers up higher. Very well, I could deal with that. I hadn't spent a year with Ron and Harry in the wild with out learning how to get some one up. The first step was to get rid of the blanket. I waved my wand and it transfigured into a teddy bear. Ginny groaned and curled up into a ball in a last attempt to reserve her body heat.

"Come on Hermione, just five more minutes." She asked in a whiney voice. I laughed and shook my head.

"Ginerva, get up! You are getting married today and I am not letting you be late!" I said in my best Mrs. Weasley tone. Ginny shot up in bed and gave me a terrified look.

"Merlin, I'm getting married!" She hopped out of the bed and ran out of the room. I laughed and followed her to the bathroom. She was frantically pulling soaps, lotions, and shampoo's out, desperately looking for hers. I smiled at her and grabbed my wand pointedly, using a summoning charm to find her shampoo. She smiled brightly and grabbed the shampoo. I stepped out of the bathroom while she took her shower. I laid out her dress, slip, shoes, and hair accessories on her bed. A little while later she reappeared in the bedroom, much wetter and calmer looking.

While she dressed I donned my own bridesmaid outfit. It was a deep burgundy, and it made me feel really beautiful. It was long, floor length, but didn't have a full skirt, hugging my legs and flaring out at the knees. The top had some very intricate embroidery, and it was sleeveless. Ginny's wedding gown was truly gorgeous. It had an off-the-shoulder neckline with an asymmetrically ruched bodice. It had beaded embroidery accents on the neckline and waistline. The skirt was a full A-line with a long train that trailed behind her. It made her look like a real princess.

I helped her with her hair, she was wearing it straight, with just a small bit pinned back by a single snowdrop flower. Her veil was of a very delicate lace and was held in place by hidden bobby pins. Mrs. Weasley helped her get dress, crying the entire time. It really made me miss my mom, but it also helped me realize just how grateful I was to be a part of this family.

As I fixed my hair I checked the time. It was already 8:30, the wedding was starting promptly at Ten. I needed to get Fred up.

I went to Mrs. Weasley and told her I'd be back in a few minutes. She nodded her head and went back to fussing over the table settings.

I apparated to the flat and looked around to see if Fred had surprised me and was already up. I didn't feel him in our bond, which made me think he was asleep, but there was no problem with being hopeful.

He wasn't up.

I found him fast asleep in our bed. He was hugging a little brown teddy bear that he had gotten me as a wedding gift. He'd gotten it for me because of my love for Ursa Major. He was holding it to his chest tightly, and I had to keep from 'awwing' out loud. It was really sweet looking, and made my heart flutter happily. It certainly looked like he had missed me as much as I had missed him.

I walked up beside the bed on the side he was facing and knelt beside it. I gently raised my hand and began to slowly run my fingers through his hair. He stirred slightly in his sleep, but didn't wake up. I smiled softly as I watched his sleeping form. I hated waking him up, but he couldn't miss this wedding.

I leaned forward and gently kissed his lips, smiling at the soft feeling of his warm lips. I felt a slight stirring in our bonds as I started combing my fingers through his hair again.

"Come on Fred, you know you need to wake up. I promise I'll let you sleep in tomorrow."

Just a few minutes.

I smiled at his muddled thoughts but shook my head.

No love, you need to get up. You know, if you went to bed at a respectable time we wouldn't have this problem.

Can't help it, I have a wife who likes to keep me up.

I smiled and kissed his nose, causing him to finally open his blue eyes.

He blinked slowly and looked at me tiredly for a moment before his eyes traveled down my dress. His eyes brightened and he got a mischievous grin.

How about we just stay here, we could have a honeymoon. He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at me. I laughed and shook my head.

"You know, it's hard to take you seriously when you are clutching a teddy bear." His grin faltered as he looked down at his hands, blushing as he did so.

"I missed holding you, I saw him sitting there and I grabbed him. He smelled like your shampoo, and I kind of just fell asleep holding him." He was really blushing now, but I found the story so sweet. I gave him a firm kiss on the mouth, pulling back when I felt his desire through our bond.

"No Fred, you have to get dressed, we have to go to the wedding." I rose up from my knees and went to our closet.

This is a great view. I heard Fred's comment in the back of mind and blushed furiously but I managed to continue grabbing his robes. I had put a few spells on them so that they no longer would be quite so uncomfortable to wear, but I hadn't told him yet.

"Here you go, Love." I said as I laid them across the bed. He was sitting upright now, but still looked annoyed.

"Are you really going to make me dress?"

"Yes." I grabbed his arms and pulled him up out of the bed. He came up grudgingly but pulled me into him when he got his footing.

"You really do look beautiful 'Mione, it's not fair to my sister."

I smiled before giving him a quick peck on the cheek. "Flattery will not get you out." I told him before wiggling out of his grip. "Now get dressed." I said in my most commanding tone. He laughed softly but grabbed the robe and headed towards the bathroom.

"I'll see you at the wedding!" I called to him.

I'll see you too, Love. He thought back. Smiling I apparated back to the chaos that was the Burrow.

We had one hour left before the wedding, and people were running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Eww! I did not need that mental image. I laughed at Fred's thought, earning myself a few stares. Whoops, I forgot no one else could hear him.

I made my embarrassed way through the crowd and went back inside the Burrow. I was looking for someone I hadn't gotten to speak too, but wanted to see. I couldn't find Harry, and I had no idea where he was at. Maybe Ron would know?

I ran up the stairs, well sort of ran up the stairs, it was hard to run in this dress, and went to his room.

No one was in it.

I almost turned around, but then I thought of the attic, we had hidden away in there a few times to escape everyone. I tiptoed up to the ladder and slowly began to climb it. I neared the top and cautiously stuck my head through, I could see Ron's back, and it looked like he was talking to someone.

I snuck up the remainder of the latter and stood up in the dusty room, cleaning myself off. Ron looked up to see who had come, and I noticed there was no one in front of him. A small smiled lifted my lips and I walked forward and knelt in front of my best friends. I lifted my hands and pulled off the invisibility cloak, instinctively knowing where it was at. Harry stared back at me, his brilliant emerald eyes wide and scared.

I sat back on my knees and stared at the two of them, smiling openly now.

"He's hiding from everyone." Ron said after a moment. I shook my head in disbelief and turned back to Harry.

"I never would have guessed that from the fact that he was wearing an invisibility cloak!" I exclaimed Ron smiled and Harry even managed a half smile.

"Harry, why are you hiding under a cloak? Don't tell me it's because you're hiding." I said softly, settling down next to Ron.

He was quiet for a moment before he looked up. "I understand why you said Bellatrix had nothing on this. I'm terrified."

He fiddled with his glasses for a moment before continuing. "I've no doubts about what I'm doing, I love her desperately, but what if she changes her mind?"

"How long do you think Ginny's loved you?" I asked before Ron could say anything. Harry shrugged but Ron piped up.

"I'd say since she heard who he was."

I smiled at him before shaking my head. "No, she was just in awe of him at that point. No, she knew she loved him when she saw him kill a Basilisk to save her." I turned my eyes to Harry and looked at her. "You're her hero because you saved her, not because you're the boy who lived. You've always been her savior, and she's always loved you more than she thought was possible. Even when you broke up with her at the funeral, she still loved you. She's never stopped loving you; she'll not leave this wedding for anything."

Harry smiled gratefully up at me. "Thanks," he said softly. I reached over and pulled him into a hug, twisting and pulling Ron into it too. We hugged for a long moment before I pulled back.

"Okay, I've got to go. I need to help Ginny." I smiled at Harry before standing up.

"Now I expect to see both of you at the end of that aisle. And Ron, don't lose the rings." I gave them both a warm smile before climbing back down the latter.

Ten minutes later Ginny, Luna and I were waiting in our tent. We had ten more minutes and the wedding would start. I had been to sixteen weddings by this point; you think I would be over the nerves.

Nope, I still felt nervous and was still anxious to begin. Ginny however, was not even slightly nervous. She was serene, calm, and sure. Seriously, think of any cool and collected adjective and she was it. She didn't look even slightly frightened. It amazed me. I heard the beginning of the wedding march, a song I had memorized in the last month, and I turned towards the tents entrance. I took a deep breath and began to walk down the aisle, Luna not far behind me.

Both Harry and Ron were at the end of the aisle, they had bright eyes, and looked excited. They kept my eyes the entire time I walked down the aisle, and it really comforted me. Last time, during Ron's wedding, I had nearly lost it. I'd been feeling seriously depressed and though I was losing my best friends. I had since realized that no one could break us apart. We would always be the Golden Trio. Ron would always be the friend I turned to for a good laugh and some refreshing insight. Harry would always be the friend I turned to for comfort. They would both always be a part of me, and we would always spend time together.

So, it was with happy thoughts that I took my spot at the end of the aisle. My eyes quickly found Fred, he smiled happily up at me.

Thanks for fixing the robe, it feels load's better now. You should have done it ages ago.

Yeah, but then it wouldn't have been quite so enjoyable.

Maybe. I smiled at his last thought before turning to watch as the curtains on the tent lifted. Mr. Weasley led his daughter out and they began to walk down the aisle. Ginny positively glowed; she looked like someone had caused her whole body to be cast with Lumos.

I glanced over at Harry quickly and was thrilled to see him look speechless. His mouth was hanging open and his emerald eyes were wide. A muggle song from a movie I used to watch as a child came back to my mind, the lyrics fitting perfectly.

So this is love.

Father and daughter reached the end of the aisle. He gave Ginny away, only a few tears lighting his bright eyes. She walked forward and took her spot next to Harry, a look of certainty on her beautiful face. The vows began and neither ever took their eyes off each other. It was such a beautiful ceremony, and I cried the entire time. When Percy announced "You may kiss the bride." I nearly bawled. It was so romantic and sweet, and I couldn't believe Harry was actually marrying Ginny, the only girl he'd ever loved.

The dances were enjoyable, I found myself twirling around with my husband, loving the feel of his strong arms guiding me. We basked in each other's feeling of love and joy, and felt secure in each other's embrace. I may not have pictured myself marrying Frederick Gideon Weasley, but I wouldn't change anything in the world now. To think I had once wanted Harry and Ginny's love story. My own love story was very different, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. My life was practically perfect, and I loved it.

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