Penname: SamieJamesBait

Title: Make me

Summary: Edward Cullen is the headmaster at a reform school for 18-21 year old guys who have recently spent time in correctional facilities. James is the bad boy with a cheeky smirk and a penchant for trouble. It's about time someone taught James a lesson. Slash

Disclaimer: I am not Stephenie Meyer. This fic contains slash smut. If this offends you then please be peacing out.

Headmaster Edwards POV

I know exactly what I want and I know exactly how to get it. The problem is not how, the problem is when? Timing, to me, is everything. If you act out of time then you risk ruining the pleasure in enjoying what you have craved, and I am not a man to waste. Everything I do is to a superior ability. I do not compromise and I do not do half-hearted. I plan then execute said plan.




However, this is slightly more challenging when dealing with someone like James. He is stubborn. A natural born tease. It is his attempts to elude me which have captured my interest so vastly. I always get what I want. No exceptions. I will have him, the question now, is only when will he be ready?

I'd had another report of his disruptive behaviour, and now I had to have yet another meeting with him. If he had any idea of the things I wanted to do to him, the things I will do to him, he would think twice before being argumentative to the teachers again.

James POV

I fucked up again.

I always fuck-up. It isn't that I'm not desperate to get out of this school – because I am – it's just that I can't help but see him. I can't explain or understand it. I've never been addicted so intensely to anything or anyone in my entire life. I just can't leave him alone. It's the same damn thing week after week. I purposely break the rules, get sent to see him, be reprimanded, then start the whole cycle over again.

It was the dreams. Always, after a visit to the Headmaster, I had the same dream. He wouldn't just thrash over the rules, repeating them over and over to me. Instead he would punish me. He would teach me the error of my ways. He would make me satisfied enough to get over this...This obsession with him.

But these were just dreams.

Now, as I wait once more outside of his office, I imagine him laying me on his desk, writing the damned rules over my body - using his tongue as a pen. The image has me almost erect.

He calls my name through the closed door. My heart rate increases in anticipation.

Headmaster Edwards POV

The door opens and he pokes his head through first. His trademark smirk catches my eye and I can't help but stare as he enters, closing the door behind himself.

"Sit." I command him.

He sits in silence. My eyes never leave his face. I drink it all in. The sure-of-himself smirk still in place. The blue eyes, the almost-a-full-pout lips that any girl would be envious of, the shaven blond hair, a centimetre or so long. The stubble that he always has, even though he shaves every-other morning as all the students are required to do.

I watch as he casually leans back in his seat, spreading his legs apart.

"Sit properly." My tone is clipped, but it is of no surprise to James. His smirk turns into a full on grin, but he does as he is told.

The lack of respect he shows me does nothing to quench the fire burning inside of me. I want him. It is not a choice, it is a full-fledged need. There is no way in hell I can not have him. Every moment of my spare time for the past year has been spent thinking of him. Of what I would do to him. I'd imagined him naked and spread in front of me so many times I had lost count. The numerous faceless people I had fucked with his image in my mind. It was the way he looked at me. He was not afraid to look me in the eye, and he made no effort to hide the fact he was checking me out. In fact, the only time he ever acted remotely indifferent to me was when I was with other teachers or he with other offenders. Even then he would glance at my arse when I walked away.

He watches me, watching him. Raking his eyes from mine to the middle of my torso– where his view of my body is interrupted by the desk. He looks back at my face and wags his eyebrows, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

He wants it to. I've known this for a while now. I've seen the reaction I elicit from him. I've noticed the way he would shift his grey sweat pants whenever I stared at him. He definitely wants it. Be careful what you wish for, James.

"Remind me again, James. What did I tell you the last time you were in my office?" My hands are on my lap, hidden from his view. Unbeknownst to him, I begin rubbing the length of my dick through my trousers.

"If I remember correctly, Sir, you told me that the next time I was in your office, the punishment would be severe," he answers. He sounds breathy, and excited.

He knows what's coming.


The room is silent again. He is staring at me, slightly unsure but determined.

"I have a feeling you have never worked hard for anything in your life, James. It is my duty, as your Headmaster, to help correct your dysfunctional social values and help to re-integrate you into society. To help prevent you from breaking laws one again and re-entering the cycle of distrust and dishonour. In order for me to do this I feel I have to teach you what it is to work for something. Don't you agree?" I tilt my head to the right.

He hesitates, unsure. I open his folder that is lying on the desk in front of me. It is not as thick as some I have seen, and his crimes are not specifically dangerous, but they are still crimes nonetheless. I read off the first few lines.

"James Lawrence. Raised in a upper-class family. Almost 20 years of age. Blond hair. Blue eyes. Scar on lower torso from having appendix removed. Younger sister who still lives at home with parents. Several criminal convictions ranging from petty theft to minor assault."

I drop the folder back onto the desk. "I was right, wasn't I, James? You've never worked for anything in your life and yet you feel the need to lash out at the world. You do realise the rebel-without-a-cause look is not becoming of a young man?"

"Fuck you," he spits. It's not anger talking, more humiliation. James is not specifically proud of his exploits. Not when away from his peers.

He is ten years my junior and his attitude is completely the opposite to mine. I had the opposite upbringing from him, I had worked hard for everything I had, and yet here he was wasting all his opportunities.

"Fuck me?" I question him. His disrespect is a major turn on, but I know how to play the game.

"Sorry. Fuck you, Sir." He smirks at this, satisfied with his sarcasm.

I tut at him, smiling.

"You really are a little shit. It's most definitely time for me to teach you a lesson." I stand, not bothering to shift my pants to hide my erection. Of course, James's eyes go straight to my cock. He wants it. I walk around the desk, standing in front of him so that his head is on the same level as my crotch.

"See something worth working for, James?" I tease him.

He looks at me, all wide eyed and innocent.

Too. Fucking. Late.

"Answer me," I demand of him.

"Are you asking me to suck your dick?" he asks. His usual arrogance is gone, he seems vulnerable. As much as his cocky swagger turns me on, I am loving this new side to him. It seems James is a deep pool of mystery, each new revelation about him only furthering my desire.

"Do you want to suck my dick?" I throw the question back at him.

He swallows his saliva, his Adams apple drawing my attention. Without a word he reaches his hand to my zipper.


He looks confused.

"Did I tell you to use your hands? I told you, James. I am going to teach you to work for things."

Undoing my tie, I walk behind where he is seated, running the black silk material through my fingers.

"Trust me?" I ask him.

"Yeah," he replies, his voice almost breaking. I hadn't even touched him yet.

"Good," I tell him, blindfolding him with the tie.

I run my hands over his shoulders, the strength in his muscles sends small vibrations through my body. He groans aloud as I glide my right hand to his left nipple, pinching it between my thumb and forefinger.

"Just relax, and do exactly as you are told," I inform him. I sound a lot more in control than I am beginning to feel. I have dreamt of this scenario many, many times. Executing it was something else entirely. My whole body reacts to his every breath. I'm so fucking horny. It is going to be hard to allow him to suck my cock in his own natural way without me fucking his face away.

His breathing is louder than any other sound as I step back in front of him. He is nervous.

"Relax, James. This will never work otherwise. You want this, right? I will be gentle." Bringing my right hand to his jaw I run the pad of my thumb over his bottom lip, parting it from the top one.

"You really do have the most succulent lips. I wonder how good you are at using your mouth?" I ponder aloud. "Raise your arms above your head."

He does as he is told, without hesitation this time, and I smile.

Reaching down I pull his white t-shirt up over his head, careful to not nudge his blindfold out of place, and throw it across my room. When it hits my door I remember it is unlocked, and I quickly move to lock it.

Returning to my desk, I lean on the edge, still standing in front of James, enjoying the image of him shirtless. His physique is well muscled, but not overly so. He has a clearly defined stomach, leading straight to his 'V' and it takes everything in my power to not drop to my knees and trace my tongue all over him.

"I want you to unzip my trousers, James, using only your teeth." I undo the button to help him out, then place both hands on the desk, on either side of me.

James smirks, bringing his face towards me. His nose rubs against my cock – that is straining against my trousers- as he searches for the zipper and a hiss escapes my mouth.

"Fuck," is the only word I'm thinking and the first thing that comes out.

He runs his cheek along the head of my dick as he finds the zipper. Gripping it between his teeth, he pulls it down slowly.

"See, you can do as you're told," I say, stroking the palm of my hand through his short hair.

He begins placing kisses over my length, through the black cotton boxer briefs I am wearing. Silly boy, he has no idea who he his playing with.

I enjoy his efforts for a moment, before pulling his head back by the loose ends of the blindfold. Bringing my lips to his, I capture his bottom lip between my teeth, biting down - hard.

He moans into my mouth as I slip a hand into my boxer shorts, releasing my throbbing erection.

Rubbing my thumb over the head, I gather the pre-cum onto my thumb and spread it over James' lips. His tongue darts out and he licks his lips appreciatively, panting heavily.

I release him from his blindfold and watch with pleasure as he takes in the sight of my erect cock.

"Suck it," I command him, and he is, for once, completely obedient.

My eyes roll to the back or my head as his tongue swipes the tip, before he wraps his lips around the girth and slides his whole mouth down my dick.

"Oh...Fuck...Shit..." I pant out, as he increases both speed and suction. There is no build up, he is just straight to business. I fucking love it.

My eyes closed, I think of anything and everything to postpone my orgasm. I'd waited too long to have it finish so quickly.

James starts alternating between humming when he sucks and relaxing his jaw to deep-throat. Each time the tip hits the back of his throat pleasure like none-other ruptures through me. Nobody has ever given me a better blow-job. Not Jasper, my old room-mate, not Tanya, my first girlfriend and sure as fuck not Bella, my wife.

My orgasm erupts through me as I fill James' mouth, and he sucks me through it, slowly and more tender. Swallowing everything I give him.

I rest with my eyes closed for a moment, as James stands. I open my eyes as I feel him begin to kiss along my jaw.

"What are you doing?" I ask him, my voice light.

"It's my turn. Right?" He sounds hopeful.

I laugh, stepping sideways to get away from him.

"Ah, James." I begin, re-fastening my trousers. "I thought you understood."

He looks at me confused and I nod my head at his shirt, indicating for him to put it back on. I watch as he pulls it over his head, sad that his body is now hidden from my view.

"You want me to return the favour, yes?" I clarify.

He smiles. "Yeah." His usual cocky tone is back.

"Good. Well I told you I would teach you to work for something."

His eyebrows squint together and I sit back into my chair.

"Well consider this your first lesson. Now you have to make me want to return the favour."

Recognition dawns on his face and he smirks.

"Okay, Sir. I'll make you want it. I'll have you beg me for it," he replies, confidently.

"We'll see, James. Now get out of my office."

He hands me my tie that had fallen to the floor, before turning to leave.

"Oh, and James? Don't let me see you in trouble again. It really is turning into a weekly routine that you are sent to my office." I smile, raking my eyes over him.

"Sure thing, Sir," he replies. "I'll see you same time next week." He winks at me, and opens the door, leaving with his laughter trailing after him.