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Chapter two

Make Me

This was fucking stupid.

Why couldn't things just go right for once? Why was everything being so damn difficult? Why was every damn thing trying to piss me off?

"Ugh! For fucks sake!" I shouted in frustration, tossing the spanner across the room. I'd been in workshop all morning and this damn car was no closer to being fixed than when I'd first arrived. It was mandatory for all the convicts at this school to take a class that would give them skills for life. It was said to help ease us back into society. I usually loved workshop, especially when we had a new car to work on. To be fair, it wasn't really the car that was pissing me off. I was frustrated for a completely different reason.



Edward fucking Cullen.

He had left me with such a severe case of blue balls last week that I thought I might actually explode. What a fucking douche ball. I gave him the best blow job the lucky fucker has ever had in his whole damn life and he leaves me with a challenge? And blue balls. Nice one, dick lick.

Sliding out from underneath the car, I quickly get to my feet and pull a cigarette out of my overall pocket. My fingers are stiff with anger as I try to light the damn cig. Is anything going to go right? Finally getting it lit, I draw the smoke into my lungs desperately.

It's his fault. Ever since I'd sucked his cock I feel weird not having it fill my mouth. Like, I actually fucking miss it. How fucked up is that? I miss his dick in my mouth. I'm turning into a damned pussy.

Mike, my supervisor, eyes me curiously as I pace in a fucking circle, inhaling the cig as though my life depends on it. I give him my best 'don't fucking ask' look and continue pacing. I hear him chuckle but he keeps his own council. Smart move.

Cig finished and feeling slightly less pissed off, I'm about to get back to work when my skin fucking tingles. What. The. Fuck? Turning to face the door as though someone has told me to – I see him. He looks so fucking sexy. I notice his Adam's apple as he swallows - no doubt his mouth is watering because he's looking at my sexy arse. I don't blame him. I want nothing more than to run my tongue over his fucking Adam's apple, and I'm slightly jealous of his fucking clothing at this point. I want to be touching him.

This is getting out of hand. I need to get him to suck my dick. And soon.

Giving him my best 'come suck me' grin, I'm happily rewarded with another bob of his Adam's apple as he swallows once more. That's it, baby - listen to your body. You want me. Your body wants me. It's Biology, Sir. Don't fight it, I thought, trying to convey this with my eyes.

"Mr Cullen, what can I do for you?" Mike asks, and by the look on Edward's face I can tell he - like me- had completely forgotten Mike was in the fucking room.

Ever the master of control, Edward quickly recovers himself and says something to Mike. I'm not listening. I don't give a shit about what comes out of Edward's mouth. Only what goes in.

I watch Edward as he speaks to Mike - his eyes flicker back to me every few moments. Considering I'm facing him and my back is to Mike, I decide to fuck with him.

Placing my tongue to the inside of my cheek I repeatedly push it back and forth - the international sign for a blow job. I'm very pleased with myself when Edward notices what I'm doing, and his words become stuck in his throat. He has a minor coughing fit as Mike asks him if he's catching a cold. I just watch with a smug little grin on my face.

"Can I borrow James for today?" Edward askes, after his coughing fit subsides.

"Sure," Mike replies, not knowing that Edward is going to punish me in a completely inappropriate way once I'm inside of his office.

"Follow me, James," Edward says, his voice neutral but his eyes burning.

I follow him with a slight smirk that only he will register. In my head I'm singing loudly, 'Hell yeah! Imma' bout to get my dick wet!'

"Close the door," Edward calls over his shoulder as I follow him into his office.

I close the door.

I lock the door.

I turn to him and smirk.

His Adam's apple bobs once more, and that's the last thing I register before he has me pushed against the office door, the brass knob pressing uncomfortably into my back.

His lips are on my throat - his teeth nipping at the skin occasionally. I'm in heaven and pissed off all at once. I mean, it feels good. Really fucking good, but I wanted to have my tongue on his throat. It's all I have thought about all morning!

I will my hands to grip hold of him and push him back - just far enough so that I can get my lips to his throat. However, my body betrays me. Instead my arms are at his side, my hands gripping his hips and pulling him impossibly closer. He's hard. I'm hard. We're so close I can feel when his dick twitches. It makes my dick twitch in response.


I moan, unable to help myself and I moan again as I feel his small chuckle vibrate against my jaw.

Then his lips find mine. Forcing. Demanding. Consuming.

Soft lips.

A hard kiss.

His dick twitches. My dick twitches. He moans into my mouth and I think that I might just come in my pants for the first time in my life.

I thrust my hips forward, grinding into him.

He pushes back.

We continue this frenzied dry hump against the door. I thread my fingers through his hair as my boner becomes far too uncomfortable in my pants, and pull his head backwards. Then my lips finally find his Adam's apple. I lick it. I suck it. I nip it. I practically fuck his damn Adam's apple with my tongue.

It's fucking amazing listening as he moans loudly, too far gone to care who hears him. I don't think his mouth will be enough. The more he moans and pushes his boner into mine, the more I'm certain I will have to fuck him.

And I never thought I'd go there.

That's a hard limit of mine. Anal. If I do it to him, he would probably want to do it back - and I'm a fucking chicken shit when it came to pain.

And c'mon, anal has to be a little painful.

Not like I give a fuck in this moment though. As his dick pushes up against mine once more I slip a hand in between us. I move it about frantically - caught between palming his boner and palming my own. We both need release.

But, it's my turn.

"I want to fuck you," I whisper against his throat - smiling at his moan of approval.

Edward brings his hands to the back of my head and pulls me from against the door, towards his desk. My lips momentarily detach from his throat as I look into his eyes and see the complete lust there. I'm sure my own eyes are mirroring his.

"Have you done this before?" Edward asks breathily, reaching his hand backwards over the table but keeping his eyes on me.

"No," I pant - bringing my lips back down to his.

Finding whatever he's looking for, Edward pushes my chest with his hand.

"You'll need this," he tells me, and I look down to see him holding a small bottle of lube.

Holy. Shit.

I'm really going to do this. This is really happening. He's actually going to let me stick my junk in his trunk! Literally!

"I'll talk you through it. Okay?" He smiles at me.

I nod slowly, taking the lube from his hand. I just stare at the bottle for a moment, a little overwhelmed.

"Hey, James?" Edward asks, a sly smile on his face. "I believe I owe you a blow job?" He quirks an eyebrow.

He doesn't wait for my reply. He pushes my chest so I stumble backwards, eventually feeling the chair behind my legs I sit down. He smiles at me, a cocky and sure of himself smile and all I can do is bite down on my lip.

If he put my dick in his mouth right now it would be over in seconds.

He doesn't know this as he begins zipping down my blue overalls. The zip is just past my belly-button when there is a knock on the office door.

"Who is it?" Edward calls out - his hand still on my zipper.

"It's me, Edward. Let me in, man!"

Edward's face visibly pales - and he's a pale mother fucker at the best of times. He snatches his hand from my zipper as though it's suddenly burning hot.

"Shit...Fuck..." he mutters, raking his fingers through the hair I had successfully just messed up.

"I'm a little busy, Jasper. Go wait for me in the staff room. I'll be there in ten," Edward calls out, clearly struggling to shift his trousers to hide his erection.

"Sure, man. Whatever. Don't be long though," The Jasper dude calls back.

Edward spends a few more minutes pacing, running his hands continuously through his hair.

"You know, if you're trying to hide the fact that you just had a quick fumble in your office then running your fingers through your hair is not the smartest idea, Sir." I attempt to lighten the mood.

Edward looks at me like he's just remembering I'm in the room. Then his eyes roam to where my boner is clearly straining at my overalls.

"Rain-check?" he says, seeming apologetic.

"You have got to be kidding me? You cannot make me leave your office with blue balls again!" I moan, already knowing that is exactly what I will be doing.

"Technically, you didn't make me want to return the favour yet," he replies.

This time, I smirk at him.

"Fuck you, Sir. You dragged my arse in here and dry humped me at the fucking threshold. You wanted it."

He smiles in return, righting his tie. "Like I said, rain-check."

I zip my overalls up in frustration.

Before I leave, I walk towards Edward and grab his hand, placing it on my cock.

"You feel that, Sir? You caused that. Next time I'm in your office you're going to be feeling that in your mouth." Then I lean in and nip the bottom of his ear with my teeth. "And your arse," I whisper.

I leave him to his little get together with whoever the fuck this 'Jasper' is and go back to my room.

Later that night, I wank off three times. Every time it's to the image of Edward bent over his desk. Maybe I could get used to this anal thing after all.

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