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Olivia Benson looked out of the window, watching the cars on the street below. She missed the sea of yellow cabs, the musical tones of honks and loud stereos, and shook her head at the quiet, swiftly passing traffic.

She sighed, blinking once, and moved to the middle of the living room, tossing the book in her hands into a box. She grabbed more books, tossing them into the box, and as each one dropped, a part of her heart fell with it. She knelt down and closed the box, then picked up a roll of clear, packing tape, sealing it shut. She dropped the tape and picked up a black marker, scrawling, Benson. Books, on the top.

She pushed the box to the side and got to her feet, looking around. As much as she missed New York City, she would miss this place, too. She moved here to be with him, she thought her life was finally coming together. She believed she had found in him what she needed, what she wanted. She left her unit, her friends, her home, and her…her life. She left it all behind because he promised that they would have a life together here, that he would take care of her, that he would never leave her alone.

She looked from the crack in the ceiling down to her left hand, twirling the ring around her finger. Was she supposed to keep it? Was she supposed to leave it behind? Was she supposed to throw it off of the Golden Gate Bridge on her way out of San Fransisco? She didn't know. She didn't care. She just wanted it off.

She slid the platinum-banded diamond off of her finger and put it in the middle of the coffee table. She peered down at it, hoping that if she stared hard enough at it, it would burst into flames.

A large man in overalls came in, then, breaking her concentration. "Ma'am? Am I taking these?" he called, then he pointed to the two boxes near the door.

"Yeah," Olivia said. "That's the last of it. Thanks." She nodded to him as he lifted the large, heavy boxes, turning and walking out.

She looked around the living one more time, and she sighed, shaking her head. This is not what was supposed to happen. She didn't want to believe she had left everything and everyone she had ever really loved behind for nothing. She had to believe that she learned something from this. She ran a hand through her hair and she rolled her eyes, chuckling to herself.

The lesson, more like a realization, was simply that she was destined to be unhappy. The only person who had ever truly made her happy didn't love her the way he wanted her to, and the only person who came close had betrayed her.

She grabbed her keys and cleared her throat. "I will, uh, no, I actually won't. I was gonna say I'll call you when I get there, but I'm not going to. You'll just have to worry. Wonder if I made it or if I drove off a cliff, or got hit by a drunk driver, or got picked up by some psycho to be raped and killed and left on the side of the road. You'll just never know."

"You don't have to say things like that," the man, who had been watching her all night, said with folded arms.

Olivia turned to him. "You didn't have to fuck your partner," she said. "But you did. I hope you two are very happy together."

"Come on, Olivia," the man pleaded. "There's still time, just go tell the movers…"

"You knew," Olivia said, holding up a hand and glaring at him. "I don't trust, and I don't love, so when I do…it's all the way."

He scoffed. "You had him," he said bitterly.

Olivia seethed. "You made me leave New York to prove to you that…I haven't even called him! You were everything to me, Dean." She choked back the crying, not willing to show weakness now. She had a long drive, she could cry in the car. "I gave up everything for you, and then you ripped everything else away."

Dean shook his head, closing his eyes. "I fucked up," he said.

"You did," Olivia said. "Don't you dare call me or try to find me, and if you walk into my sqaudroom asking for federal favors, everyone in the unit is gonna…"

"Yeah," Dean said. "I know."

Olivia nodded curtly at him, turned, and walked out of the house. She made it all the way to her car with her head held high, her face filled with self-assuredness. She smirked as she got into the driver's side, and she put both hands on the wheel. For a moment, she thought she was okay. But then she felt the tears, the burning in her nose and the pain in her eyes. She let out a harsh sob as she reached down and turned the key. She shook her head and started driving, following the truck, crying hysterically as she headed home.

"So this is it," Elliot said, turning to the blonde behind him.

She nodded. "Yeah," she said. "It's funny," she scoffed. "I thought with her gone, things would be better."

Elliot nodded. "That's why I let her leave," he admitted. "I thought you would lighten up, go back to your old, sweet, loving self. But, no, things got worse. Now you know it was never her, Kathy. The problem has always been you."

Kathy folded her arms. "You got worse when she left, too, so don't pin this all on me. You went from talking to me on weekends to not talking to me at all. You stayed at the station later than you ever did with her, your job is in jeopardy because you won't give your new partner a chance. You're distant, and cold, and angry all the time. What did you expect?"

Elliot chuckled. "He got fired, ya know," he said. "Dan. Cragen came out of his office, huge grin on his face, and he fired Dan. I don't have a new partner anymore. Guy couldn't cut it anyway, he was always…"

"Elliot!" Kathy yelled. "You're in the middle of leaving…of walking out of here for the last time, and you wanna talk about your job now?"

Elliot sighed. "Anything's better than talking about why I'm leaving," he hissed. "Did you tell the kids?" he asked.

"Maureen knows," Kathy said, biting her lip. "Kathleen knows, but chooses to believe you're the one at fault here, and the twins…they just know that you're going. They don't know why."

Elliot nodded. "I'm fighting like hell for them," he said. "You know that."

"I'm prepared," Kathy said, nodding. "I don't see why joint custody isn't…"

"I don't want either of you around my kids!" Elliot yelled. "Fuck, Kathy, you're gonna teach them that adultery is okay and the consequences of your actions don't matter! That's not what I want my kids around!"

Kathy let a tear roll down her cheek as his words hit her. "Elliot, please…"

"And you," Elliot said, turning to the man beside Kathy. "You were supposed to be my friend. I went to you when I had no one else, Fin. When I couldn't handle...when I almost…this is what you do?"

Fin looked at him, expressionless, and just shrugged. "It happened," was all he offered.

"Yeah," Elliot said. "A couple of times," he spat. "I'll send a truck for my things, and have the kids pack their bags. This is fight I intend to win, Kathy. You have no idea who you two have just fucked with, do you?"

Kathy looked at Fin, who sighed. They watched Elliot grab his bags and walk out the door, wondering what kind of trouble he would cause for them.

Elliot threw his bags into the trunk of his car, then got in, thinking. He lost the lease on his apartment in the city months ago, and he had no one there he could disturb at midnight. No one he trusted, since his wife and best friend were no longer either of those things. He smirked, looking at his keys. There was one place, one apartment in the city, still being rented by a close friend, and he had a key. He drove off, heading toward Manhattan, unaware that he was crying.

There were two more lonely people in the world, and if fate had its way, they would find their way to each other.

But fate was never one to do things the easy way.

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