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Oh my! An APH story without OC's! Well, actually, they'll probably show up.

I love Canada (and Matthew) to death and I have a habit of pairing him a lot of people (and gender bending him) but the top ones on my list are Alfred, Ivan, Gilbert, Cuba, Ludwig and Netherlands, and those are only the top ones on the list. I was shocked when I came up with an idea that didn't include all of them or just one of them, I'm proud of myself!

It's really short…

Warnings: Genderbending and an almost awkward and lovesick Ludwig

Disclaimers: I don't actually know how much money I'd make if I owned APH but I'd probably still eat Honey Nut Cheerios… Point is, I don't own anything other than the idea




If there was one thing Ludwig loved it was absolute silence. Yes, complete silence when you could hear a pin drop a mile away or where you could close your eyes and think yourself dead. Unfortunately with one delinquent brother and his two best friends, one hyperactive, self proclaimed 'best friend' and said 'best friend's' highly irritable twin sister, Ludwig rarely, if ever, got to experience this love. As they say though, "Every cloud has a silver lining" and Ludwig's silver lining was spending his forth period study hall in the school library.

Surprisingly, forth period study hall in the school library, despite being right after lunch was always rather quite. Very few people wished to spend their break in the library when they could just as easily ditch school all together and go down town for lunch, play soccer out in the back field or spend their time surfing the web in the computer lab. But Ludwig had no problem with this as it meant it was usually just him, the school librarian and a massive collection of world history book alone, in silence, for one and a half straight hours. Utter bliss.

Now because of Ludwig's love for silence and because the library was usually completely empty, Ludwig found himself rather shocked to hear the sound of someone clearing their throat from above him on that specific day. Still, because it was such a foreign sound and he knew it didn't belong, he raised his head from his book to stare at the short girl standing in front of him and raised an eyebrow at the interruption.

The girl, he noticed, was staring back at him with large violet blue eyes that were hidden behind her large-framed, black glasses. Her long strawberry-blonde hair fell around her face in slight curls and looked especially nice against the red pullover, white button-up blouse and black and red stripped tie that was required for their school's uniform. He couldn't help but take note of her incredibly pale skin, almost like snow, and very cute, red lips. Even without a remarkable figure she had a subtle, though nerdy, kind of beauty that went well with the soft blush and shy smile that graced her face.

The girl sifted nervously as the Ludwig continued to stare at her in silence.

"Um, sorry, but I've been trying to get your attention for the last five minutes and-"

Ludwig, who was rather used to this but often having it happen during lunch time, blinked, then frowned, "I will not go out with you."

The petite girl flushed a rather deep red that clashed with her pale skin and gave an awkward cough, "Ah, no, sorry. I only wanted to ask where the World War Two section is. I'm new and, uh…" she trailed off awkwardly, and shifted slightly.

"Oh," that was new, "It's over in between the cooking and crime books. There are two shelves at the bottom that hold the best ones." He gestured to a shelf not too far away.

She flashed him a pretty smile before thanking him and heading off. Ludwig's eyes trailed after her as she disappeared behind the large bookcase he had indicated and came out a few minutes later with a rather thick, old looking book, which she gingerly placed on a table a little ways from him before seating herself. Those same blue eyes continued to watch her until the warning bell rang; as she quietly sat there reading, looking completely absorbed in whatever the book was telling her, and as he wondered whether that was how he looked when reading those same books.

As he finally tore his eyes away from the blonde girl and began packing up his bag, he was startled by the sound of her once again clearing her throat from beside him. Wondering whether this was going to become a tradition, he watched her and waited patiently for her to say whatever was clearly on her mind.

She gave him the same shy smile that he was finding he liked a lot and looked at him up from underneath her bangs. "Thanks again, it's hard to find someone who's willing to help at this school."

Ludwig returned her smile with a stiff nod and an awkward one of his own. "Yes, I know what you mean, few people around here seem to be able to spare a few minutes when needed."

A soft giggle made his face flush and his stomach do back flips.

"Yeah," she paused and this time flashed him a smile showing her teeth, perfectly white like his own, "I'm Madeline Williams, you can call me Maddie if you want, most people do. It's nice to meet you." She politely held out her head to him and watched him with her abnormal violet blue.

And as he clasped her hand and muttered a gruff 'Ludwig' in response, he was overcome with the feeling of never wanting to let go.



I come up with story ideas all the time but I rarely write them down so I was surprised when I actually sat down at my computer and began writing the beginning to this. It's not so good and it is only a preview (if I decide to continue with it this will probably become the prologue) but I think I managed to squeeze out what I wanted. Also, if I decide to continue with this the next chapter will belong to Gilbert and it's a bit more humor based I think…

Tell me what you think if you want or if it's worth continuing.