Wendy X Chelia

Wendy Marvell sighed as she stepped out of the grocery store, staring at the meager handful of bills sitting in her palm. She had spent an entire day gathering fresh fruits and vegetables for this mission yesterday, and yet her reward was only 1000 jewels. It wasn't nearly enough to help cover all of the expenses of her apartment at Fairy Hills, especially since the rent was due soon. She should have known something was fishy when she saw that the reward for this wasn't posted on the mission board; she had only picked it because it looked easy, and it didn't take her out of town. Sighing again, Wendy placed the money into her purse. Carla, her Exceed partner since childhood, was walking alongside her. She was looking a little older these days, a little worn-out. However, even with age, her mind and her sharp tongue were as scathing as they ever could be.

"Well, that was a waste of time," the cat harshly remarked.

"It wasn't a waste of time," Wendy retorted, but then she frowned, "Well...not that much of a waste! We still made SOME money, you know!"

"It isn't enough to pay for the rent, though. You need to try harder."

"I know, I'm sorry, Carla." Wendy shrugged her bony shoulders. She didn't exact look apologetic, but it seemed to go over the Exceed's head. She was in her 'nagging mom' mode right now.

"I wish my psychic visions had kicked in to tell us it would be so pointless...what should we do now?"

"Look, let's just head back to the guild, and this time, I'll pick a good mission! That actually tells us how much we're getting for it right away! How does that sound?"

"That sounds much better!"

Wendy just hadn't been feeling up for missions lately. A lot of things had been on her mind lately, keeping her distracted to the point that she would stay up late at night, just thinking and thinking until her brain hurt. It had been like this for a few days, and it was only a matter of time until it all accumulated into a brain aneurysm. She knew quite well what the reason was, too. Chelia Blendy was coming to visit, the first time they would see each other in almost seven years. They had written letters to each other, but different guilt activities and the like have kept them apart for a long time. The young woman had finally gotten some time off to come and visit Wendy personally.

Thinking back on it, those seven years went on far longer than they should have. Wendy was now 19 years old, a young adult. Many things had changed for the Fairy Tail guild; Makarov passed away, Gildartz became the new guild master (after being pushed into it by his daughter Cana), Laxus had lost an eye, Flare joined Fairy Tail, Droy was diagnosed with diabetes, Asuka became an S-rank mage on her first try, and Natsu and Lisanna got married, as did several other longtime couples in the guild. Wendy, for the most part, had become more mature with age. While she was still sometimes shy and still as loyal to Fairy Tail as ever, she had gotten a bit of a rebellious attitude from her awkward teenage years. She had changed quite alot in regards to her body, too.

Wendy was exceedingly sensitive about her body. She had experienced a massive growth spurt around 15, and it didn't stop until she was actually a couple inches over six feet tall. The women she used to look up to in her youth, ironically now had to look up themselves just to speak with her. That wasn't the worst of it, though. When she had met her other self in Edolas the first time, Wendy had actually felt a little excited. She had believed that, when she grew up, she would finally have the curves to match the other beauties of the guild. But no, the Goddess of Luck was not on the side of poor Wendy Marvell. Instead, she had been given virtually no curves whatsoever in her maturity. She was about as flat as a piece of sliced bread. Sure, she might have grown some breasts compared to her youth, but it was nothing like the other girls. She was lanky, awkward and flat-chested, a terrible and unattractive combination, in her opinion. And that is where the main problem with Chelia's visit laid.

Wendy stopped in front of a magazine rack being displayed outside of a store. There were several fashion magazine issues with Chelia Blendy herself on the front cover. While Chelia might not have seen Wendy in a long time, Wendy had certainly seen Chelia a lot. The young woman had become a model, likely at the insistence of Jenny Realight or someone else she knew. It made sense, though; Chelia was beautiful. As she flipped through the pages, Wendy's cheeks tinged with red. Not only was she extremely pretty, but her breasts were huge. She had incredible curves for someone her age, an hourglass shape that rivaled the likes of Fairy Tail's bustiest ladies.

Wendy felt conflicted. She was happy about Chelia's success, sure, but at the same time, she also felt jealousy for her body, and she also felt a little turned on, oddly enough. She didn't know how to properly describe what she was feeling. It felt like something had changed in their friendship, at least in regard to how she felt about Chelia. They had really connected back during the Magic Games and spent most of their time together after it ended. Maybe it had to do something with that, she wondered. She could also blame all those baths she took with Lucy and Erza as having a bad influence, too.

"Wendy, you probably should stop staring at Chelia's pictures so much," Carla reminded her.

"Why? I'll buy the whole magazine, if that's what you think I should do." Wendy replied.

"It's because she is standing right beside you."

Wendy turned, and there they were, Chelia Blendy and those same boobs that were currently plastered across the double-page spread in her hands. Wendy immediately dropped the magazine. The young woman smiled back at her, her bobbed pink hair bouncing slightly in rhythm.

"Surprise!" Chelia embraced Wendy as hard as she could, literally throwing herself at the taller girl. Wendy felt Chelia's large breasts press into her stomach, and she felt herself start to lose balance a little. However, after a few seconds and regaining her bearings, Wendy happily returned the hug as best as she could. She was so warm, it made Wendy blush.

"I missed you, Chelia."

"So how have you been, Wendy? It's been so long! You've really grown! You look great!" Chelia was chattering away excitedly as the two girls walked side by side through the town streets. Wendy watched with a smile on her face as her shorter friend bounced up and down like an energetic puppy; it was quite adoring. Not to mention how much her breasts were bouncing too. Wendy mentally slapped herself. She should be paying attention to her friend, not her friend's breasts. Thankfully Carla had gone back to the guild to give them time alone. If she had been around right now, she probably would have slapped Wendy for real.

"Uh, things have been good. That's about it." Wendy chuckled.

"Oh, come on, it's been two weeks since I first told you I'd visit, and we haven't exchanged a word since! Surely something's happened!" Chelia stuck out her tongue.

It wasn't entirely because she was a little itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny bit attracted to her, but she really couldn't believe that anyone could have a chest so fully-grown and have it still be natural. The fleecy blouse Chelia was wearing had a low cut that really showed off the deepness of her cleavage. Wendy wondered why she didn't have something like that. Hadn't she been a good girl all her life? Being jealous of friends wasn't good; why did she have to be so self-conscious? Things had never been like this back when she was younger! Wendy wanted large breasts, but she honestly couldn't say why she wanted them so much. Probably a sense of belonging, anyway. And when it came to Chelia, maybe something else entirely was being masked by this desire for a superior chest. Wendy pummeled herself from inside her brain a few more times. She needed to calm down and keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

"No, really, nothing much. I've been doing a few missions, trying to gather some money together for rent. It hasn't been easy."

"Will you be alright?" Chelia asked with genuine concern in her voice.

"I...heh, I hope so. I just need to pick up the slack!"

"I'm sure you can do it! And I don't have much to say either, since you've already seen my newest modeling photos, hee hee!"

"Those were the new ones, huh?" Wendy laughed. She was freaking out on the inside, though. Chelia grabbed Wendy's arm, and her boobs wrapped themselves around the skinny limb, which made Wendy blush even more.

The two girls continued walking toward a restaurant, where they got themselves an outdoor table. Wendy and Chelia talked about anything that came to mind, from missions, their friends, their latest interests, and other things. Wendy learned that Chelia had recently gotten a gig as a secondary character in an upcoming film; it would definitely help her get even more well-known. Wendy was honestly excited for her; it would be so awesome to get to see her friend on the big screen. Hopefully she got a few lines too. Wendy wished she had something more to say about her own life. She had fought a few dark mages, brought down several crime syndicates, but nothing too interesting for a Fairy Tail mage these days. She still wasn't on the same level as Natsu or Gajeel. She was just trying to make due.

"Hey, Wendy, you don't have a boyfriend, do you?" Chelia suddenly asked out of the blue.

Wendy shrugged. "Nah."

"What about that boy? What was his name? Um, I think it was Romeo? I mean, a guy with a name like that must be romantic! And you've talked about him in your letters before!"

"Oh, yeah, well, we tried going out for a bit...but we agreed to break up. It wasn't working out." Wendy lied. She had actually been the one to cut off the relationship. After that, she started looking at Chelia's photos in magazines much more often.

"I see. I'm sorry to hear that." Chelia replied, yet she didn't sound as sorry as she probably intended.

"What about you? Didn't you like Lyon back at the Magic Games?"

"Actually, I've long since gotten over him. I realized it was...just wishful thinking on my part." Chelia replied with a slight smile.

Wendy shrugged. "I always thought he was kind of a jerk, to be honest,"

"Heh, he's definitely a good person, I assure you, and I'm totally over it. I think things are a lot better right now." Chelia replied, but she didn't elaborate any further, and Wendy didn't press her to continue. The two girls simply took their seats and received their menus. Wendy did want to know more, though. The longer amount of time she spent with Chelia, the more frustrated she became internally. She didn't know how she felt about anything anymore. She was full of happiness, jealousy, and even desire all at the same time, and it was being projected toward this girl she saw as her dear friend.

The desire was a strong one right now. Wendy had some thoughts about what it would be like to love another woman, particularly since she knew a few girls in the guild who had such interests. If she had to pick a girl she would fall in love with, it would definitely be Chelia. She was just perfect. It might be where her jealousy came from; she wanted Chelia's body in more ways than one. That could be it.

There wasn't much she could really do but just eat and act like nothing was wrong. She didn't want to make Chelia worry with her weird, confusing sexual identity issues. That was the last thing she wanted.

"I'm really glad I get to see you again, Wendy,"

"M-me too!"

The girls ate their food, still chatting all the while. Chelia loved to talk, and Wendy loved to let her talk, if only so she didn't need to talk about her own boring life anymore. Wendy stared at her the entire time, musing over her feelings for the girl now and then. Eventually, they finished eating, so they paid the check and took leave, heading off for who knows where. As long as they were with each other, it would be fine.

Suddenly, looking down the road, Chelia let out a gasp. A stout man in a beret and a larger, muscled man with large sideburns were wandering through the crowds, getting closer with every second. She latched out to grab Wendy's hand.

"Oh! Uh, c'mon, Wendy! Over here for a moment!"

"Huh? What? W-Wait...!"

Chelia started running, taking the taller girl along for the ride. Wendy nearly tripped a few times, since it wasn't easy getting dragged around by someone much smaller than her, but her words to slow down fell on deaf ears. Chelia didn't stop until they were hidden within the shadows of an unfinished building structure behind the fishing shop, quite a ways away from their original location. Chelia and Wendy stood there panting for a few seconds before they both had the strength to speak again.

"What was...what was that for?" Wendy breathed.

"I'm sorry," Chelia replied, wiping her brow, her chest heaving, "I saw...I saw my manager and the director approaching...I didn't want them interrupting my fun, like they usually do..."

"What? They were here? But why? I thought you were visiting..."

"Yeah, I am, but really, I'm not supposed to be out right now!" Chelia giggled. "It's a secret!"

"You ran off, just to see me?" Wendy asked. "But why are they here anyway?"

"Didn't I tell you? The movie's going to be filmed here in Magnolia Town!"

"It...it is?" Wendy couldn't believe it. It was almost too good to be true.

"That means we can see each other a lot more for a long while! It's awesome!" Chelia exclaimed. She embraced Wendy. Wendy hugged her back since she didn't know what else she could do. They held this position for some time, and then separated. Chelia grabbed Wendy by the shirt, and very violently, jerked her down so they were both at eye level. Wendy's entire face flushed with heat. A sad smile formed on Chelia's oh-so-kissable lips.

"Wendy...I'm sorry, but I can't hide from them forever if they're here. I'm going to have cut things short for today. Is that alright with you?"

"Well...if you have work to do, you probably should go do it...but don't worry, I'm not upset. I know you'll do great with acting!"

Chelia smiled. "Wendy, I like you. I like you a lot."

"I like you too, Chelia." 'More than you'd probably know...'

"So," Chelia kissed Wendy on the cheek and shoved a small object into the stunned woman's hand, "Come and visit me whenever you want. I'm going to be staying at an apartment in town for a few months. I'll only be around at night, but we can have a sleepover or something. I want to make sure we cover everything, Wendy!"


"Heh heh, I'll see you later! It's really great to see you again!"

Chelia pat Wendy on the head, kissed her on the other cheek, and ran off. Her well-shaped backside swung back and forth with each step she took. Wendy looked down at her palm, and saw that it was a piece of paper. A room number had been hastily scribbled on it. There was also a chibi version of Chelia's face, winking back at her.

Wendy no longer felt jealous.