Just a little short story

She walked into the the ball room, everyone stopped and looked at her. She was gorgous, absolutely stunning.

What little I knew she would end up with my enemy/co-worker, Arnold Janks. He was rich just like I, but he was

a snob about it. Me I didn't like people to know how much money I had, but he didn't care what people knew, as

long as they knew he had money.

Arnold and I both walked up to this new women, Makenzie was her name. She smiled at both of us and she

chose me to danse with, we danced pretty much all night and had nothing in common. I thought it would work out

until walked up and stole her from me. We were having so much fun; laughing, dancing and singing to

the songs we liked. She was a fantastic dancer, just like me.

I sulked and walked over to the buffet to stuff my face, then I gragged my plate and sat at one of the tables. As I

ate I watched her dancing with him, it was awful. When her back was too me Arnold would laugh at we silently and

actlike a two year old, I just wanted to punch him out.I kept my cool. Then she smiled at me while her head rested

on his skinny shoulder, so I got up and left.

On Monday after the ball Aronld walked into the office smiling and with his head held high.

"What are you smiling about Janks?" I asked coldly.

"Makenzie and I are now seeing one another. We went out for dinner at the new fancy restaurant on Divison street,

it was beautiful. Sunday was a beautiful day and I will never forget Saturday night."he braged.

"Why is that?"

"Because I got the girl and you did not," he grined.

I don't know what came over we. The next thing I knew Arnold Janks was on the ground holging his nose with both

hands, he even cried. What a whimp. Everyone in the office clapped, they hated Arnold a lot but he threatened them

the last time he almost knocked out. The boss came out and told me to go home to cool off the rest of the day and

he'll see me tomorrow bright and early for work. I went home and sleeped.

What a weird weekend. Oh and Arnold never bothered me, and Makenzie married him and then she found out what

a jerk he was and divorced him a year later. Haha what a shrimp.