Fate of the Fifth Dragon

By: Phoenix Ride

Ch.1: 5000 Years Ago

5000 years ago, the world was a dark and cruel place. A portal from the Netherworld had opened allowing the fearsome creatures known as Earthbound Immortals to take over the land. However, one gracious spirit, was not willing to let these beasts destroy the world. That spirit's name was none other than the Crimson Dragon.

Gathering five other brave dragons to help him with his fight the Crimson Dragon took on the forces of the Netherworld, and forced them to return from whence they came. However, what the Crimson Dragon didn't expect to happen were the loss of two noble dragons.

The spider Immortal, Uru, captured Ancient Fairy Dragon in one of his webs and started to drag her down to the Underworld with them. Enraged by this action, Power Earth Dragon dived into the portal after the Earthbound Immortals and was sealed inside the Netherworld with them.

"We got to them out of there," said Black Rose Dragon to the Crimson Dragon.

"There's nothing we can do," said the Crimson Dragon.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Stardust Dragon.

"The portal has been sealed" said the Crimson Dragon " it will not open again until another 5000 years pass,"

"So they're stuck down there," said Red Dragon Archied.

"Yes," said the Crimson Dragon.

"So this is the Netherworld," said Power Earth Dragon, looking around.

The Netherworld just seemed to be some gaint, dark cave with a lake of lava splitting through the earth. It was indeed a frightening sight to behold, but Power Earth Dragon didn't come all the way down here to enjoy the scenery, he had a misson and intended to complete.

"Don't worry Ancient Fairy Dragon" said Power Earth Dragon " I'm coming for you,"

With that said Power Earth Dragon pumped his four wings and flew off to the King of the Netherworld's throne room.

The King of the Netherworld was dissapionted with his Earthbound Immortals. They had failed to take over the surface world, which meant no new souls would come to him this century.

His body was old and growing weary, if this never ending war was going to continue, he would neeed a new body. An extoridnary body, one that would never age, and be as powerful the dragons themselves. Little did the King know, his wish was about to come true.

Ancient Fairy Dragon was very sad of her present situation. The she-dragon had been put into a dark, cold cell until the King of the Netherworld decided her fate. Suddenly, a familiar voice snapped her out of her somber mood.

"Ancient Fairy Dragon" said the voice " are you alright?"

Ancient Fairy Dragon turned to see the grinning face of Power Earth Dragon on the other side of the bars.

"What are you doing down here?" asked Ancient Fairy Dragon.

"Rescueing you" said Power Earth Dragon " come on, we have to get out of here,"

"You're not going anywhere," said a unexpected voice.

Both dragons turned to see the dog Earthbound Immortal, Jakal Rasca, standing over them. Using his dark powers, Jakal Rasca forced the two dragons to follow him into the King of the Netherworld's throne room.

All the other Immortals were already gathered in the King's chamber. Thier eyes widened in surprise when they saw Jakal walk in with his two dragon prisoners.

"I thought we only captured one dragon," said Cocoria, the lizard demon.

"We did," said Uru, the spider.

"It seems this one" said Jakal, pointing to Power Earth Dragon " followed after us in order to rescue her,"

"A wasted effort," said Ascilla Piscu, the hummingbird.

"Very foolish," agreed Wicosa, the condor.

"Perfect," thought the King of the Netherworld, his wish for a new body would soon be coming true.

"What should we do with them my King?" asked Jakal Rasca.

"Deal with the she-dragon however you want" said the King, then pointed to Power Earth Dragon " as for him, his body is mine,"

Power Earth Dragon's eyes widened in horror as Ancient Fairy Dragon was dragged into the paws of the monkey demon, while the King of the Netherworld approached him, ready to fuse thier bodies as one.

However, Ancient Fairy Dragon would not allow a hate as horrible as this to befall one her best friends. Before being sealed away in stone, Ancient Fairy Dragon chanted a quick spell, releasing Power Earth Dragon's spirit from his body and making it fly out of the Netherworld.

The King of the Netherworld claimed his new form, and turned into a dark version of Power Earth Dragon.

"Victory is mine!" shouted the King.

Power Earth Dragon's spirit continued to soar until it landed in a pile of junk in Morphtronic City. A few of the morphtronics had been planning on building a new machine for quite awhile now and were surprised to find these glowing pieces of junk in the junkyard.

Gathering the glowing pieces, the morphtronics worked long and hard until they had completed a mechanical version of Power Earth Dragon. Power Earth Dragon's spirit awakened in his new metal body.

He thanked the morphtronics for all the work they have done, but was still saddened by the fact that only had he failed to save Ancient Fairy Dragon, but now his real body belonged to the King of the Netherworld.

"One day" said Power Earth Dragon " I will get my body back and rescue Ancient Fairy Dragon from the clutches of the Immortals. In my new form, I shall beat you King of the Netherworld, for now I am, the mighty Power Tool Dragon!"