Ch.8: Golden Light

Two days after Leo's unforseen trip to the Netherworld, the gang decided to have a night time barbeque in order to honor the blue-haired boy's safe return home.

Crow was busy cooking hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, with Akiza checking in now again to make sure burn the food to a crisp like last time. Jack had invited Carly over and they sat the picnic table talking over thier latest adventures.

Leo's adventure to the Netherworld would be a great headline boost for Carly, but since she didn't have any pictures to prove it. Like every other adventure Yusei and the others had, this would have to be a secret.

Yusei was just standing, looking at the stars, when Luna rushed over.

"Do you know where Leo is?" asked Luna.

"I thought he was with you?" asked Yusei.

Luna shook her head.

"Well, come on" said Yusei " let's go find him,"

Leo was sitting on a hilltop, near the lake, glancing at his new Power Earth Dragon card. All the horrors he had to suffer through had been worth it, he had a new card, and had kept his word.

Turning his yellow eyes to the sky, Leo smiled as he caught a glimspe of what Goodwin had called the Dragon Star. The star glowed bright red as soon as Leo's eyes locked onto it, and the Crimson Dragon appeared. The star mark glowing proudly on its chest.

Giving a mighty roar the Crimson Dragon summoned the spirits of five other dragons to come join it. Soon Black Wing Dragon, Red Dragon Archfiend, Stardust Dragon, Ancient Fairy Dragon, and Black Rose Dragon appeared by the Crimson Dragon's side.

The card in Leo's had started to glow gold and the spirit of Power Earth Dragon materilazed before him.

"Thank you Leo," said Power Earth Dragon to his young master.

"Your welcome" said Leo " will I ever see you again?"

"I will always be there for you Leo" said Power Earth Dragon " my two souls are for you to keep. Be well, my Master,"

"So long," said Leo, waving goodbye as Power Earth Dragon flew towards the friends he hasn't seen in thousands of years.

With one last great roar the Crimson Dragon dissappeared, this time, with all the Signers joining it.

"Leo!" called Yusei, as he and Luna ran up where the blue-haired boy was sitting.

"What are you doing out here? " shouted Luna " don't you know how upset I'd be if you ever dissappeared again?"

"Sorry" said Leo, getting up, but still looking towards the sky " just saying goodbye to a friend,"

Yusei grinned in understanding.

"Well come on" said Yusei, putting his hands on the twins shoulders " let's go back to the party before Crow burns those burgers to a crisp,"

Yusei's statement made the threesome laugh all the way back to the twins mansion. And as the Signers celebrated in harmony, the Dragon Star shined brighter than ever.

The End