The first kiss

I base this off of spin the bottle this is my first story I'm 14 cut me some slack

Chapter 1

Today was the day thought Clark. Diana's mothers decide to have party thrown for Diana, who

now turning thirteen, on "paradise" island. Witch he was pretty sure Ollie and the Bana girls

won't try no kissing tricks, considering the last time didn't work so well and at that note Clark

start rubbing his lips. At that thought Clark remembered his kissing game with Diana getting

swat by her mother's blade was well worth it. He hope Bruce and Zee won't be the only couple

for long. He want to ask the Queen can he take her little sun, moon, and stars on a date but he

also wanted head still attached to his shoulders. "Ma did you wrap your gift yet?" asked Clark.

Martha Kent look at her son and said "No kissing today Clark." "Okay ma" said Clark with little

less enthusiasm noted Martha. After breakfast Clark took off for Themyscira. "oh Diana get up

we get to see Clark again wake up!" Diana didn't want wake up yet. She having a good dream

about Her and Clark walking in the park and just about to kiss until Donna woke her up. "Come

on mother said I can't eat unless you wake up come down stairs. I'm begging you please." All

right I'm coming.' Diana said while chuckling. "I'm my way down" Yes!" Donna said

cheerfully. Queen Hippolyta was worried. Diana was started to get to close Clark. It was scaring

her that her daughter was actually was start like Clark as more than a friend. She wanted to

believe she overreacting as a mother but last week when she decided to "talk" with Diana until

Donna had chirp in and said "Diana the Bana girls said you like Clark. Is it true?" Diana blushed

but said no. Now the Queen worries about her daughter with Clark especially after that kissing

contest between the two yet, she like the Clark stood up for her. She took notice that Diana didn't

stick up for the one they call Ollie and that she started to call Clark Kal. She now have to really

keep a close eye on the pair. Queen Hippolyta had ask Clark to come two hours before the party

so they could have understanding. Clark just had made it onto the island. The queen ask him to

two hours early but, he didn't know. He hope she don't attack him.

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