Beast Boy knocked the door with a knuckle, balancing pizza boxes and a bag of chinese food in the other arm.

"Terrraaaaaaaa?" he called through when there was no answer, knocking again, "You in, chica?"

He waited, growing steadily more concerned. Finally, he reached through the letterbox to where the keys were still in the inside lock – typical Terra – and let himself in.

"Ter?" he called again, poking his head into the hall of her tiny flat. There was nothing out of the ordinary – apart from the breadcrumb trail of tissues leading from the sitting room to the kitchen and further down the hall.

Beast Boy closed and re-locked the door behind him, kicking his shoes off. Readjusting the food in his arms, he ventured down the hallway and knocked on the door of the only bedroom.

"You can't come in!" Terra's voice, a little muffled and nasal, floated through. Beast Boy rolled his eyes, grinning, and pushed the door open.

"I'm not gonna catch your cold," he dumped the boxes on the bed infront of Terra, who was lying in the dark and surrounded by tissues, music playing softly, "Haven't gotten sick since I was a kid."

"It wasn't for your benefit," she mumbled, glaring half-heartedly, raking through her hair with her fingers and reaching for pizza simultaneously, "just don't open the curtains."

"What was that?" Beast Boy teased, "I can't hear you through the snot."

Terra threw a tissue at him and he laughed, stealing the boxes of Chinese food out from next to her.

"Fine, but this special fried rice? It's hot and its miiiine!"

Not even bothering with chopsticks, he shoved a handful of food into his mouth, his cheeks puffing out like a hamster's. It took less than a second for Terra's bad mood to melt away into peals of loud, raspy laughter.

"You win," she chuckled, settling back with her pizza. They ate in silence for a while and Beast Boy finally located the source of the music – earbuds were dangling loosely around Terra's neck. Grinning to himself, he slithered over the bedcovers and snuggled up to her, wrapping his arms around her tiny frame.

He felt Terra shift to compensate for him.

"What are you doing?" she asked slowly

"You may-ay-ay-ay beeeee a million miles a-waaayy" Beast Boy crooned softly, lips brushing her collarbone

"You've been ripping my CDs again, haven't you?"

"Please beliiiieeeve mee, nya, when you hear me sa-aay"

"Beast Boy-" Terra sighed, pushing him off of her.

"I love youuuu," he grinned and rested his forehead against hers, "I love youuu."

"You dork." Terra murmured, "And you better return that album pronto; it's vinyl for chrissake-"

Beast Boy covered Terra's mouth with his hand, laughing "I'm being romantic, Ter. Now shut up and kiss me."