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Rose grabbed her laptop that her grandparents gave her for her birthday. She heard that there was a website that had chat room like things for Hogwarts students. She was now 20 and in Healer training and wanted to catch up with old classmates.

Name: Rose Molly Weasley

Username: goldengirl23

Year at Hogwarts: 2024

School House: Ravenclaw


Rose looked at the two chat rooms she could enter…

Ravenclaw: potterboy121, lilgoldengirl2, ravenfairy_23

2024: potterboy121, scorpion001

scorpion001: hi, welcome to HogsNet

goldengirl23: hi, thank you

scorpion001: who are you?

goldengirl23: why should i tell you?

scorpion001: because i asked nicely ( ;

goldengirl23: well, Scorpius, I like the gentlemen act but…

scorpion001: but…

goldengirl23: i have to talk to my cousin from america, bye

scorpion001: bye, goldengirl23

goldengirl23: hey albus, how is life in america?

potterboy121: lovely, and i found aly longbottom!

goldengirl23: YAH!

potterboy121: so, how is healer training?

goldengirl23: good, why is scorpius being so nice?

potterboy121: you are new blood, he don't know its you

goldengirl23: he still a man whore?

potterboy121: yeah, duh. he doesn't get dates on her though

goldengirl23: too smart for him

potterboy121: he's going to try hard on you. lily says its bad

goldengirl23: really? how do you talk to others?

potterboy121: go to your profile, change pic if you want…

goldengirl23: then he'd know

potterboy121: then add the others as friends. dad's on here

goldengirl23: cute!

potterboy121: talks to his classmates, draco malfoy one

goldengirl23: good, maybe dad will get off his hippogriff about him

potterboy121: aly's here. got to go, love you!

goldengirl23: love you too! say hi for me!

lilgoldengirl2: ROSE!

goldengirl23: LILY!

lilgoldengirl2: scorpius hit on you yet?

goldengirl23: just asked for my name

lilgoldengirl2: tell him?

goldengirl23: no

lilgoldengirl2: play with him! play his game, make him fall in love

goldengirl23: and break his heart! nice idea! albus found aly!

lilgoldengirl2: i know! ok, you going to do it?

goldengirl23: sure

lilgoldengirl2 logged off

Lily apperated into Rose's room and Rose started to talk to Scorpius again.

goldengirl23: hello, mr. malfoy

scorpion001: ah, back to talk goldengirl23. what do i owe this pleasure?

goldengirl23: why do you want to know my name?

scorpion001: so i can remember you

goldengirl23: well when i'm ready, i will tell you

scorpion001: how long, my dear, might that be?

Rose and Lily fell off their seats laughing at his last question.

scorpion001: are you still there?

goldengirl23: yes, sorry, cousin came in

scorpion001: you have lots of cousins?

goldengirl23: maybe

scorpion001: oh? Ok

goldengirl23: …

scorpion001: you know me, so do i know you?

goldengirl23: maybe

scorpion001: why are you toying with me?

goldengirl23 logged off

"He is going to hate me."

"No, you are doing great. You're toying with him and he is reacting to it. It's what he's done to me too much."

"You reacted?"

"God no! Yuck!"