"Now do you see why I want to quit?"Noah Puckerman looked down at his 7 year old daughter and tried to bite back a smile. Standing there, with her hands on her hips, Talia was giving him a look that she had clearly learned from her mother. Beside him, Rachel was wavering between cooing over Talia's little pink tutu and cringing over the ballet recital they had just one could ever deny the fact that the combination of Puckerman and Berry genetics had resulted in a beautiful child. Talia had huge hazel eyes with a thick fringe of lashes, thick, shining dark hair, an olive complexion and natural grace. From the time she could walk, she'd loved running around the yard with her father and took to any sport he tossed her way like a fish to , thrilled to enroll her little girl in dance classes, had always encouraged her, though the little girl was clearly not enamored of tap, jazz and ballet. But this year, the little girl had started coming home and mentioning the fact that she'd like to quit dance all together. At Rachel's urging, she had stuck with the classes through the recital, as Rachel figured the whole quitting thing was just a the recital though…Puck though perhaps he knew where Talia was coming from. It had been clear from a young age that Talia took after him in some respects. She was tall for her age, had broad shoulders for a girl and was more…sturdy than petite. Up on the stage, surrounded by a group of dainty little dancers, all prancing, she kind of looked like a line backer cutting through a herd of grace did not always translate to dance was clearly heartbroken by this revelation, but did her best to smile through the trauma. "I understand now, sweetie," she said to their daughter, "Is there something you'd rather do than dance?"Puck grinned as their daughter brightened and threw her arms around Rachel. "Thank you! Thank you! And, yes, I saw a flyer for music lessons when I left my voice coach the other day!""Piano? Or maybe violin?""Guitar!"************************************************Nothing against sturdier, athletic little girls! I was one myself and took ballet for mom's benefit. After sitting through a recital, daddy bribed me with a new dirt bike to quit…an offer I was all too happy to accept, as I hated those classes.