Out of Bounds

Author's Note: Sam and Andy's second undercover assignment spins wildly out of control. Take the M rating seriously! Other than Noelle getting a leadership role and Dov being Dov, this fic is all about finally getting epic hot, steamy McSwarek sex followed by frank and fun pillow talk between everyone's favorite couple. Even non-smokers will need a cigarette afterward, so don't say you weren't warned.

Since this is my first ever fanfic, I made full use of the few advantages an amateur has over the real writers who get to see the hot cast actually do what they write: being able to have characters swear freely and not having to worry if the police op is way too ridiculous for even TV cops. So prepare to suspend disbelief more than usual. (i.e., This is sort of like polished network-friendly Rookie Blue's trashy 'Skinemax' cousin.) If that sort of lowbrow slumming offends you, consider skipping this one.

Special note: I think they made some adjustments to cut down on the exhibitionism issue since this hotel/sports complex was first built, but my vague memories of the news stories from years ago are what triggered the idea for this. I don't really know much about the real setup, so again, special suspension of disbelief required by locals or those who have visited the Rogers Center complex. Please don't hate me if you're a sport nuts for whom this is sacred ground.

I have no rights to Rookie Blue or any of the fantastic characters the real talent created.

Chapter 1: Steaming the Windows-On Ice No More

Andy was even more agitated than Sam had expected. "McNally, would you try to relax a little? You don't have to answer any questions convincingly to keep cover this time. All you have to do is 'pretend' a little fooling around with me isn't any more of a chore than it would be for your run of the mill hooker."

She shot him a dirty look, wondering if she'd imagined the slight emphasis on the word 'pretend.' "Yeah, right! Because this is such a simple, straightforward mission." she snorted.

"I'm just saying it doesn't' have to be such a big deal if you think about it the right way. Just pretend I'm one of those utterly unsuitable guys you used to make out with to piss off your Dad. That shouldn't be too much of a stretch from the way you see me anyway, McNally…" Sam said with more bitterness than he'd intended.

"What's that supposed to mean…" she demanded.

"…and you're pretty good at cutting things off that aren't meant to be finished." he added.

"Nothing. Forget it. I shouldn't have said that. Look, why don't you call Nash on her secure cell and try to talk through the jitters? I seem to be making it worse." Sam suggested.

"Fine," she huffed.

Andy chatted nervously on the phone with Traci trying to avoid 'over thinking' Sam's comments and keep her mind off the real reason this assignment was freaking her out. As she laughed and mocked the exhibitionists who got off on having sex in the Renaissance Hotel's rooms with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Blue Jays baseball stadium, she was oblivious to how she looked peeling off her over-the-top hooker boots. Sam couldn't take his eyes off those long, tanned legs as Andy sat on the bed in her micro mini skirt stretching her them and flexing her sore feet. Between that and hearing her talk about the kinky acts this room was occasionally used for by the adventurous, Sam was having more doubts than ever about being able to handle this one.

The mayor was rattled by the recent murders of exhibitionist couples staying in this upscale hotel in the heart of the tourist district, even if it was a bit notorious for the occasional risqué activity taking place in its unique rooms. He had pushed to TOPD to catch this guy immediately before the press realized the murders were believed to be connected and sensationalized them.

Investigators had zeroed in on a former concierge who had been in a nasty custody dispute before his ex apparently jumped into the exhibitionist act with a new guy to piss him off, succeeded too well, and wound up dead. Unfortunately, the detectives didn't have enough evidence to charge him or prove that he struck twice more in the hotel itself. They believed the perp picked his other victims by monitoring the entrance on the nights of home games, then watching stadium-side to see which had a thing for having their fun in front of those scandalous windows, and hacking into the hotel's system through a WiFi security flaw to track when they left their rooms later. After years of experience helping celebrities dodge the paparazzi, he knew what he was doing to avoid being seen or recorded by security cameras.

So they'd put together this rather desperate sting attempt, hoping to bait him and trap him into coming after them in the parking lot tonight like he'd done to two previous couples. Sam had thought that after their undercover stint as a low life criminal couple he'd be able to manage this too. The force didn't have any other couple skilled enough to pull this off on short notice, so Sam and Andy were who the brass pushed for after their success on Division 15's biggest drug bust. They'd both reluctantly agreed, unable to admit why it would be so much more difficult, beyond the obvious fact that trying to provoke a serial killer into going after them was even more dangerous.

But now he wasn't so sure he could fully keep his head in the game during this more intimate bit of role playing with McNally. Especially with her back in that skimpy damn outfit! It was hard enough the first time she'd donned that getup, and that was with the rest of the team around-especially Oliver who watched him like a hawk whenever McNally was anywhere nearby. Sam turned abruptly away and headed off to take a cold shower and get himself prepared for going just far enough with Andy to bait the killer into coming after them later in the underground garage.

When he walked out with a towel slung around his hips, McNally was over by the window trying to practice letting herself be seen to be sure Noelle was monitoring the right room. Sam had insisted that none of the male officers or detectives who were positioned outside the hotel be given the room number or any binoculars to gawk at Andy. Noelle was the only one he trusted to keep a visual on them with the right balance of diligence and discretion.

Andy had just hung up when she turned and spotted Sam. A second ago she was strung tight as a drum, petrified about having to put on act for a psychopath somewhere within the sea of strangers on the other side of those huge windows. But one glance at Sam nearly naked with his hair wet from a shower-he took a shower?-and thoughts about anyone else flew out of her head. My God, he was hot! She swallowed thickly. Suddenly she was more worried about herself for an entirely different reason.

The second McNally looked at him, every last benefit of that cold shower evaporated. The sexual tension they always tried to keep firmly buried bubbled up between them. The way she was staring at him was wreaking havoc on his judgment. He knew he should crack a corny joke or say something to piss her off to break the mood. But he felt an irresistible urge to keep that look in McNally's eyes a little longer and remind her, just a bit, of what she'd thrown away all those months ago. So instead he sauntered over to where she stood frozen in place near the windows.

"So you don't see how any normal person could get sucked into the exhibitionist thing?" He raised a challenging eyebrow and gently turned her to look out at the field with its brilliant glaring lights. "You don't think it could start innocently enough with a normal couple admiring the uniqueness of the view?" he gestured out the window.

He put his arms loosely around her waist and continued speaking softly into her ear. In that voice, the one that always did her in. It was the one he'd used when he said her name 'McNally' that night after they'd first been paired together. The one that had damn near caused her to jump into bed with him on just her second day on the job. Oh God, she knew now she wouldn't have the strength to resist that Sam a second time. What was he doing? Her senses were already completely aflame from that seductive voice, the feeling of his nearly naked, freshly showered body so close behind her, the tickle of his damp hair as he spoke into her ear…and the way just the tips of his fingers made occasional contact with bare skin as he ever so slowly stroked her stomach.

Sam continued to make suggestions in that hypnotic voice, "Maybe the guy just absently starts touching his girl, not really meaning anything by it. Not really intending to be one of those who put on a show, at least not at first. But a brush of bare skin, a catch of her breath, and suddenly he has to know-is she embarrassed? Or excited? Maybe he decides to slowly test the waters, just a little bit, to find out."

Sam's fingers brushed ever so slightly beneath the waistband of her tiny skirt and her equally tiny halter top rode up higher to give his palm more access to her midriff. Andy's breath caught as her muscles clenched reflexively. "A normal woman would make him stop before it went too far in front of these damn windows," she finally protested in a weak, shaky voice that didn't sound like her own.

"Is that so?" he murmured. "What if he did something shocking, moved quickly? Are you so sure she'd object? Or can some things be impossible to walk away from?" he murmured.

Sam was lost in the fantasies that had chased his mind like demons ever since the night of the blackout. He wasn't even really aware that he was actually doing this, playing with fire like this with the real Andy during a real operation. But suddenly he was seized by an overwhelming urge to erase his retreat that night and instead push things a little, to force her to admit she had wanted him for more than a comforting shoulder to cry on.

"McNally…" Before his brain could talk him out of disaster, Sam did the unthinkable. He suddenly dipped his hand much lower, touching Andy where he had no right, not even sure what he was trying to provoke her into doing.

Suddenly, everything changed. Andy let out a strangled cry that seemed to be wrenched straight from her soul. Sam felt the undeniable truth about just how turned on Andy already was. He was jolted to his core. This was no longer a playful test of wills. He'd been playing with fire and now both of them were igniting beyond control. He told himself he had expected her to elbow him in the ribs and tear away from him. But instead she arched her back as if she'd just been hit with a lightning bolt. She shuddered, clutched his forearm to her with her right arm and pulled the nape of his neck closer with the other. Sam was stunned by her reaction, the way he could feel her whole body flex and tremble. He tripped forward clutching reflexively at her little halter with his other hand.

Before he knew what happened, the tiny garment came undone and was bunched in his hand. Andy was exposed in all her topless glory as they stumbled up against the huge windows. She splayed her palms against the glass for balance. The height on the 15th floor and the feelings flooding through her at Sam's touch made her unbelievably dizzy. The shock of the cold glass against her breasts made her gasp. Her body clenched as the beginnings of what she knew was going to be the biggest orgasm of her life rippled through her. She tried to fight against it, but Sam could feel it too.

Sam had gone instantly from shock at what he'd done to a haze of lust. His right hand continued doing unspeakable things while the sexy whispers became hoarse, urgent commands. "Let go for once McNally. Be honest and admit how you really feel. Tell me you want this. Tell me we belong together."

After the first jolt of shock, ripped through her Andy lost all control. The strain of tightly controlling her feelings for so long was finally too much. She mentally hurled all the rules and 'should nots' she'd been carrying around in the trash. Andy never thought she was the type, but the thrill of breaking so many taboos washed over her in a rush like nothing she'd ever known. But she also desperately wanted to drive Sam over the edge with her. She moaned and rubbed her breasts against the cold windows and ground her hips back against him, wordlessly answering.

"Say it," Sam demanded. "What do you want, Andy?"

"Alright, dammit! I want you! Only you!" the admission was torn from her. "Right here, right now. I don't want to stop this time! Is that what you want to hear?" she ground out. Then she pleaded. "Don't let me go over the edge alone. I need you. Please, Sam, please!"

The pleading killed his ability to pull them back from the brink. Beyond all control, Sam complied with an urgency that matched hers. All the months of suppressed feeling exploded freely. He clutched at her hips as she still braced herself against the windows. Both were frenzied in their movements and quickly climaxed…just as a player hit a home run and a loud cheer arose from the crowd. That meant thousands of eyes focused in their direction. Families, not just the perverts who came to the games in hopes of a peep show.

Oh shit!