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Chapter 5: Keeping It in the Vault

"Noelle, you were a rock tonight. You really earned your leadership bones. You have great instincts reading people, and you focus on the right things to make big decisions under pressure. I wouldn't have had the confidence to do this without knowing you backed us and thought we could handle it."

"I have to admit you pulled yourselves together and did a hell of a job confronting that guy. But Sammy?" Noelle waited to make sure she had his full attention as they emerged from the elevator onto the roof.

"Yes?" he turned to face her.

"You're still doing my paperwork for six months, and don't even think about dumping it on the next batch of rookies," Noelle warned.

"That's not why I said it, Noelle. I meant every word, and a deal's a deal." He protested emphatically. "But if you do ever feel like commuting my sentence…" he grinned.

"Oh no, un-uh, don't even start trying to work me with the dimples, Swarek. I mean, you do know I can't call you Dimples any more anyway, right?" She added deadpan.

"What? Why, because you're still mad at me?" he asked with mock innocence.

"Hell yes, I'm still mad at your sorry ass! But that's not why."

"Well?" he prompted her with that trademark impatient cock of his head.

"Now that I know it's not your best asset, I'll have to come up with something else," she gave his crotch a pointed glance and smirked.

Sam's jaw dropped and he actually blushed.

"Sam Swarek, speechless and blushing. At least I finally got something good out of this night." Noelle grinned patted his cheek, and walked away toward her car. "Go put McNally to bed, Swarek. And for God's sake, keep it in your pants and let her sleep."

"Yeah, yeah, Williams, you're hilarious. Why don't you just play Marvin Gaye when we walk into parade tomorrow while you're at it?" Sam groused. He turned and scowled at Andy, who was openly laughing at him. "Who's side are you on?" he complained.

"I'm sorry," she gasped. "But she's got a point. I mean, who would have guessed there was something about you that could eclipse the dimples? No wonder you strut around the Division the way you do. Really, it's a wonder you keep your feet on the ground at all. Now I know why Monica hates me so much." she choked out, walking backward in order to keep a step ahead of him.

"McNally…" Sam warned closing the gap between them "Don't have too much fun with this. I'm sure you've earned a new nickname yourself." he said with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh God, you're right. Too soon. Let's not start a contest about who's most embarrassed about tonight." she said contritely. "Anyway, you heard Noelle, take me home to bed…Lover Boy." she added winked.

"You heard that, huh?" he asked making a grab for her. She dodged Sam's grasp with a yelp, spun and lunged toward his truck. Sam chuckled and rounded the front of the truck more slowly, glad for her lighthearted mood.

Just then Dov emerged from the shadows practically jumping up and down with excitement. "Hey Swarek, that was amazing man! It was so great to finally get to see the action as a major UC op goes down! You two rocked!" he enthused.

"Epstein, what are you doing up here?" Sam groaned.

"I brought your keys." He leaned in close as he handed them over. "Pretty great night, huh? You totally kicked ass, you get to take the hot girl home, and from what you all were saying I guess now she even knows you're, you know," Dov gestured halfway down his thigh. "Hung," he whispered.

Sam snatched the keys and crossed his arms over his chest. "Excuse me? Epstein, did you really just say that? You know, I was actually starting to be able to tolerate your yapping, and even occasionally find your spastic eagerness almost endearing. But really, kid, copping to ogling me in the locker room is pushing your luck." Sam mocked him, hoping to divert his attention.

"Oh no, no no. Sir, No! I don't do that, of course. It's just, well, it's common knowledge among the guys. And doing the assignment you just did, cozying up to someone as hot as McNally would make you-would make anyone, that is-you know…so of course she must have noticed." Dov babbled nervously. "Especially if Noelle even noticed from the Perv Post-that's what we all called her role in the op, by the way." He paused and frowned in confusion. "Wait. How exactly did Noelle notice? Unless…" His eyes widened.

Sam let out an irritated chuckle and clamped a hand on Dov's shoulder, turning him away from Andy. "Epstein, you really like to live dangerously, don't you?"

"No! SIR! I didn't mean any disrespect, Sir." Dov yelped.

"Listen up, because I'm only going to say this once. Letting your imagination run wild about things you don't understand could cause a lot of damage. If the gossip mill starts buzzing in the slightest about this op, you know Steve Peck and everyone else who is still ticked off about Bibby will use it to make McNally's life hell. So if you ever ask a question like that or otherwise speculate about what happened in that room to me or Andy or anyone else in the entire friggin Toronto PD, you'll be trying to say your next words with a broken jaw and no teeth. You got me?" Sam said in his best hard ass voice.

"Uh, yes sir! You got it, Sir. It's in the vault!" Dov promised.

"Good, just make sure you upgrade you're your little Cracker Jack vault to something more like Fort Knox. Now get out of here. Go to The Penny and brag to some stewardesses. But Epstein? When you tell your tall tales about tonight, you leave me and McNally out of it. Got it?"

"Got it Sir! Absolutely. Not a problem." Epstein backed away with a nervous smile.

Andy laughed as she and Sam got in the truck. "Sam, I think you just made him pee his pants."

"Good. He needs the fear of God in him to shut down his overactive hormone-fueled imagination because Epstein's 'vault' is usually about as leaky as a damn sieve even before he's drunk," Sam grumbled.

Andy just patted his thigh. He looked over at her and couldn't help but smile and shake his head. Trying to be both lover and partner to McNally really was going to be the death of him, but what a way to go. He looked up at the sky thanking his lucky that stars death hadn't literally called his number tonight.