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Destroyer had shaken up many of the members of the Justice League. After it had happened they seemed to realize how quickly things could change so many things occurred after it that may not have ever happened. Superman told Lois the truth and proposed, Batman and Wonder Woman began dating, and to no ones surprise Lantern left Vixen for Shayera.

Static wasn't kidding when he said Shayera was one cranky pregnant lady thought John as his wife complained about the watchtower temperature for the billionth time this hour.

"Ugh, J'onn's got a lot of nerve telling me I can't fight in 'my condition', and honestly, why is it so hot on this tower? All these super-powered genius freaks and we can't get anyone to lower the AC!"

He took a breath, " You're in your last few days of the term, remember, you could go into labor any second now."

She glared at him," One, I sincerely doubt I'm gonna pop in the next few hours," John flinched, regretting his tone," And two, just because I-AUGH!" she groaned, wincing and clutching her stomach.

"Um, Shay, honey, are you alright?" GL gulped.

"Fine, now as I was saying-AUGH!" She gasped then gritted her teeth, "John, I think the baby's coming!"

"Oh man, Oh man!" panicked John, desperately trying to remember what the doctor had told him to do during the delivery. "Okay first we need to um, um, uh...BLANKET'S WE NEED BLANKET'S!"


"RIGHT!" he fumbled trying to turn on the communicator, "Terrific, beam us up NOW, Shayera's in labor!"

"On it, and my I be the first to say congratulations."

John flinched as his wife strangled his hand while swearing her mouth off and screaming at him for putting her through this.

"Uuuuuuhhhhhhh relax your gonna be fine." He reasured her again.

She looked up at him, sweaty with a look pure fury. "JOHN STEWART IF YOU TELL ME TO RELAX ONE MORE TIME I'M GOING TO BREAK YOUR-AAAAAUUUUGH!" she screamed, nearly defening John as he wished this was all over.

"Just one more push." Coaxed the doctor, the Thanagarian screamed before taking one last, big breath.

"It's a boy." Stated the doctor before rushing out of the room in fear of getting his head smashed off.

John opened his eyes and there, lying in his wifes' arms, was a small, chubby, beautiful baby boy with emerald eyes that were obviously Shayeras'.

"Hello Rex." His wife said in a voice he'd never heard her use before, then, "He's not going to be able to fly." It was a statement, and she'd said it sadly.

"In the future he had wings, they looked like they were made of metal." He tried, wanting his wife to be happy.

"Maybe Bruce or Steel invented them?" She said cheering up at the thought of her baby boy flying someday.

A red blur ran through the room, "Dibs on godfather!" cried Flash before staring at the little half-Thanagarian.

"AAAWWWWW, look at the little guy..." He made a crazy face "gitchee-gitchee-goo!" causing the infant to erupt in a fit of giggles.

John looked at his son, The invasion, the betrayal, Mari, all of it was worth it, all of it was worth Rex. John thought, thanking God for what he'd been given.

Flash tapped his foot impatiently, "Seriously, though, who get's to be the Godfather?"