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When he lived on Mars, he'd had wife, children, and a family.

When he came to Earth, he made a new family with the seven members of the Justice League, which again changed when the Thanagarians invaded and the roster expanded. And of course later on there was his wife Chang-Lee Jones.

The League may have been his family, but his family was sorely lacking one vital thing: children.

He didn't think there was very much he could do about that himself, his Martian physiology prevented him from having children, and even if it didn't Chang was far to old to have a child. He missed his own children, and when he came here he was surprised to find that children of Earth were basically the same (physical appearance aside) as they were on Mars. He missed the calming presence children had on him and other adults.

Then John left Mari for Shayera and they had Rex. And Rex wasn't the only one. There was Mattie and Collin and Bella and Jen and Sophie and Jai and Barry and Chandra and Suraj and others.

He felt like each one of them was his own child, and got a surge of warmth every time one of them called him 'Uncle J'onn'. He saw little things in them that he loved and cherished.

Mattie was wicked smart and very headstrong. She was like another daughter to him, and it made it even better that her parents were Diana and Bruce; he'd wanted them to get together from day one.

Collin was caring and brave; a total cub-scout, and a spitting image of his father but stubborn like Lois. He knew Clark wanted a child and was thrilled when he learned of the pregnancy.

Rex was a fighter, just like his Mother. He was super stubborn and was an obvious army-brat, yet he could be sensitive if the time came. J'onn was happy that John had worked it out with Shayera.

Sophie was a little flirt, despite being 6, she had her Mom's looks and fighting skills and Canary cry and used them to her advantage. Her older sister Jen was also a good fighter and already had good looks with her Daddy's skill with Archery. He wondered what they'd be like when they were teenagers.

Jai and Barry were toddlers so their personality wasn't very developed, but they looked like their dad and had his powers. And appetite, which was proven when they beat him in an Oreo eat-off.

Isabella 'Bella' was as far as he could tell was fairly sane despite her parents...tendencies. She had a genius IQ, her Mother's fighting skills and had a completely devious little mind, which her parent's were completely proud of.

He considered them his own and would do anything for them, despite his uptight mannerisms. They gave the Watch Tower life when they came up (which was surprisingly often) and even the darker members seemed lighter when they were up.

He had children, though not biologically, they were like his own.

His family was complete.

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