Teen Titans- Chapter

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"For all life is a dream, and dreams themselves are only dreams."
~Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Pain. Hurt. Wounds.

No matter how you say it, it always comes back to say one thing. "I'm part of life."

Pain is both mental and physical. Nobody knew both like Garfield Mark Logan, otherwise known as Beast Boy.

He had endured it all.

His disease, Sakutia caused him extreme physical pain. Not only did it single him out from society, but it marked him with doubt. Although he recovered from it, with the help of a serum. The serum turned him green. Forever changing his life. But not until his parent's death, did it ever bring on the mental pains. Trickling water. Silence. A scream. Silence.

Only he escaped. But not unscathed. He bore terrible wounds. Not externally or even internally. Mentally. He always thought back, "Could I have saved them? It's all my fault." A natural reaction in how people, human or not, deal with casulaties. Rage, Regret, Sorrow. All part of the way those that witness a death, deal with it.

After that, he was taken by two robbers, who forced him to steal for them. He took severe injuries. This time more physical then mental. At that time, he did not understand all that he was doing. Only one thing rode his mind. Survival. And at that point, that's all that mattered.

Soon after a horrible experience with them, he is faced with someone whom he believes might be okay. Until he attempts to murder Beast Boy and left him once again alone. The fact that he remained alive was above his head. It would seem that it was no longer in his control.

However, a light shone upon him, and he was granted a family. A temporary one, but a family. One who cared, despite their occasional harshness. Mento was the only real harsh one, but not one soul could blame him. He was in fact, the leader of his team, Beast Boy's family. The Doom Patrol. They were a band of superheros, and they did what they had to to survive and protect the world from the Brotherhood of Evil. They continuosly harrass the world, until finally, they almost succeed. The Brain. He created a machine that could rip a black hole in any location of his choosing. During a mission, Beast Boy was forced to make a choice. The machine, or the team. His team. His... family. It was a no-brainer, and he saved his family instead.

The machine was taken down and the world saved. But all was over for Beast Boy. His family... had no choice. Mento made the rough decision. To release Beast Boy. He was a liability. A problem. And there was only one solution. Release.

The release took its toll on Beast Boy. For weeks, he was mentally distraught. He didn't know what he did wrong. Why Mento didn't want him. So he looked for the answer and found only one. That wasn't his family. He wandered about, and stumbled upon a man who looked only about 16 or 17. Upon approaching him, Beast Boy was amazed. It was Robin. The Robin. He said he worked alone now, and they teamed up to stop an alien from destroying the city, he figured out to be as Jump City. There, he met the prevoiusly mentioned Robin, once they defeated and teamed up with her, Starfire the alien princess, Cyborg, who was more relatable then they'de ever thought. After all, both were no longer technically human, and stood out due to an accident. Cyborg was half robot, Beast Boy half animal. And finally... Raven. She was different. The way she looked, talked, and acted. She was revealed to be a Demon, and a portal to her father, Trigon the Terrible. They survived the ordeal and something sparked in their friendship.

Raven probably didn't notice it, but Beast Boy did. He felt something more to her. He had a crush on her. He knew she wasn't going to just jump in love. After all, she couldn't show emotions very well. Also, Malichor. An evil mage, tricked her. Broke her spirit. Broke her heart. She vowed to never love again. He was shattered. But never gave up hope. After all, he'd lived this far on hope, better not give in yet. Finally, something happened that brought back a horrible blast of supressed memories.


She was horrible in his mind. He loved her. Right? He was actually never sure, but felt better around her. Unfortunantly, sometimes one can mistake that for love. He poured his heart out to her. And then she did the unthinkable. She shattered it. She crushed it. Her betrayal. It broke him like a thousand hammers on a pang of glass. It broke, and he never thought that it'd build back up. But they defeated her. Freed her. It was hard on Beast Boy. Almost too hard. Only one person kept him going. Raven. She was his angel in the dark.

Time passed and nothing romantic happened. Then finally, Robin and Star hooked up. Beast Boy was happy, but pangs of regret slammed into him. He wanted to tell Raven everything, but feared rejection. If she rejected him, what would be left. Would his new family turn him away. Side with Raven? And what about her? What would happen? Life wouldn't be easy. And it would rip him apart.

Then, out of the blue, life punched him again. Terra re-appeared. She came from nowhere. Just went to school. Without even telling him she was back. It would seem she had no memory. But as the last time he saw her, she told him something. "Maybe she doesn't want to remember. The hardships... her betrayal. Things change Beast Boy..."

Things Change. Things Change. His mind echoed that a million times over. He was confused. Distraught. Angry. Sad. But... he refused to let his team see him like that. Like every other trauma he endured, every injury, every memory, every scar, he put it in a jar and covered it all up with a facade of happiness. The Titans would never know his past. Never know when he was hurt. Raven and the rest had noted how he had never requested for help or healing from Raven. Never. Even after an incredibly hard hit. He never asked, they just gave it to him. Why?

And that was never answered. So Beast Boy decided, in order not to hurt the Titan's faith, he'd never reveal himself. Ever. That also meant his love. So be it.


"TITANS GO!" The familar battle cry rang out in the Tower, but for once, it wasn't for battle. It was for training. Every member went to their respective stations. Robin to a Boxing Ring to practice his dexterity and ability to face multiple foes, Starfire in aerial training to help her be more evasive in battle from the skys and retaliat with more force. Raven at a telekinetic station. To allow her to work on how much she would and could hold. Cyborg to a strenght station to improve his limits and human strength. And Beast Boy a speed station, to work on each animal's individual speed. This went on for 2 hours, each Titan fatigued. Robin gave them a 10 minute break.

"Alright, good work Titans. But get ready for our Team Fight. The brackets are being set up after I'm done talking, so you'll have to fight whomever. This time though, you WILL be allowed to use your powers. But not to a deveastating effect. Just to hone your skills one on one. Report back in 10." Robin walked off, and left Cyborg, Raven and Starfire to rest. Starfire was first to notice something.

"Friends. Where is Beast Boy?" The other 2 Titan's looked up from resting and glanced around. Only to hear a beeping noise coming from Beast Boy's station. He was still working. Cyborg walked over to him and looked into the current animal's eyes, which was an Elephant.

"Yo man. We're done. We've got 10 minutes. ... Yo? Anyone home?" Cyborg was confused as he looked into the determined eye's of Beast Boy. All of his body hurt. It all ached. But he wanted to be stronger. Faster. More reliable. But... he was going twice the speed an Elephant should go.

"HEY!" Finally, Cyborg broke though his thick layer of concentration. That's when reality hit him like a ton of bricks. First, Beast Boy morphed back, and then was thrown backwards. Then he collapsed. Cyborg was stunned at the sudden turn in events and raced over to his fallen companion. The first thing he check was for a pulse. Luckily he found one. Raven and Starfire raced over, concern on only one of their faces.

"He's fine. He just hit his limit and surpassed them by a long-shot. He'll be up in a short time I hope... Robin's not gunna let him miss for this." As if on cue, Beast Boy groaned and stirred.

"Cy... Star... Rae... where am I?" He sat up, and put his back to a wall. Raven was first to speak.

"You worked for once and passed out." She had sarcasm on her words, but he didn't mind. At least it went noticed.

"Hey man, you okay? You were pretty focused. Didn't mean to startle ya." Cyborg looked sincere and sorry. Beast Boy just shook his head and grinned, masking the truth of the situation.

"It's fine. I just went too far I guess. Are we good to go to sleep?" Starfire just shook her head and responded.

"No, we must remain here for a Team Fight. Though the fact that we must fight each other is still beyond me. And now we can use our powers. What is Robin up to?" The fight was nothing new. Though Beast Boy was never victorious. After-all, Cyborg was tied for strongest with Starfire. Robin was quick and able to fight hand to hand well. Raven was cunning and smart. Beast Boy... held no real advantages. And now with powers, they were all murk him again. But he didn't mind. They were all getting stronger so it was all good. Robin returned from the evidence room with the brackets.

"Alright team, it'll be Starfire vs. Raven, and me vs. Beast Boy. Since Cyborg won last time, he'll be the one the winner of it all faces. Any objections? No? Good, and remember, you can use your powers."

Beast Boy felt nervous and tired. He knew he'd be out in a matter of time. A pain crept into his muscles and left him dizzy at the thoughts of fighting. This wasn't going to end well...

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