This came to me while I was doing my homework... this is probably the closest thing I'll ever write to a crackfic. So enjoy! This is NejixTenten pairing!

Pandas and Cyclops on Camping Trips ^^

Tenten, leaning back against a tree trunk, was staring intently at the nighttime sky.

Gai Sensei had insisted that their team need some 'bonding time' so they'd all gone camping. Lee, of course, had been all for it. Neji and Tenten... not so much.

But here they were.

She sighed and scanned her eyes over the sleeping figures of her sensei and his look-alike student. Neji, who was laying closest to her was only pretending to sleep, but she didn't mind. Neji just probably wasn't in the mood for conversation.

Tenten's eyes returned to the sky. Slowly, they drifted over the full moon...

Funny. The stars around the moon seemed to make out the figure of a person... Tenten gasped.

If Neji were a Cyclops... well, he would look an awful lot like the night's sky.

Maybe it was lack of sleep, but Tenten was fascinated. She began to glance at the sky then to her team mate. Over and over and over again.

Finally, Neji opened one eye to look back.

When Tenten glanced from the moon to Neji, she froze, mesmerized...

After holding her gaze for a few minutes Neji sat up and opened his other eye. When there was suddenly two white orbs staring back at her Tenten tilted her head a bit, as if she couldn't see him.

"Is there something wrong?" he asked calmly.

Tenten didn't answer him.

When he didn't get a response, Neji leaned in a bit closer, searching her eyes, trying to tell what she was thinking. But Tenten's expression was blissfully blank. A bit frustrated, Neji frowned and raised an eyebrow.

"Tenten." he said again slowly. "What's wrong?"

This seemed to break the spell. Tenten back up a little. "Uh... nothing. Sorry."

Neji watched her for another moment before turning away, obviously not satisfied with her answer. "Good night then."

"Good night."


The next morning as they were walking back it was Neji who couldn't stop glancing at Tenten.

Freed from the moon's spell, Tenten was back to normal. She noticed the looks Neji was giving her, but ignored them, figuring that everyone had a right to their secrets.

Neji had had the weirdest dream after saying good night to her.

This Cyclops and this panda had been spinning in circles while making out. (What had he eaten the day before?)

But the strangest thing was that in the morning he'd noticed a creepy likeness between the panda in his dream... and his team mate.

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