*This is a fic based on the CBBC programme Mission 2110. Anything you recognise belongs to them, anything you don't is mine! This story is an AU (with an added OC) version of the storyline beginning at the start of the final episode (to explain just where all Caleb's intel suddenly appears from!) and expands on the story elements revealed in the online game. Basically I thought the story bits were great but the ending, after all that build up was rather rushed and flat so i've tried to rework it with a bit more explanation and a lot more action!

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Mission Upgrade

Chapter 1

He hadn't slept well, knowing what this day brought. The Final Mission. His elite team were brilliant. They would be spectacular. Everything hinged on this. Today was the day he'd been working towards for the last 5 years. Even the time portal seemed to be wishing him luck, the plant it presented him with this morning was unbidden, but definitely tasty.

He'd managed to find the coordinates to N Lab! Hidden right under his nose! They were a crafty lot who'd built it, he'd give them that. 3 sheets of schematics! 3! That's a lot of blue to print. But he'd been being all sensible reading them one at a time. But no. He'd had to get as sneaky as they were. Well, if he was honest, more frustrated than any real genius. But near enough.

In his exasperation he'd thrown all 3 together. He was about to storm back to Cybele and demand some answers or maybe get her to analyse the information when something caught his eye. Something had appeared in the lines, something that matched. In his excitement he nearly lost it again his hand barely avoiding the trembling at the thought of such a possible breakthrough. Carefully he cleared a space on one of his worktops. Hitting the switch -quite literally-'Must fix that that when I get time' he thought to himself, waiting for the reveal he hoped it was. The table blinked for a few moments then spluttered into blinding light.


There it was!

He couldn't believe it! It was there staring him in the face all this time!

" YES!" He cried leaping joyfully punching the air. N-Lab. He'd found it. Three sides of a plan. One on each schematic, hidden under everything else, every other line, print and design. It was well hidden. It had to be old. Maybe the first thing built on Future Gate? Or added later, a top secret project? Well whatever was in there, Neuros he bet, he'd know all about it soon enough and hopefully how to beat it. Just a bit more delving and then he and his elite recruits would bring about the end of the Tin Can Empire. Oh yes! He just wished the others could know what he was planning. What it would mean for all of them. If there were any 'them' left. He hoped those voices were still out there fighting on.

He was certain there were two of them, Cybele had tried to convince him that they were either a trap or so far away as to be no use to him. She warned him not to get distracted from his mission. He knew she was probably right, that it might all be a clever plot by the Roboidz but, but he had to hope, he couldn't help it. The idea of another person out there, people out there! Well, it kept him going when everything else seemed hopeless.

Oh, what was the name? One he thought was Angel something, but there was another he hadn't caught well, he knew he'd heard it at least once, what was it? He wracked his considerable collection of brains, Gear was it? Cog? Something mechanical, that sounded different to Angel anyways. Oh well, hopefully they were somewhere and would be safe and able to reach when he and his team succeeded.

He grinned at the memory, suddenly all tiredness forgotten 'Caleb you handsome genius, you and your recruits are going to show those kettle heads the meaning of resistance today when you defeat them for good!'

'Yes I will.'

'Thanks very much.'

'Don't mention it.'

He really should stop talking to himself.

The recruits had begun to give him funny looks over the last few days...

Right. Yes, the recruits. His elite recruits. Time to get started on the final mission preparations. Onwards to victory!

This signal jack had to work.

She was running out of time. The broadcasts were becoming more urgent. They were about to take on the most important mission of all and she was not going to be left out of it! She tugged at a handful of her grimy curls distractedly, her mind racing over all the possibilities and checks she could make.

The package had worked, she heard him puzzle over it that morning. So that could get through, one of her beloved plants had made it through. The organic structure wasn't nearly like what she was but it was the best thing she had to work with.

As always. She was the queen of improvising.


She was as ready as she'd ever be, as much tech kit and rations as she could strap to herself. Whatever it was that blocked her radio transmissions would surely be on the look out for her. But since he'd gotten the time scoop working there'd been more distractions, she'd managed to get a bit of static through.

Much as it tore at her she couldn't risk speaking to him again. Not yet. Open channels were dangerous enough. Plus, she what she had to share needed to be in person. A mint sprig through to a wave source was one thing, he was trying it out enough himself for her to get it through relatively safely. But communication? No, she didn't want to advertise herself. Not till it was too late anyway. There. She tweaked the last few wires. The frequency was sourced and locked. All Ready. She took a look around her home, her haven, her prison. It was time to go. Time to step into danger again. For the resistance. She patted her chest pocket. The professor was stored there safely, She'd off-lined him for the trip. Just to be on the safe side. She took a deep breath. The counter clicked down. She clutched her controller. 3..2..1! Both thumbs hit the transmit button as she shut her eyes and prayed.

The Recruits memories were remarkable, so too were some of their deceptive skills. They'd done very well so far. He was impressed. And wished his memory was that good. Oh well. No time for that now Caleb. Right. Onwards. There were 2 left and they had to move out of the cargo hold before any guards got notice of them. Children. So useful, all small and quick. But so noisy!

Seriously, he had no idea that such a small number of squishy things could be so loud! His lair almost rang with them. And this was AFTER stealth training! But be fair he told himself, they haven't had 5 years to hone their sneaking skills for fear of death by kettlehead. 5 years with no one to talk to save yourself and computer leaves at lot of silence to get used to.

Time to push on. They were getting closer to their final mission. Their ultimate goal.

"Come on recruits onto the next mission, we need more bio rods! Follow me!" With that he bounded off down the nearest ladder, the recruits in hot pursuit. He was halfway down another banister when he heard it. A word. His name. He span round as he landed.


"What?" Both children stopped short.

"One of you just called me, so what is it?"

The children looked at each other confusedly, "No we didn't."

"Yes you did, though one of you has a rather useful talent of throwing your voice. That could come in handy. Nice way to distract the tin cans. I like it. Who's the verbal athlete then?" Caleb was shifting expectantly from one to the other.

"But, we didn't say anything."

"Of course you did! There's no one else," He made a show of counting them and himself. "1,2, &3. 3 humans, ish, to well," he looked a little uneasy "lots of rust buckets. So it's got to be one of you because I didn't call myself. At least," he admitted, "not just then."

"But we didn't," one of them piped, "honestly we..."

"Caleb!" cried the voice.

He whirled around in response the voice rising from the next cargo deck. He spun back to the recruits , "See look that's a really clever trick..." he was grinning triumphantly as he turned back to them, a grin that froze when he caught their expressions.

It wasn't them. They were shocked at the cry. Caleb pointed at each of them, counting silently. "It really wasn't either of you?" he sounded half disbelieving, half horrified.

"No" one of them whispered eyes growing round in fear.

Roybodiz can't talk. They can't. Not ever.

"It didn't sound like a machine" one of them ventured

"No, you're right. It sounded human. Human! That can only mean…Yes!" With a cry and throwing all caution to the wind he hurtled off down the corridor, desperate to find the source of the voice. The recruits were hard pushed to keep up.

Well it was dark. That was a start. It was cold too. She looked about. Nothing. All quiet. She definitely wasn't home anymore, the fetid air tasted far too fresh. She must have made it! She stopped looking down quickly checking herself over. Everything was intact! Even better!

Right. Find Caleb. Don't get caught. By his broadcasts she knew Future Gate was one dangerous place.

She silently made her way along the open deck, the dark helping her creep along. Up would probably be the best bet. He'd said something about watching over people from his lair so he must be higher up. Heat rises she knew so she must be near the bottom. She carried on, carefully looking for a ladder.

A hideous stink assailed her nose.

Oh No! The shades! She'd never been able to forget their terrible stench. Ever since that day in the factory it had been burned into her mind. They were heading towards her. Utterly toxic, she'd never survive past them. She backed up the way she came. Only to come face to face with another group. She stifled a scream looking about frantically.

There. A service hatch. She dived for it before they could cut her off. The locking lever was stiff! No! She threw all her weight at it, budging it a little. In sheer desperation she caught hold of the overhead pipe, launching herself up and kicked down with all her might. It opened! Thankyou! They were almost upon her as she slid feet first through the gap.

Landing in an undignified heap 3 decks down.

Well this was going to plan.

Picking herself up she tried to see where she was . Nothing. Absolute pitch. Forcing herself to stay calm she felt about her, there was a pipe on her left side. Catching hold of it she tried to follow where it lead. No luck. It cut out about 5 ft in front of her in front of something very solid. There was nothing for it. She didn't fancy stumbling around in the dark whilst the world was being saved thankyou very much. She flicked on her shoulder light. Only a pinprick of illumination. But it was enough. Her own hand swung automatically to her face, clamping down on her mouth. She was too stunned to cry out however.

There, face to face with her was a droid.

She stepped back in horror before she realised it was dead. The red light of cybernetic life was out. Sparking bulkheads! Letting out a sigh of relief she turned away looking for a door. Light was coming in from behind something. She stepped around it to see a hatchway silhouetted. She turned again to make sure nothing was conscious behind her then made for escape. Listening hard at the door the coast seemed clear. Cautiously she stepped through. It seemed pretty quiet. Trying to stare and sniff everything at one she began to explore. Checking her own gear she was dismayed to discover her heat sensor hadn't survived. Well, just have to find him the old fashioned way then. "Caleb!" she tried calling once she knew her way round. There were at least 4 ways out so if something came she should be able to escape. Should.


She started to climb up the decks, calling out once or twice when she dared. Getting higher she climbed onto the next landing. Something wasn't right here, she melted into the shadows, hand furiously cranking her device generator. She made her way on. "Caleb" she tried again. She stopped Something made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She ducked back just in time.

A huge Droid appeared in the doorway.

There was no way of sneaking past she'd have to stay put.

It started stomping towards her down the long walkway. She hadn't seen these for so long. She'd forgotten how truly terrifying they were.

"CALEB!" She screamed in forgotten panic.

Stupid girl! Stupid! She bit her lip to stay silent. Calm down, Oh thank the stars!

It was a guard. It couldn't see her, or, more importantly hear her. But it could sense her if she panicked.

'You'll be fine,' She reassured herself, " if you stay still and calm down. Don't blink.' She thanked the skies (should she ever see them again) that she'd managed to charge her amplifier before she'd been stopped. Now just don't move. He'll go and I can get on with my mission. It'll be fine. Just stay still. I'll find Caleb.' Hand gripped on amplifier and handle she waited trying to be as much of a shadow as she could.

Her nose began to itch.

Several gangways and a lot of ladders later Caleb motioned them into the shadows. "Can anyone hear anything?"

Struggling to talk over their panting they shook their heads. "Have you heard it again?" they asked

"No, no not yet. But we all heard it didn't we? A human voice." He sounded slightly desperate.

"Yeah, we did. It sounded young though." Added the boy.

"Maybe it's another of us! Maybe this is where the vaporiser dumps you! I mean we're deep in future gate now aren't we? What if we're too deep for you to pick up on? They could be down here!"

She was so hopeful, he didn't have the heart to dash them. It couldn't be the fallen recruits, the cyber implant in his head had recorded all of them, voices and sounds. He'd checked them all as he'd run. Nothing. Whoever or whatever was making that noise was totally new. His sheer excitement at the possibility of another human began to wane, tempered by cynical wariness born of bitter experience. They had to tread carefully. "Right," he lowered his voice, "stay close to me, this could be a tin can trap, one I don't intend for any of us to fall into. So keep your eyes peeled. And your ears. And don't forget your nose. Actually just imagine all your senses are peeled like a nice banana."

The children sighed, rolling their eyes. Caleb grew serious for a moment. "Just keep quiet and follow me."

He led them down two more decks. The gangway was cloaked in shadow. He stood listening. Nothing. "Come on, quickly!" They followed as fast as they dared.


Definitely Human! And definitely in danger!

"This way!" He sped on, trying to look everywhere at once.

He led the recruits around the next corner and stopped dead. Oh No. The recruits slammed into him. It WAS a trap. Realisation hit him with a sickening thud. There, about 30ft away was a Guard. How? How by everything he knew could it have mimicked so well? Busted circuits! He should've known better. Oh fantastic.

However, they were in luck. It's back was to them. But they were way too close. Not enough room to run and their panic buttons wouldn't work here. If he got it wrong here he could get them all killed. That vector beam, though not as terrible as a Wardroidz it would still slice through them like an iron through solder. Dammit! He cursed. Why couldn't he make the blasters any lighter? He was the only one strong enough to carry them and too awkward with kids in the corridors to have them with all the times. He whispered very very quietly.

"Don't breathe, don't say anything. I want you to turn around very slowly and make your way back the way we came. I'll be right behind you. Now. Go."

As one, very carefully, silently, they began to obey him each trying to contain their own terror. At least the training's worked he thought darkly.

They froze. He could feel them stop. "Go on! He hissed urgently "Recruits we don't have time, you have to escape."

"Caleb," came frightened voice

"Recruits I know you're scared but..."

"Caleb." She cut over him, "There's one behind us. Its staring at us. There's a red light on my jacket." She sounded so calm.

He closed his eyes,No! No! Not now! " Right recruits, when I give the word you have to move like lightening. Duck down low and get over the rail, climb down the chains to the next level. Go as fast as you can. When you move the other one will turn around too. Do you understand me recruits? As. Fast. As. You. Can.

"But what about you?" One worried voice questioned

"I'll be fine, i'll be right behind you." He assured

"I can't get down there!" came a petrified squeak.

"You can!" He insisted , "You're an elite recruit! You've worked hard to get this far, you can do this. Now are you both ready?"

"Yes Caleb," Came the heartened reply

"Good, 3, 2..."


The world went mad.

"GO!" He roared, "RUN RECRUITS! DOWN THE CHAINS!" Caleb swooped round pushing both against the rails, trying to shield them with his own body. Over the din of the children and robots going crazy he heard another sound, the voice.

"EAT THIS TIN FACE!" A piercing battle cry rang out over the deck accompanied by a blast of energy.

"EVERYONE DOWN" He roared, pulling them both to the floor. Looking back the other bot was going berserk. Too much movement for it to handle all at once. Well I can add to that he thought. Reaching for the bolts he kept in his thigh pack he threw as many of them as possible in every direction, aiming for the chains keeping them moving long enough to distract it for him to get the recruits somewhere safer. Here was no place to do battle. They'd be crushed in 3 seconds flat.

He looked back to one facing away from them. It had slumped. Exposing a juicy bio rod for the taking. What on earth just happened? The other bot wasn't just reacting to movement of battle. It was insane! Waving its arms, swinging wildly. This was something he'd never seen before. He got to his feet. Any second it could start firing. "Recruits. Down the chains. NOW!"

"Well that worked spectacularly brilliantly! A curly haired girl appeared from behind the deactivated Guard she turned to look at it beaming delightedly. She turned back around examining the gadget in her hand. "That worked even better than I expected, good job really if not i'dve been floor paste... She looked about and saw him. Her mouth fell open.

"You're, you're" the joyful acknowledgement dropped to a horrified exclamation...

"IN TROUBLE! Get down NOW!" She yelled, furiously winding a lever on her hip. She had a battered silver dish in her left hand, one with an antennae in the centre. He looked back over his shoulder. The droid had stopped whirling and was staring straight at him. He didn't need telling twice. He dropped out of the way as she fired. That wave of energy again. He waited for it roll over above him making his ears crackle. He watched the guard. It flailed for a moment then slumped. Deactivated. Glowing sensors dead. She'd ended it. Stopped it flat. He walked up to it gingerly. No response. This was too good to be true. He didn't waste any time, xtepping behind it seizing the biorod from its back. Just to be sure. Right. It was safe now. Now to think about the next thing.

The next impossible thing.

There was a girl standing there. Well, jumping there. A Girl. A human one. He certainly didn't bring her here. She was his age.

"YES! It worked! It worked!" She bounced gleefully. Then caught sight of him staring at her utterly slack jawed.

"Caleb?" her arms dropped to her sides in shock, venturing forwards

He nodded dumbly, stunned speechless.

"You're really him?"

"Y-yes, really. Really am." His total shock was being overridden by pure joy.

"And I'm on Futuregate?" her eyes never left his.

"Yes you are!" He beamed ecstatically.

"FANTASTIC!" She bounded over to him throwing her arms about him wildly. With simple instinct he wrapped his own arms around her and held on tightly, swinging her around the gangway.

"You're real! You're human like me! You exist!" He cried in delight.

"I made it! It all worked! Just Fantastic!" She whooped back.

He set her down. Both a little out of breath from their exuberance. "Who are you?" He managed to ask.

I'm Axel, er, Lexa. Member Axel of the Resistance cell group Io.

"Axel! Mechanically Axel-like Lexa! Its really you? The voice from the radio! I've been listening out for you for 5 years!"

"And I've been trying to talk to you for that long!" They both laughed joyously sweeping up into each other's arms once more whirling about like a tangled double helix.

"Erm, Caleb, shouldn't we be going, you know, away from here. We just had a pretty close call then. And maybe we shouldn't hang about".

He'd been loath to break up this quite amazing meeting but he was uncomfortably aware how near to failure they could have come. They needed to re-group and sort themselves out.

Caleb stopped mid-swirl. "Quite right recruit," He let go of a flushed Lexa, suddenly oddly embarrassed by his exuberant display, he cleared his throat, "definitely time to be moving on. We'll head back up to the command post. I want to bring Axel-Lexa up to speed before our final mission." He flashed her a quick glance just to check she really was there.

"Excellent! " She enthused at being suddenly included. "While we can breathe they'll be a resistance!" And I've got some information for you too Caleb. I'll explain it all when we get to your base but I think I know exactly what Neuros is."

He whirled about, eyes wide, " Really? How? Where? What?"

Yes! I'm 95% sure but it's not for now, I don't know if we're being watched. It'll take a bit of telling. Come on! Let's go!"

"Just, really, just," he was struggling to get his brain into forward motion again "BRILLIANT!" Running, should be running with all his might, He was minutes from finding out what he'd been hunting for! This could be it! The way to finish it all! Fantastic! "Come on recruits!" he called catching up Lexa's hand, determined to keep a hold of his new contemporary compatriot, as he set off at a run, "Last one there stinks as much as a shade!"

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