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While they were going back to base, Sky couldn't stop thinking about the amazing day he had just had. He smiled trying not to stare at her beautiful partner. When they arrived at the base, each of them went to their respective rooms and hid their presents. Sky was hoping that Bridge wouldn't look at his presents before time.

After hiding the packets under his bed, he decided to go to the rec room and meet his friends there. Syd had just arrived from her bedroom and was sitting on the couch watching Z and Bridge playing chess.

"Ha! I won again" Bridge said

"That's not fair" Z complained "You're a psychic"

"So, Syd Sky… how was your day?" he asked looking at them

"Nice" Sky replied "Except for that fat old Santa"

"Sky, all the Santas are suppose to be fat and old" Z said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world

"Technically Santa Claus doesn't necessarily need to be fat and old, but well everybody says that but I don't believe he has to, anyway I think it was what legends say but…"

"Bridge" his girlfriend stopped him "I think we understood your point"

"Well, that Santa was creepy" Sky said and Syd giggled

"We also encounter some crazy fangirls" the pink ranger added

"Fans? Whose fans?" The former green ranger asked Syd "Yours?"

"Sky's" she answered a little bit annoyed

"I didn't know Sky had fans" Z said surprised

"Believe me, neither did I" he said

"So tell me pinkie, what did you asked for Christmas?" Z asked her roommate

"I won't tell you" she said

"It's worthless. I've tried but she won't tell" the red ranger said with a smile

After sometime chatting, Bridge went for some buttery toast and then they decided to go to sleep because it was late.

"I guess I'll go to bed" Bridge said yawning

"Bridge, please don't try to look at my presents" Sky warned him

"Promise" he said raising his hand

"We'd better go to" Syd said

All of them left and went to sleep. The next day was the 23 and the cadets were given the day off to spend Christmas with their families. The morning of the 25th all of them returned to the base and Cruger invited the B-squad to dinner that night.

They all gathered in a really fancy restaurant along with Jack, Ally, Boom, Kat, Isinia and Cruger.

"I wanna make a toast for the B-squad" Doggie said raising his cup "After everything that happened this year I have to say that I'm really proud of you and that you really proved that you deserved to be rangers" "Cheers"

"Cheers" everybody said

"I wanna make a toast for SPD" Jack said looking at his former teammates and then to his girlfriend Ally "Because if I hadn't join it, I wouldn't have met you guys and specially I wouldn't have met this amazing girl that's going to be my wife soon"

Ally blushed and smiled. They all clapped and cheered them for the news of their future marriage though it was obvious it was going to happen.

"I wanna make a toast just because it's Christmas" Bridge said happily and everyone laughed. That was something that everyone liked about him, he could make them all laugh with his dorky attitude. "Merry Christmas, guys"

"Merry Christmas"


The night went by and they spent a really nice time together. After they had returned from dinner, Jack and Ally went to the rec room with the B-squad and sat there just like the old times.

"I think it's time to exchange presents" Jack said with a big grin

"Okay" Sky said and brought 5 packets

"Oh the little box you've got there seems to be nice" Bridge said

"Bridge!" Sky said angrily "I told you NOT to see my presents"

"Well, I didn't want to but the other day I was walking in our room without my gloves and I kind of ran into your presents, which were badly hidden under your bed actually, and you can't blame me for being a psychic"

"That's ok Bridge" Sky said more calmed "But don't say anything"

"Well, either way we will see what you bought" Z said

"Yeah but it wouldn't be same if he spoiled it"

"Let's get to the point" Jack said

Everybody took their presents and gave them to their friends. Each of them received 5 presents and they opened them. Sky gave the little box to Syd and her heart started racing faster. Why did he get so mad when Bridge said he had seen it?

She opened it slowly and her jaw dropped open when she saw what was inside.

"Oh god, this is beautiful!" she said really excited holding the beautiful diamond necklace her best friend had given her. She hugged him tightly. He knew she liked the present not because it was expensive and fancy but because it has a special meaning.

"That was nice" Jack said

"Yeah Jack. I have to thank you for giving me the idea" Sky said and Jack looked confused. Nobody, except Syd, knew what had happened the day Jack made them watch over the diamonds.

Inside the box, there was also a folded paper. It was a small letter that Sky had written for her. She unfolded it and read it and nobody seemed to notice.

Dear Syd,

I hope you liked your present. Every time I see diamonds, it reminds me of you and that little adventure that made us become closer. This is just the first part of your Christmas present. If you want the rest, meet me at the roof after midnight.

Always yours,

Sky Tate

Syd smiled and hid the letter before anyone could notice it and ask. She didn't know what make her more excited, the idea of him thinking about her or that he wrote "always yours".

"I think we'd better go" Ally said "Dad can be worried"

"Yeah your right" Jack agreed "I don't want my father- in- law to be mad"

"He is not your father-in-law" Z said making fun of him

"Yet" Jack said pretty sure of his statement

It was about 11.30 and after Jack and Ally left, they decided to go to sleep. Syd was really excited and she couldn't hide it from Z.

"That's a really nice present" Z said when she saw Syd staring at the necklace for the 100th time.

"I know, Sky is my best friend"

"Syd, friends don't give such presents" Z said "I think it means something more"

"What do you mean?" Syd asked confused

"I wouldn't give Jack something like that" Z said "But to Bridge… that's a different story"

"That's because he's your boyfriend"

"Yeah and Jack is my best friend" she added "That's what I meant, pinkie"

"That's crazy" Syd said shaking her head "Sky wouldn't see me as more than his best friend"

"Are you sure?" Z asked but Syd didn't answer "Besides, you are in love with him and don't even try to deny it"

Syd blushed and stared at the floor uncomfortably. Z just smirked and went to bed. At about 12:15 Syd could hear Z snoring and laughed. She walked outside and went to the roof to meet Sky as he had said in the letter. She was really nervous.

Sky was sitting there peacefully staring at the sky full of stars and fireworks.

"Hey" she said sitting there next him

"Hey" he said "So… would you tell me what your wish was?"

"You tell me first what Bridge meant when he said you have something to tell me"

"Mmm maybe I should give you the rest of your give first" he said. Then he took her face with both his hands gently and leaned forward. His lips touch hers softly and then they joined in a kiss. They could both feel their hearts beat really fast and butterflies in their stomachs.

When he pulled away he smiled at her.

"That's what I had to tell you" he said "I love you, Sydney Drew"

"I love you too" she said smiling and with tears of happiness starting to come out "I was so afraid you didn't feel the same way"

"Me too" Sky taking his hands "But I think Christmas gave me the excuse to give you a nice gift." "So… what was the wish?"

Syd sighed but then smiled at him.

"I asked that creepy Santa to make you my boyfriend" she told him

"Granted" he said and then leaned forward to kiss her again

Hiding behind the doors, Z and Bridge were spying their friends and when they saw them kissing they started jumping and clapping with excitement.

"I knew it!" Z said way too loud

"It was about time" Bridge said

Sky and Syd noticed the presence of their friends.

"I thought she was sleeping" Syd said

"Should we kill them now?" Sky said really annoyed

"Maybe we should wait until tomorrow" she said putting her arms around his neck and he smiled

"I agree" he said and they kissed again