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"Shit!" Silver shouted as she entered the room with Naomi and Adrianna.

Adrianna was the first to move, "Oh my God, Silver." She swiftly moved to her side, "I can't believe that happened."

Naomi sat in front of the computer frozen, Cannon's smug smile still imprinted in her mind. And that damn smile was always the same: that night, the first day of school, that night after Silver had told her she didn't believe her, and tonight. That same damn smile.

Silver walked towards Naomi and put her hand on her shoulder only to have Naomi flinch so heavily that she fell off the chair. "Shit!" Naomi shouted.

"God, Nay, I'm so sorry!" Silver kneeled down toward her friend.

Naomi quickly stood up and shook herself, "No, Silver. It's fine." She glanced up and smiled, "thanks for trying though." She looked around the room and held herself for a moment, "I'm actually going to get going. I have homework."

Silver's eyes squinted in confusion but she just nodded, "Alright."

Naomi nodded then hugged Silver, "I'm glad you're safe," she whispered.

As she walked out the door Adrianna gave Silver a questioning glance but Silver just shrugged. Maybe getting caught like this was for the best. Naomi was right, she was safe.

Silver walked through the door of her home and waited for an angry Kelly to berate her. She closed the door softly and gave a sigh of relief when Kelly popped her head out from the kitchen with a smile instead of a glare. "Hey, did you and Ade get your project done?"

Silver gave a ginger nod, "Sort of. We messed up somewhere, so we have to fix it later."

Kelly gave a slight frown then smiled again, "You'll figure it out."

"I certainly hope so."

Silver walked into West Beverly more confident than she thought would be possible after last night. She was just thankful the school administration apparently decided to call Kelly today instead of last night… it was a nice break.

She had seen Cannon, of course, and because she was Silver she could not resist making the bastard squirm. "We have a plan," she had told him. When Naomi had asked what the plan was she was ashamed that she had nothing. But there was still pride in watching Cannon's nerves sky-rocket. The two had walked away, arms linked and laughing.

As the day progressed Silver tried to think of a plan, of something that would be so rock solid no one could question it. She had to admit, luring him in was questionable and she should have seen it coming that they would blame her. What she really needed was to get a taped confession.

She sighed heavily and hung her head low.

Silver walked into the door of her home and could instantly feel the tension. She took a deep breath and looked for her sister. "Kelly?" she tried calling out.

"In the living room," Kelly's voice was not as bouncy or chirp as it usually was and this caused Silver some distress. She found her sister sitting on the couch. Silver's heart began to race in a familiar way—whenever she was about to get punished her heart began the same frantic beating. "Have a seat," Kelly told Silver. She did as she was told. For a moment or two the two just sat there while Kelly stared at Silver and Silver stared at the floor. "Are you taking your medication?"

"Of course!" Silver defended.

Kelly bit her lip and nodded slowly, "So tell me. What the hell happened last night?"

Silver sighed and rubbed her palms on her thigh, "I needed help with a project."

"Stop it, Silver. Stop lying. What were you thinking?"

"That Cannon could help with the project."

"What project!" Kelly finally demanded, "You keep mentioning this but as far as I know no class has assigned a real project yet."

"It wasn't for school… not really."

"Then, why," Kelly tried again, "would you need Mr. Cannon's help?"

"Because the prick deserves to get caught!" Quickly she covered her mouth and her eyes went wide.

Kelly's eyes became confused, "What?"

Silver cleared her throat and stood, "Nothing."

Kelly was on her sister's heel, "What do you mean?"

Silver walked faster, "Nothing. I didn't mean anything."

Kelly grabbed her sister's arm and spun her around, "Erin, what are you talking about?"

Silver's anger quickly materialized into tears, "He… he…" She took a deep breath and swiped her eyes clean. She looked right into Kelly's eyes and took a deep breath, "He raped Naomi."

The word stung the air and Kelly released her hold on her sister, "What?"

Silver clenched her teeth, "The bastard raped Naomi."

Kelly's eyes looked around the room for a minute, "You sure?"

Silver's face showed anger at her sister's questioning but resolved it when she remembered that she hadn't believed Naomi either. "Yeah," she whispered, "I'm sure."

Kelly walked away and back into the living room, "Is she okay?"

Silver shrugged, "I don't know. She OD'ed the other night… even if it was on accident."

Kelly's face scrunched, "And she's back home? Living by herself?" Silver nodded, "God, Erin, invite the girl to stay here. She doesn't need to be alone right now." Kelly began to pace, "If Dylan hadn't been there… I would have died," she whispered to herself.

"What?" Silver asked sharply.

Kelly stopped her pacing, "What?"

Silver looked hurt, "What did you just say?"

Kelly looked to either side of her and smiled, "Who? Me? I didn't say anything," she tried to play off.

Silver stepped back, "Kelly…"

Kelly bit her lip and ran her tongue along the place where her lip had been split all those years ago. Her heart began to race and she looked at her sister, remembering how she had used the innocent girl in a lie to Donna to explain the injury. Kelly looked around the room again and sighed, tears began to fill in her eyes, "Just tell her to come over. She can't be alone right now."

That night Naomi knocked on Silver's door quietly and unsurely. Silver answered the door, her well practiced mask already in place, "Hey, Nay."

Naomi gave a half smile, "Hey." Silver could see something was wrong, but she wasn't sure if it was the Cannon fiasco or something else entirely. Soon, Naomi answered the uncertainty for her, "Jen had her baby." Naomi gave a half smile, "It's a boy."

Silver smiled, "That's great, Nay! You're an aunt!"

Naomi shrugged, "Jen didn't even tell me. Annie did."

Silver felt her anger swell again, why couldn't the world just give Naomi Clark a break? "I'm sorry," she said, because what else was there to say?

Naomi rolled her eyes and shook her head, "I honestly just don't get why she doesn't like me…" she paused and gave a bitter laugh, "Okay, I get why she doesn't like me now, but what about when I was little? I wasn't always a bitch."

"Naomi you aren't a bitch," Silver soothed.

Again Naomi just shook her head, "But I am." She looked up at Silver with a sudden realization, "I lie all the time. I hurt those I love to get what I want… I'm the bitch who cried wolf." An angry smile formed on her lips, "I deserved everything that bastard did."

"Naomi, stop it…" Silver whispered and closed the distance between her and her friend, "You did not deserve that. No one does."

Naomi stood before her friend and a true look of confusion came across her pale face, "I just don't understand why he had to smile while he did it."

"Are the nightmares back?" she asked gently.

Naomi's face crumbled, "They never went away."

Silver closed her eyes slowly, "Naomi, you need help." Finally Naomie just collapsed, her body finally giving into the exhaustion she had felt for so long. And soon, as images of that night flashed before her and the memory of his touch hit her all over again she began to cry.

"Girls?" Kelly walked into the kitchen and stopped when she saw them, "is everything okay?" Silver gave a desperate glance in Kelly's direction and motioned to Naomi. "Naomi," Kelly said softly and knelt beside her as well, "what is it?"

Something inside Naomi snapped. Silver was great, she was amazing really. But… she wasn't a mom. She wasn't an adult who supposedly held all the answers; she wasn't a maternal type whose soft voice and comforting strokes could take away all the pain. So, Naomi moved into Kelly's arms.

Kelly was startled but embraced the girl. She knew Naomi growing up only slightly, watching her and Silver occasionally, and even less in middle school. Hugging the obviously broken girl she certainly wished she knew her more. "Shh…" Kelly cooed, "it'll be okay."

Naomi sobbed louder and clung to Kelly's shirt, "But it won't!" the voice was muffled from sobs and Kelly's shoulder but Kelly understood.

She began to stroke Naomi's hair, "Why don't you tell me what's wrong?" Naomi stayed silent, "It'll make you feel better," Kelly tried.

Naomi's tears began to dissolve and she released her grip on Kelly. Slowly she pushed herself back against the counter and drew her knees to her chest and placed her arms on her knees and her head on her arms, "I can't." She finally whispered. "It's too much."

Kelly moved toward the girl again, as did Silver. Silver reached for Naomi's hand and held onto it, tight. "You can tell her," Silver urged.

Naomi looked back to Silver and shook her head, "She won't believe me."

Silver's eyes began to sting, "She will. I swear."

Naomi shook her head again, "You didn't."

Silver felt her stomach drop, "I know. And I'm sorry, but she will. I swear."

Naomi closed her eyes, "I don't want anyone else to know."

"She can help you."

"I don't think I can do it."

Silver gave a small smile, "You're Naomi freakin' Clark, you can do whatever you want."

Naomi gave a bitter laugh, "Naomi Clark died in that room. He killed her."

"Who, Naomi?" Kelly asked the girl, taking a pause from Silver as a sign to reenter the conversation. "Who?"

Naomi squeezed Silver's hand, "Mr. Cannon. He—he…" She took a deep breath, "he raped me."

Kelly nodded slowly and reached out to Naomi, taking her other hand. "When was the last time you slept?"

The exhausted girl just shrugged, "May?"

Kelly stood up, "Come on, let's get you to bed. Silver or I can lay with you until you fall asleep. Trust me, it makes all the difference in the world."

Naomi nodded gingerly and let Kelly lead the way to the guest bedroom. Silver followed close behind but left for a moment to get some pajamas for Naomi. She walked back in the door as Naomi was washing her face. She looked at Kelly with a small hint of desperation, "What do we do now?"

"For now, you lay with her until she sleeps," Kelly patted Silver's cheek and smiled. "We'll talk about it more tomorrow."

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